Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


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Observations from a MFMP video of processes that have occurred inside the diamonds that comprise the LION reactor fuel suggests that magnetic flux tubes dissolve both protons and neutrons, absorb their energy content, and store their valance quarks until the flux tubes dissipate.

The chiral magnetic flux tube will hold onto these quarks while the chiral magnetic flux tube survives. When this tube ceases to exist, the quarks recombine into protons, neutrons, and mesons just like a quark gluon plasma will reform back into matter when that quark soup cools.

As the flux tube terminates, the quarks held in suspension by the flux tube recombine and reform protons and neutrons which then aggregate again into atoms. These atoms show transmutations into both differing isotope and completely new elements that are totally different from the original material feedstock.

This same matter disassociation mechanism may also be occurring in the Corona of the Sun. When solar flux tubes disaggregate through magnetic reconnection, a quark fusion process transmits the sequestered quarks back into He3, iron, titanium, nickel, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, calcium, aluminum among other elements. These transmuted elements are propelled into space and subsequently deposited by the solar wind into the lunar soil.

In more detail, Mass Coronal ejections seed He3 and iron into the interstellar medium.

Besides He3, the solar wind contains iron and these nano-iron particles make lunar soil magnetic.

Iron is produced by coronal mass ejections
“Sudden particle emissions, in which our star repeatedly hurls large amounts of charged and uncharged particles into space, are still a mystery. Some of these particle flows are accompanied by violent solar flares, a sudden and local increase of the Sun’s brightness, and contain up to 10,000 times more helium-3 and up to 10 times more iron than the Sun's atmosphere. Why is this extremely rare helium isotope accelerated into space so efficiently? And why iron? How does the Sun supply these particles with the necessary energy to catapult them into space?”
Logic forces us to accept the reality that element transmutation is occurring within the solar flux tubes since the elements expelled from them are so much more abundant than the solar ambient.

Furthermore, as Holmlid has pointed out, fusion does not produce enough energy to accelerate these particles to the ultra-high speeds needed to reach the escape velocity of the Sun. There needs to be an energy accumulation mechanism to amplify and concentrate solar energy. It takes hundreds of millions of electrons volts for the Sun to eject matter into the solar wind. That energy comes from the binding energy derived from the dissolution of protons and neutrons that have been stored in the solar magnetic flux tubes which also support the transmutation of iron and He3 among many other elements generated by quark fusion.

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Scientists 'see' flux rope formation for the first time
At the time of the July 18 eruption, NASA's SDO cameras had the perfect angle to look directly down the center of the flux rope, giving scientists a view of what looked exactly like the slinky drawn by theorists for decades. In addition, the AIA cameras captured imagery like no other cameras are able to do with light at the 131 Angstrom wavelength. This view shows the solar material heated to temperatures of 10,000,000 degrees. Surprisingly, the flux rope was invisible in images at other wavelengths, used regularly for Space Weather analysis. Those wavelengths correspond to cooler (below 2 million degrees) temperatures, however.

What could be heating solar material to 10,000,000 degrees inside the magnetic flux rope?


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Particle chirality has some complications that result from special relativity. A particles helicity will change if it has mass and is viewed from a frame that modifies its direction of travel.
The chirality of a particle is more abstract: It is determined by whether the particle transforms in a right- or left-handed representation of the Poincaré group.

For massless particles – photons, gluons, and (hypothetical) gravitons – chirality is the same as helicity; a given massless particle appears to spin in the same direction along its axis of motion regardless of point of view of the observer.

For massive particles – such as electrons, quarks, and neutrinos – chirality and helicity must be distinguished: In the case of these particles, it is possible for an observer to change to a reference frame moving faster than the spinning particle, in which case the particle will then appear to move backwards, and its helicity (which may be thought of as “apparent chirality”) will be reversed.

A massless particle moves with the speed of light, so no real observer (who must always travel at less than the speed of light) can be in any reference frame where the particle appears to reverse its relative direction of spin, meaning that all real observers see the same helicity. Because of this, the direction of spin of massless particles is not affected by a change of viewpoint (Lorentz boost) in the direction of motion of the particle, and the sign of the projection (helicity) is fixed for all reference frames: The helicity of massless particles is a “relativistic invariant” (a quantity whose value is the same in all inertial reference frames) which always matches the massless particles' chirality.

The discovery of neutrino oscillation implies that neutrinos have mass, so the only observed massless particle is the photon. The gluon is also expected to be massless, although the assumption that it is has not been conclusively tested. Hence, these are the only two particles now known for which helicity could be identical to chirality, and only one of them has been confirmed by measurement. All other observed particles have mass and thus may have different helicities in different reference frames. It is still possible that as-yet unobserved particles, like the graviton, might be massless, and hence have invariant helicity that matches their chirality, like the photon
Because of this relativistic complication. the people who beleive that particle vortexes (plasmoids) produce LENR  are incorrect. Only magnetic vortexes generate the LENR reaction because the frame of reference of a photon is invariant under frame translation. In other words, electrons play no direct role in the LENR reaction outside of magnetic field generation.
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The SmCo7 magnet is lenr active based on the Craven;s Golden Ball experiment were SmCo7 magnetic dust supplies the magntic flux lines. Sm is a chiral catalyst used in drug production chemistry to convert the drug molecule to left handed active. So the photons that are produced by the SmCo7 magnet must be left handed photons. The other rare earth magnets might also be formed from a rare earth chiral catalyst.

In both cases in which I beleive that LENR is activated: the Petal condensate and the solar flux rope, these cases produce magnetic rotation. So magnetic flux line rotation could be required to meet the quark magnetic interface confinement field which is also a rotating magnetic flux tube. Quark confinement disruption might occur through magnetic flux tube re-connection if the disparate flux tube characterizations of the LENR active agent and quark confinement are close enough to approximately match.

If photons can disrupt quark confinement then the concept of gluons might well be consigned to the trash heap.

The weak force only acts upon left handed particles.
Chiral theories

Only left-handed fermions and right-handed antifermions interact with the weak interaction. In most circumstances, two left-handed fermions interact more strongly than right-handed or opposite-handed fermions, implying that the universe has a preference for left-handed chirality, which violates a symmetry of the other forces of nature.

Chirality for a Dirac fermion ψ is defined through the operator γ5, which has eigenvalues±1. Any Dirac field can thus be projected into its left- or right-handed component by acting with the projection operators ½(1−γ5) or ½(1+γ5) on ψ.

The coupling of the charged weak interaction to fermions is proportional to the first projection operator, which is responsible for this interaction's parity symmetry violation.

A common source of confusion is due to conflating this operator with the helicity operator. Since the helicity of massive particles is frame-dependent, it might seem that the same particle would interact with the weak force according to one frame of reference, but not another. The resolution to this false paradox is that the chirality operator is equivalent to helicity for massless fields only, for which helicity is not frame-dependent. By contrast, for massive particles, chirality is not the same as helicity, so there is no frame dependence of the weak interaction: a particle that couples the weak force in one frame, does so in every frame.

A theory that is asymmetric with respect to chiralities is called a chiral theory, while a non-chiral (i.e., parity-symmetric) theory is sometimes called a vector theory. Many pieces of the Standard Model of physics are non-chiral, which is traceable to anomaly cancellation in chiral theories. Quantum chromodynamics is an example of a vector theory, since both chiralities of all quarks appear in the theory, and couple to gluons in the same way.

The electroweak theory, developed in the mid 20th century, is an example of a chiral theory. Originally, it assumed that neutrinos were massless, and only assumed the existence of left-handed neutrinos (along with their complementary right-handed antineutrinos). After the observation of neutrino oscillations, which imply that neutrinos are massive like all other fermions, the revised theories of the electroweak interaction now include both right- and left-handed neutrinos. However, it is still a chiral theory, as it does not respect parity symmetry.
The exact nature of the neutrino is still unsettled and so the electroweak theories that have been proposed are somewhat different, but most accommodate the chirality of neutrinos in the same way as was already done for all other fermions.

I point out that solar neutrno flux has been observed to modifiy the decay rates of radioactive isotopes, so the neutrino may still be chiral active.
The Case for a Solar Influence on Certain Nuclear Decay Rates
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21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-21 about The Fleischmann Pons Heat and Ancillary Effects: What Do We Know, and Why? How Might We Proceed?.

Michael McKubre, Electro-chemist:


1 - What does loading deuterium into palladium do? The chemical bonds of palladium compresses deuterium when the loading of deuterium in the metal lattice is extreme. In another words, deuterium loading produces ultra dense hydrogen.

Extreme deuterium loading cannot produce deuterium fusion because ultra dense hydrogen is formed long before any fusion reaction will occur. It is ultra dense hydrogen that produces the LENR reaction and that reaction results in the production of sub atomic particles as Leif Holmlid has shown.

2 - The correlation between heat production and helium production is an indirect and an accidental correlation. The LENR reaction produces muons that then produce muon canalized fusion in deuterium that then indirectly produces helium 4.

In recent LENR reactors where no hydogen is used, heat is still generated with no production of helium-4. Luagno is an example of a more advanced LENR reactors design where LENR fuel is loaded into the dogbone in air: not hydrogen. In Lugano, extensive fuel and ash assays of fuel and ash element composition show no hydrogen present. The ultra dense element producing the LENR reaction in the Lugano dogbone is most likely lithium. The fusion/heat correlation that Michael McKubre believes is central to the LENR reaction is accidental and NOT fundamental.

3 - Michael McKubre's contention that nuclear reactions must be produced in a LATTICE as an absolute requirement of the LENR reaction is wrong in that this assertion is too restrictive. LENR can be produced in plasma as Rossi's QX and SK reactors has shown.

If LENR fuel which contains an ultra dense element is heated to a plasma state, the LENR reaction will still occur without a lattice to support that reaction. Ultra dense elements and compounds are virtually indestructible and can sustain extreme pressure and temperatures due to electron degeneracy resistance. LENR has also showed up in tungsten in the SAFIRE experiment where the plasma temperature was measured at 80,000C. In this case, no ultra dense elements were present and the LENR reaction was carried by surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) on the surface of tungsten alone. This is the same reaction that supports the SunCell plasma.

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Because Rossi keeps his experiments black, it is necessary to look to other experiments for LENR insights.

The "Mining Diamond video" Shows that the LENR active agent is moving inside the diamond. This agent is totally encased by the diamond and the agent destroys the diamond(makes it disappear) as it moves along inside the diamond. At the end of its movement, it deposits a ball of transmuted material which is also totally encased inside the diamond. This behavior is a common feature that many hundreds of these LENR agents share as they generate totally encased trails(like termites in wood)  throughout the volume of the diamond.

I now offer a possible explanation that I favor for this behavior of the active LENR agent.

Bob Greenyer has remarked that the LENR active agent shares many characteristics to the processes that occurs on the surface of the sun. In this observation, I agree. LENR might be related to solar based reactions that happens in mass ejections where elements are transmuted (mostly He3) and given huge amounts of energy to be expelled into space near the speed of light. 

To begin with...

The Center Vortex is the name that quantum chromodynamics (QCD) has given to the magnetic flux tubes that keep the quarks confined in the nucleons: namely protons and neutrons. QCD share these Flux tubes be it at the nanoscale with the violent activities that occur on the surface of the Sun.

The observation of triangular shaped holes punched into the structure and the ash of the LION reactor indicates that the magnetic flux tubes that are emanating from the LENR active agent are producing the LION LENR activity that is destabilizing the matter that is being removed from those triangular holes.

How can this excavation through the disintegration of matter happen?

The process that might cut those magnetic flux tubes that are keeping those quarks stable and confined is called magnetic flux tube re-connection, a process that also happens in solar flux tubes.

The LENR reaction could simply be based on the destabilization of quarks inside protons and neutrons.

When the quarks are in their lowest energy state, the flux tube interconnection is at its lowest energy potential. When the quarks are being forced apart, the flux tube interconnection converts the applied energy into more magnetic flux lines. This continues until a force of 12 tons is reached whereupon new quark pairs are generated from the energy applied to the original quark pair. You just can't pull quarks apart because the quarks will use that applied disruptive energy to make their confinement energy stronger.

But when a LENR generated flux lines gets close to a quark interconnection flux tube, the LENR flux tube cuts the quark magnetic connection and intercepts the quark magnetic interconnection. The LENR agent now has a direct magnetic connection to the quark(s) of one or more nucleons and holds onto them. From an important LION experimental video, in the cannon duel flux tube holes, a blob of transmuted  matter looks like it was shot out of one hole and lands between the mated flux tube pair. This shows how the LENR agent can move matter using  magnetic flux lines in the form of quark matter.magnetic flux lines in the form of quark matter. When you look at the MFMP video below, there is little doubt to what is happening in the LENR reaction.
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There is a common belief that a Bose-Einstein Condensate can only be created at a temperature near absolute zero. This is true for a Bose-Einstein Condensate of atoms.

But photons and spins can form a Bose-Einstein Condensate at very high temperatures. Light and spin are not sensitive to temperature. Temperature only applies to the motion and energy of atoms.

A Bose-Einstein Condensate and a Black Hole are mathematically identical: they are the same.

Using light, a black hole/Bose-Einstein Condensate can be generated. A Bose-Einstein Condensate can produce Hawking radiation. That is where the heat produced by LENR comes from.

See a black hole made from light at 43:26 of the following video. That vortex of light is also a Bose-Einstein Condensate of photons.

The subject of this video in its entirety is important to understand if you want to understand LENR.


What is implied if energy is being created from the vacuum?

What if LENR is generating its energy from the vacuum. What if most of the energy that is being produced in the universe is coming from LENR. This means that the universe is creating huge amounts of energy from nothing.

Production of energy from the vacuum means that the vacuum is unstable. The places where energy is being generated from the vacuum, the place where the LENR reaction is underway is known as a false vacuum.

The modern explanation for the metric expansion of space was proposed by physicist Alan Guth in 1979, while investigating the problem of why no magnetic monopoles are seen today. He found that if the universe contained a field in a positive-energy false vacuum state, then according to general relativity it would generate an exponential expansion of space.

In other words, LENR could be the cause of the expansion of the universe, dark energy, and dark matter.


If we want to understand LENR in fine detail, things can get very complicated and obscure.

Hawking radiation generated by a Bose-Einstein Condensate produces a positive energy photon and a balancing negative energy photon to keep the total vacuum energy generated at zero. What is a negative energy photon? And how is this type of photon realized in LENR?

A cornerstone of modern physics is mathematics. Like it or not, without the tools provided to physicists by mathematics, physics would be dead in the water. But (and this is something that all of us forget on occasion) solving equations is not the same as understanding the physics. A critical step in the development of physical insight is to recognize which solutions to an equation might correspond to reality, and which do not.

To give a concrete example, the equations of physics are blind to the direction of time, yet we know that solutions that involve time going backward are usually (but not always) invalid.

Unfortunately, as a recent publication in Physical Review Letters shows, even the brightest and best can get this wrong, and do so repeatedly over the course of years. A team of physicists has shown that light with a negative frequency (thought to be a quirk of the equations) actually, in some sense, exists.

The equations in question are Maxwell's, and they describe the propagation of light. When describing the propagation of light, the equations require that we describe the light field as having both positive and negative frequencies. A negative frequency would indicate a wave made up of photons that have a negative energy, something that doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense.

Using light to make light

A team of researchers has shown that, in some sense, negative frequencies can be observed through the generation of radiation with a positive frequency. To explore this idea, they looked at very intense light fields moving through certain types of glass and glass fibers. When the light field is very intense—as is the case when a very short, intense burst of light is created—this can lead to some very cool effects. In particular, when the light is passing through a material, the light field pushes the electrons around so hard that the electrons start to push back.

In a material like glass, the electrons can only move so far before they will be ripped away from the atom they are bound to. The harder you push them, the more they resist. So, for a weak light field, the electrons move smoothly back and forth in exact imitation of the light field that is pushing them around. As they move in response to the field, they radiate light at exactly the same color.

But when the field is very strong, the electrons don't follow the field exactly. If they did, they would be ripped away from their parent atom, and the field isn't strong enough to give the electrons enough energy for that. Instead, they just stop moving at some point. The result is that the electrons radiate light at all colors. Or, more simply, our pulse of light with one color generates another pulse of light with a different color. As the two pulses travel together, energy is drawn from the input pulse and placed into the new pulse, so as long as they overlap, the second pulse will grow brighter and brighter.

Warning: Things are about to get complicated

This process is all described by Maxwell's equations for the propagation of light through a material. But the solutions to Maxwell's equations are rather weird. Remember, every light field is described mathematically by a positive and a negative frequency. If we just consider the positive frequency component, then there are four solutions to the equation. These correspond to light waves that have positive and negative frequencies, and waves that are travelling in the same and opposite direction to the initial pulse of light.

The researchers ignore the two solutions corresponding to waves travelling in the opposite direction to the input pulse because they are not amplified. Any pulse that travels in the opposite direction does not overlap with the input pulse for very long, and there is no time to transfer much energy to the generated pulse.

Of the remaining two solutions, one has a positive frequency and travels with the generating pulse, allowing it to be amplified. This is commonly observed. The last solution corresponds to a negative frequency, also travelling with the input pulse. This solution, which should produce photons with negative energy, was thought to be an artifact of the equations and did not correspond to anything physical.

But that field itself consists of positive and negative frequencies. And (believe it or not) the negative frequency component of the negative frequency solution is a positive frequency. Or, you might think of it like this: the negative frequency element of the input pulse also generates four solutions that have both positive and negative frequencies.

In either case, what this tells us is that there should be a third pulse of light—remember, we have our input pulse of light, which generates a second pulse of light at a different (bluer) color, and now, thanks to the negative frequency solution, we get a third pulse of light at an even bluer color than the rest.

The researchers performed experiments showing that this extra pulse of light is indeed generated. The experimental results show that negative frequency radiation, in some sense, exists. But it also shows that these frequencies are only observed by their generation (either directly or indirectly) of positive frequency radiation. However, the researchers do not go further in interpreting the physical realization of negative frequency modes. I suspect that in the context of classical electrodynamics, this is actually impossible, and one has to resort to using quantum electrodynamics to interpret the negative frequency modes.

Physical Review Letters, 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.253901

I highlight the answer concisely as follows:

"In either case, what this tells us is that there should be a third pulse of light—remember, we have our input pulse of light, which generates a second pulse of light at a different (bluer) color, and now, thanks to the negative frequency solution, we get a third pulse of light at an even bluer color than the rest."

In LENR when negative energy photons are produced by Hawking radiation generated as a virtual pair made real, the light that is generated is bluer light.

In more concrete terms, if infrared light (heat) is the positive photon produced by Hawking radiation in a LENR reactor, then visible light is the balancing negative light energy component of the photon pair that is extracted from the vacuum.

In a number of LENR reactors, heat is generated, but also visible light, as well as extreme ultraviolet light. The light generated by the SunCell and the SK reactor are examples. The extreme ultraviolet light produced by these systems could well be the light derived from vacuum based negative energy photons.
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The new high powered LENR energy systems primarily generate intense XUV light. This XUV has very high energy content. Unfortunately, these LENR systems are designed to waste this photonic energy.

The amount of energy in these photons is given by the equation E = hf, where E is the energy of the photons in Joules; h is Planck's constant, which is always 6.63 * 10^-34 Joule seconds; and f is the frequency of the light in hertz.

The energy content of light is therefor directly proportional to its frequency.

A typical  infrared photon has a frequency of 1200 nm whereas the XUV has a frequency of 100 nm. Since the energy content of a photon is proportional to its frequency, the XUV photon carries 12 times more energy content than does  the infrared photon.

If the XUV light is wasted, then only under 10% of the light energy is utilized in the SK reactor.

Futhermore, we can assume that a photodissociation system has nearly 100% Faradaic efficiency for hydrogen production, consistent with other studies of PEM electrolysers,

The use of the energy outputs of the SK reactor as well as the SunCell is most likely misapplied in the use of a turbine to only extract heat energy from the LENR reaction.. The XUV energy in these systems is wasted in preference to the utilization of heat which is only a small part of the output energy produced by the SK. Most of the output power produced in these systems comes in the form of XUV photons. The capture of this energy forms a foundation for an effective engineering solution to utilizing the energy produced by LENR.

Absorption of UV close-by (~125 nm), excites the 3a1 orbital leading to dissociation into OH + H (photodissociation; higher energy absorption produces charged fragments). Such dissociation can also be achieved by consecutive absorption of two 266 nm photons.

The value of the production of atomic hydogen in photodissociation is obvious.

The value of OH as a valuable waste product as follows:

The hydroxyl radical is often referred to as the "detergent" of the troposphere because it reacts with many pollutants, decomposing them through "cracking", often acting as the first step to their removal. It also has an important role in eliminating some greenhouse gases like methane and ozone. The rate of reaction with the hydroxyl radical often determines how long many pollutants last in the atmosphere, if they do not undergo photolysis or are rained out. For instance methane, which reacts relatively slowly with hydroxyl radical, has an average lifetime of >5 years and many CFCs have lifetimes of 50 years or more. Other pollutants, such as larger hydrocarbons, can have very short average lifetimes of less than a few hours.

Hydroxyl is an anti-pollutant. It counteracts climate change and smog.

In 2014, researchers reported their discovery of a "hole" or absence of hydroxyl throughout the entire depth of the troposphere across a large region of the tropical West Pacific. They suggested that this hole is permitting large quantities of ozone-degrading chemicals to reach the stratosphere, and that this may be significantly reinforcing ozone depletion in the polar regions with potential consequences for the climate of the Earth.

Absorption of two higher energy photons, at 200 nm, gives rise to a hydrated electron by H2O + hν -> H2O+ + e-aq

In the XUV light that is produced by the SK, water absorbs most of its energy content.

The many ways to convert high powered photon energy into useful energy output.

XUV can Photodissociate water into hydrogen and electricity in the presence of various biological catalysts.   

H2O + 2 photons (light) → 2 e− + 2 H+ + A

That is electricity and hydrogen where A are biological catalyzed chemical products.

Since the SK produces a huge number of photons, a corresponding huge amount of electricity and hydrogen will be generated by this process.

Furthermore, water can be dissociated into its constituent elements as follows:

H2O -> 2H + O

High pressure based photo-reactions combining H2O with CO to form clathrate hydrate(natural gas).

It might be possible to create a SK solution that can power an automobile as a retrofit of the IC engine using natural gas or hydrogen.

The use of a natural gas burning turbine might also be productive.

Feeding natural gas into the worldwide natural gas pipeline systems could be a low impact introduction of LENR energy into the world's energy usage balance sheet.

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I am becoming more convinced that the new Rossi reactors(QX and SK) are using transparent hexagonal boron nitride as his tube material. This material is not transparent to ultraviolet light but is transparent (85%) to visible and infrared light.

More info on transparent hexagonal boron nitride as follows:

I suspect that the XUV light produced by the LENR reaction is downshifted by hexagonal boron nitride into the visible frequencies. This downshifting is what is generating the huge amount of white light that the SK has been reported to be producing.

The answer to the problems that the SunCell is having is using hexagonal boron nitride to convert all that XUV that the SunCell reaction is producing into light that COTS solar cells can convert into electrical power.

If these XUV generating systems want to harvest energy in the form of hydrogen produced from water photodissociation by XUV, they could use a ceramic that I have found that is transparent to XUV.

Transparent polycrystalline body with high ultraviolet transmittance, process for making, and applications thereof

This material lets 85% of the XUV through.

This material is resistant to abrasion or erosion, does not substantially deteriorate after exposure to ultraviolet light, and has high strength. The sintered body is useful in a variety of applications, including as a dome and window for missiles and launch tubes.

The sintered body of this ceramic is resistant to degradation under high temperature conditions and, in particular, has a high melting point, preferably above 2000°C.

High temperature heat tolerance in a plasma heat containment material is  not important is a water based hydrogen photodissociation system, Such a system  could use a double walled pipe filed with water in a plasma containment tube configuration. The water would serve as a circulating coolant and the hydrogen could be separated from the OH using a polymer electrolyte membrane that are commonly used in hydrogen fuel cells.

IMO, this water cooled double walled hydrogen photodissociation system configuration is optimum for a system like the SunCell.

Another material that is totally transparent to XUV is transparent aluminum.

Transparent aluminium is 'new state of matter'

"In this week’s Nature Physics an international team, led by Oxford University scientists, report that a short pulse from the FLASH laser ‘knocked out’ a core electron from every aluminium atom in a sample without disrupting the metal’s crystalline structure. This turned the aluminium nearly invisible to extreme ultraviolet radiation."

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Device creates negative mass — and a novel way to generate lasers
January 3, 2018

Ion electron pair is known as a ex·ci·ton - a mobile concentration of energy in a crystal formed by an excited electron and an associated hole.

Excitons form polaritons through photon entanglement and the Bose condensate of polaritons have been found to produce polaritons expressing NEGATIVE MASS. See reference above.

This is important in LENR because negative mass which will reverse the effects of gravity as well as generate worm holes and flux tubes which will destabilize matter.

As in the reference I provided above, the fundamental defined entity is the polariton condensate. According to “Einstein-Rosen bridges” theory, negative mass is needed to stabilize a worm hole.

by Lawrence H. Ford and Thomas A. Roman
Scientific American, January 2000

Through correspondence with gravitational physicist Kip Thorne, Caral Sagan worked out a science fiction device: alien technology enabled the opening of a temporary wormhole between Earth and a distant star system, Sagan just did not want to hand wave, he wanted the equations to work and the theory to be solid.

In his work, Throne found that to make a real-world wormholes you need negative energy density to keep the tunnel from collapsing.

As Thorne describes in his book "Black Holes and Time Warps", the alien tech required some form of “exotic matter”. We know now that polaritons possess negative energy density. IMO polaritons and the LENR reaction are the source of Dark energy, for example, has positive energy density, even though it has negative pressure. That negative pressure keeps the worm hole open.

The great thing that MFMP has seen in the LION reactor meltdown is a worm hole in action. This is experimental conformation that a polariton condensate produces worm holes. We know how to make worm holes of all sizes and we now know that these worm holes produce the LENR reaction. We have seen them in action: we have seen them eat through diamond.

Kip Stephen Thorne (born June 1, 1940) is an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. A longtime friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, he was the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology(Caltech) until 2009 and is one of the world's leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein's general theory of relativity.​​
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Stephen Hawking   
Space and Time Warps

Negative matter and/or energy make it possible to warp space/time so much using the LENR reaction that instant transport over cosmological distances and time travel are possible. Using LENR to warp space/time it may someday be possible to travel to far places in the universe or travel through time.

Traveling forward in time is an uncontroversial possibility, according to Einstein's theory. In fact, physicists have been able to send tiny particles called muons, which are similar to electrons, forward in time by manipulating the gravity around them. That's not to say the technology for sending humans 100 years into the future will be available anytime soon, though.

Time travel to the past, however, is even less understood. Still, astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, of the EarthTech International Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, argues that it's possible. All you need, he says, is a wormhole, which is a theoretical passageway through space-time that is predicted by relativity. [Wacky Physics: The Coolest Little Particles in Nature]
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Let's look at the cause of LENR in action in the video above. This video shows the FUEL that the LENR developer has generated. That fuel is micro-diamonds implanted in a nickel substrate infused with deuterium. In general, all successful LENR fuels is based on the penetration of one of the hydrogen isotopes either protium or deuterium into the crystal structure of some solid material with a rigid lattice crystal structure. The list of materials that can support the generation of LENR fuel is palladium, diamond, titanium, and nickel. The function of these substrate materials is to compress the hydrogen isotope to a level sufficiently high enough to force the hydrogen to assume the super dense form. There is evidence that other elements and compounds can be compressed to such a high pressure by the substrate's lattice that these various elements and compounds will compress into their ultra dense form. These elements and compounds include lithium and water, but ultra dense copper might have been generated in the proton 21 experiments. The compression force in the proton 21 experiment is provided by the shock wave of a high powered electrical discharge.

These ultra dense molecules lay dormant inside the fuel until they are activated through the infusion of some form of photonic energy combination be it either heat, light... visible and/or ultraviolet, or RF.

The ultra dense nano-particle that forms takes the form of a thin one dimensional nano wire with the protons of the hydrogen in the center of the wire and the electrons forming a cover(spin wave) around that center. This structure is produced by the superconductor property called the Meissner effect. This nanowire is a superconductor in which virtually no power is lost by its surface electron layers.

Learn more about the Meissner_effect here:

A depiction of Hole Superconductivity appears below:

The surface of the nanowire acts as an optical bottle in which light is captured and confined. The photons of the light combine with the electrons in the electron cloud around the outside of the superconducting nanowire to form a polariton condensate. This is a special type of plasmoid that does not lose power. This lack of power loss comes from the superconducting nature of the electrons on the surface of the nanowire. The polariton condensate is a fluid of light that holds onto light and does not let light escape. This plasmoid is a very special one in that it is a black hole for light: light goes in, but it cannot come out.

A depiction of a polariton condensate below:

This nanowire is what Ken Shoulders has called a black EVO.

Getting into more detail, this ball of confined light is highly organized and is comprised of two independent currents (rings) of confined light separated into their photon's handedness (chirality) forming two counter-rotating light currents: a right spinning current and a left handed spinning current of light. This soliton is sometimes called ball lighting.

A depiction of a petal polariton condensate below:

These counter rotating light currents produce magnetic rotating magnetic flux tubes that spin at the speed of light. These tubes are also called worm holes. One magnetic flux tube comes from the right handed spinning light current and the other from the left handed spinning light current.

In summary so far, a black EVO is a black hole of light that produces a spinning magnetic flux tube ring shaped like a O. The experimental observation of this structure is explained in the referenced video of the LION reactor meltdown as seen above.

A depiction of a Worm Hole (aka flux tube) below:

This is what Bob Greenyer is seeing produce the double dot marks in the ash and experimental photographs of the LENR reactor meltdown.

When a dipole black EVO is exposed to a high voltage spark, the index of refraction of the space time in which the light currents are circulating becomes imaginary and the two rotating light rings combine into a single ring. This disturbance in space time produces an EVO monopole. This EVO has only one flux tube, but that tube is a very powerful one, since it consolidates all the energy of the dipole flux tube system into a single consolidated monopole flux tube system.

This picture depicks how the Kerr effect converts a dipole EVO into a monopole EVO.

The dipole EVO usually moves around in a symmetrical fashion because its flux tubes are balanced and connected into a continuous magnetic ring. But when the monopole EVO moves, it hops around and leaves tracks like a rabbit since it has a single flux tube that whips around and causes the nanowire to hop in a random fashion. This is seen in the rabbit tracks that this monopole produces called strange radiation.

Now that we know how the Black EVO is formed, how it moves, and what its structure is in detail, we can explain how it escapes the lattice of the substrate that formed it. In the upcoming post we will see how the black EVO moves around inside that substrate and escapes from it. This explanation is offered in the next post with the aid of the referenced video as well as others. We will also see SEM micrographs of active LENR fuel and observe the tracks of the EVOs as the EVO exits the fuel and travels away from the fuel particles.

Matt Watts

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Science fiction becoming science fact.

Good stuff Axil, keep it coming.


Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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Physicists Say They've Come Up With a Mathematical Model For a Viable Time Machine

The arrow of time - which under normal circumstances (in our Universe, at least) always points forward, making the past become the present - is represented by the black arrows.

Both person A and person B will experience time in dramatically different ways, the researchers explained:

"Within the bubble, A will see the B's events periodically evolve, and then reverse. Outside the bubble, observer B will see two versions of A emerge from the same location: one's clock hands will turn clockwise, the other counterclockwise."

In other words, the external observer would see two versions of the objects inside the time machine: one version evolving forwards in time, the other backwards.

While Tippett and Tsang say the maths is sound, the problem now is we don't actually have the right materials to build what they're proposing.

IMPO, LENR can produce the chiral effects and the power needed to generate the "TARDIS"

This reference shows that the polarity of the photon determiners the flow of time. We know that the polariztion of the photon can generate(convert) the chirality of a particle and vice versa. Rgis is the fundamental causative principal that underpins the Henderson effect. It might say that the flow of time is determined by the chirality of the particle.

If we convert your body into particles that are chiral polarized, sau by exposing it to a polarized RF beam then you might travel either backward or forward in time based on that polarization.

Matter and antimatter in the nanoscale chiral magnetic universe

The universe exists because Charge, parity, and time reversal symmetry, a fundamental symmetry of physical laws was broken when the universe came into existence because there is more matter than antimatter in our universe.

This reference shows that the skyrmions has negative matter properties as described by the the so-called Thiele equation.

The reference explains that the direction of the magnetic flow of skyrmions produce non symmetric behavior. The chirality of the skyrmions breaks symmetry. Could that symmetry be time symmetry?

If you are placed in a box that is covered with polarized skyrmions or some other rotating confined wave forms like the monopole polariton, would the flow of time that you experience be altered from current reality?

The bottom line, there could be a connection between topological chirality and the flow of time.
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Bose condensation is coherent and the polaritons are entangled.

Google: "polariton entanglement"

Photons that leak out of the polaritons promote the spread of entanglement to other polaritons,

The color generated by the QX reactor is monochromatic or laser light. A BEC must be producing that light.

That big half inch hole in the LION reactor was produced by a macro sized BEC of polaritons, Entangelment can spread to any extent no matter the size. This ability to build a BEC to any size is what will make a time machine possible. The John Hutchison Effect can lift a cannon balls because the surface of that cannon ball is covered with a macro sized polariton BEC

At 17:35 of this video, there is a large triangular hole in the alumina. That triangular hole was produced by a macro-sized Bose condensate of polaritons.
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The mystery of the garnet inclusions.


Tiny tunnels inside garnets appear to be the result of boring microorganisms

Intricate tunnels in garnets from soils and river sediments in Thailand – Possible endolithic microborings
IMO, the article has interpreted the article incorrectly.The Tiny tunnels inside garnets could not have been produced by either biologic or abiologic causes. These tunnels could only have been produced by LENR active EVOs many millions of years ago.

The case against abiologic causation.

Garnets are relatively hard minerals (Hpyrope = 7.5) resistant to abrasion and chemical attack. A corresponding hardness ratio for the current garnets (Hpyrope = 7.5), would require a mineral millstone with a hardness of 9 or above to form ambient inclusion trails (AITs). Possible candidates would be corundum (Hcorondum = 9, including the varieties sapphire and ruby) or diamond (Hdiamaond = 10). Such extremely hard abrasive minerals are absent in the river sediments and extremely rare in the residual soils. Besides, considering the number of tunnels in one single garnet (sometimes more than 100), an excess of such mineral grains would have been needed in these environments to form the garnet tunnels. That is simply not the case in any of the examined localities.

The case against biologic causation

In frame C, there are many hundreds of regularly spaced and totally straight non intersecting tunnels that all look to be formed simultaneously (see also frame D) and happen to turn at the same instant in their formation process.

The tunneling displays a substantial range of appearance and morphological traits, from strictly organized palisades of parallel tunnels to irregularly branching and anastomosing networks. In the most organized variety, straight and strictly parallel tunnels form almost perfect rows (Fig A above); more commonly the tunnels, although parallel, are not lined up but are more irregularly scattered (Fig B). A recurring feature is a parallel, seemingly coordinated, curvature of the distal parts of each tunnel in such palisades (Fig C and D). There may also be two or more sets of palisades within a crystal, where internally parallel tunnels in each set make distinctive angles to co-occurring sets projecting in other directions (Fig E).

Formation of anastomosing(1,2) tunnels by biology would require some type of communication between separated organisms or at least organismal parts such as different hyphae of a fungal mycelium within a substrate. Such communication could be chemically controlled by fungi excreting molecules at the hyphal tip. Another mode of communication in a transparent substrate could be light. Natural bioluminescence is known among fungi to attract invertebrates for spore dispersal or as warning signals to repulse fungivores, but not for communicative purposes Without supporting observations among live species in controlled laboratory experiments fungal communication within a substrate is so far hypothetical.

IMO, bugs cannot work so closely together because they do not have the ability to communicate second by second in such a timely way as to produce such well structured, widely dispersed, and identically formed tunnels.

1. To open one structure into another directly or byconnecting channels, said of blood vessels,lymphatics, and hollow viscera; also incorrectly applied to nerves.

2. To unite by means of an anastomosis, or connection between formerly separate structures.

B) Tomographic reconstruction (volumetric rendering) showing the hexagonal cross section of multiple tubular structures. C) An orthoslice of a tomographic reconstruction showing the cross-sectional hexagons or rectangles of the tunnels. D) SEM image of a four-angled polygonal entrance hole. E) SEM image of a six-angled polygonal entrance hole that is filled. F) SEM image of a tubular structure that tapers off further into the mineral. Note how the tunnel have a polygonal shape at the mineral surface but further in gets more circular as it tapers off. G) Microphotograph of a tubular structure that tapers off and also starts with a polygonal shape at the mineral surface but gets more circular as it penetrates further into the mineral and tapers off. H) Microphotograph of tubular structures that tapers off. The branching of the tunnels results in offspring tunnels with less diameter than the originating tunnel.

Chemical erosion by bugs cannot produce regularly sharply defined geometric contours as the bugs eat their way through super hard garnet. All the tunnels change their contorting profile as the tunneling comes to a close.

Also chemical residue of bug remains cannot be offered as proof that the bugs produced the tunnels because the bugs could have populated the tunnels long after they were excavated.

The case for EVO tunnel creation and what we can learn about the nature of the excavating EVOs from characterization of the tunnels.

Entangled EVOs could have excavated the tunnels in a totally coordinated fashion. Many entangled EVOs can move as one excavating particle and produce N identical tunnels that are shaped identically in both their horizontal girth and geometric shape and vertical profiles.

We have seen EVOs excavate tunnels through diamond in the LION fuel, so garnet penetration is no problem.

As the EVOs lose power, the volume of their excavation shrinks to a point until their level of power production is to weak to continue with extending the excavation.

The way that all the tunnels in the garnet devolve to a sharp needle like point simultaneously is witness to a shared energy store held between and among all the excavating EVOs.

The hexagonal tunnel shaped profiling is indicative of the structure of the molecule that is supporting the EVO and producing the excavating magnetic flux tube. Such shapes have been seen in the holes bored in the structure of the LION reactors. The flux tube that is doing the boring through the garnet is a monopole that extends straight forward and normal to the hexagonal Rydberg cross section of the EVO molecule.
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Many seemingly impossible observations in science might be explained by LENR. Here is one that  might be one that could be explained by LENR.

Oddball particles tunneling through Earth could point to new physics
By Adrian Cho Sep. 27, 2018

Are these ultra high energy particles being produced by the LENR reaction on the surface or just  inside the earth?

We might consider that these high energy particle bursts are coming from the surface of the earth or just inside it. Only particle reactions involving ultra dense matter might produce enough power to generate these powerful and yet unexplained particles or neutral particle clusters.

The reference article estimates that the energy produced in the particle shower.

However, the showers’ large sizes show that the particles must have had energies in excess of 0.5 exa-electron volts—70,000 times higher than the energy achieved with the most powerful particle accelerator.

This amount of energy released as stated in the article is 10^18 ev. This large amount of energy release needs to be explained in terms of possible LENR reactions. This large amount of energy store might be explained in terms of the energy content released in the tracks of strange radiation that has been detected in numerous LENR experiments.

Keith Fredericks has calculated the energy released by monopole based strange radiation that Keith has produced and also by other researchers included in the studies of Urutskoev,, Ivoilov, Rodionov and Savvatimova, Priem and Bardout, Lochak, and Adamenko and Vysotskii. More recently, this type of particle track has also been seen by both MFMP and LION. LION has posted that he has seen a macro sized particle visible with his unaided eyes as a black body moving across a bright nickel surface.

Possible detection of tachyon monopoles in photographic emulsions

Using the photographic analysis method that Keith Fredericks explains in his paper, Keith estimates the tracks were produced by a strange particle whose energy content reached the maximum energy (m'(eV/c2)) listed in table 7 of 4.6 x 10^15 electron volts.

Keith Fredericks also states that strange particles have been detected in entangled bundles of many identically moving particles. The total energy content of these particle bundles is simply the sum of the individual energy content of each of these particles that are members of the entangled bundle aggregation.

To reach 10^18 ev, a particle bundle of 10^3 particles each of which carries and energy of 10^15 ev would need to be annihilated to produce the total energy observed in the polar energy burst.

If the entire particle bundle is annihilated simultaneously in one instant, the particle shower that this released energy would produce might equal the observed energy production of the particle shower.

It seems impossible that a high energy particle from space can tunnel through the entire bulk of the earth without being annihilated and defused by the immense amount of matter it would need to pass through.  What is reasonable to expect is that the particle shower must be generated on the surface of the earth directly under the detection antenna.
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I have warned LENR commercial reactor developers that solid state LENR reactors will fail in short order because of the way that strange particles eat away at the structure of their reactors. Dennis Cravens recently stated that his reactor seems to fall apart when it is operated at high power. See at 3:00 in the Dr. Dennis Cravens entry below
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ECCO - Macro photography of 'strange radiation' tracks in fuel container

ECCO - Looking for tachyons with laser microscopy

MFMP states:
Containing the Active Agent is the most important factor to successful control of High net yield reactors

The only way to CONTAIN the Active Agent(AA) above a certain strength is to do it using NON PHYSICAL MATERIAL BASED MEANS. Shoulders spelled this out - it is not inventive to have re-discovered this - it is OBVIOUS. This is WHY I was asking for people to investigate what Shoulders had invented before 1980 (that made him uniquely equipped to conduct his research). Regardless, above a certain scale, only free-space gives you the freedom to keep on scaling it without destruction of literally ANYTHING of ANY size. A mid way approach to building VERY large Active Agents (well, small, but big compared to what is possible terrestrially) and studying them, would be to do it in the Ionosphere.

I am stating this here, and the reasons, to stop it from being patented.

I will state suggested configurations for production of the Active Agent in up and coming presentations. But there is much context to present before and a lot of hard work.

Credit must be given to John Hutchison for and Kenneth Radford Shoulders for sharing the fruits of their life.
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There is an increased understanding that the strange radiation that these LENR systems produce could be dangerous...SEE video below. Strange radiation has been shown to produce cancer in rats.

MFMP reporting from a LENR conference in Russa

If you do run this LENR system, do it in a remote, unattended place with the equipment controlled remotely and use a mask when dealing with used equipment to avoid getting any particles in your lungs or particles inside your body. Learn what strange radiation is and how to protect against it...if there is a way.
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Strange Radiation’ Tracks from LENR Reactors from the 25th Russian Conference

The 25th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning has proven to be a historic milestone in the documentation and universal acceptance of a seemingly ubiquitous phenomenon referred to over many decades by many names, including “strange radiation.” These enigmatic emissions produced by a variety of experimental setups — ranging from spark discharges, electrolytic cells, and now powder based “dry” nickel-hydrogen reactors — have been observed and written about by researchers spanning the globe.

Nevertheless, searching for the papers and reports describing them could be challenging, especially considering all the required search terms: exotic vacuum objects, EVs, sub-luminal tachyons, micro-ball lightning, cathode spots, erzions, strange radiation, compact toroids, and several others. But now, due to breaking revelations from Alexander Parkhomov and a number of other brilliant Russian pioneers in the field of LENR, the presentations from a single conference may represent a treasure chest of information on these paradigm shattering particles. What has been openly shared may not only help us understand the mechanisms allowing for cold fusion reactions, transmutations, and excess heat production, but could completely change our views on physical reality and the sea of unlimited energy in which we all exist.

Strarge radiation objects are known to be sometimes entangled. Could this SEM of a duel strange track have been caused by two entangled particles?

Alexander Parkhomov has revealed the existence of perhaps an equally deep well of evidence and information. He has generated many thousands of track marks utilizing two different reactor types (a plasma electrolysis unit and a “dry” nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing significant excess heat), multiple different film materials (including polycarbonate, aluminum foil, and others), and multiple analysis techniques. The result is a fountain of evidence that proves beyond any doubt that LENR systems are capable of continually producing profuse quantities of “strange radiation” with properties that challenge existing physical concepts.

Below is a Google translated version of the slides that Parkhomov used in his presentation on strange radiation from the 25th Russian Conference at Sochi.
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If you take a look at the reference

 figure 7, you will see that the magnetic vortex flux tubes have a cross section in the nano-meter range at the point where the tubes touch the surface of the metal. The black vortex solitons (Black EVOs) that generate those tubes contain on the order of 10^23 particles, each with a spin of 2. The magnetic field per square nano-meter that these tubes carry is very large.

My view is that those vortex tubes contain quarks extracted from the substrate that the tubes contact. This idea came to me from looking at the LION reactor where a tube was inactivated and the elements that it contained was deposited on the surface like toothpaste extruded from a tube. Those elements in that extruded matter was transmuted: those elements included zirconium.

See the "cannon" in this video.

My belief is that the magnetic vortex flux tube produces a magnetic tube re-connection with the flux tubes that confine the quarks in the disrupted nucleons. These quarks are absorbed by the magnetic vortex flux tube. A quark plasma is then generated inside the magnetic vortex flux tube whereby quark reconfiguration occurs when the flux tube is deactivated.

Another clue that informs us about the timeline in which the transmutation occurs comes from the LION 2 diamond fuel analysis.  In the video as follows:

the transmutation products are deposited at the end of the Active agent's mining cycle where the transmutation of carbon is deposited at the back end of the excavated tunnel when the active agent becomes inactive. Without exception, the transmuted elements are formed when the active agent goes back to sleep and the transmuted elements are reconstituted from quarks having been held in suspension by the working active agent. ​


Conformation of Ken Shoulders EVO theory.

Black EVOs are pictured. They are really spooky looking.
Also magnetic vortex flux tubes are called " fluxes"

Action of the EVO can continue for months on the surface of metals,

Of particular note as follows:
"During the study of the state of the surface of the samples, a change was found in the surface topography of the samples that were not exposed to the PELP but were stored in separate packaging in close proximity to the treated samples. On the surface of untreated samples of metals (Ti, Cu, Fe, steels of different grades) there are no previously missing traces. Figure 26 shows the surface of the sample of copper, which was not directly affected by prostate cancer. After sharing with samples exposed to prostate cancer, these changes were detected. The removal of a part of the metal from untreated PRSPs of the samples by dissolving in the corresponding electrolytes revealed the presence in their body of thread-like formations similar to those found on samples that underwent PRPJ treatment."
This says that the LENR active agent can be transferred from the arc exposed metal to the unexposed metal and still see the same fission reaction occur.



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New paper from Holmlid on ultra dense hydrogen as dark matter:

Holmlid is a very brave scientist for putting this idea forward.

The finding that  Strange radiation as a symbiont of ultra dense matter can absorb up to 10^6 GeV of EMF and convert that energy into meta-stable mass could make these EMF black holes a major factor in the accounting of matter in the universe.

The abstract also shows that Holmlid understands that Ultra dense matter(UDM) can exist in stars as follows:

"ultradense protium p(0) and ultradense deuterium D(0)—which are stable even inside many stars."

This ability to resist extreme stellar temperatures and pressures is due to the electron cover that the meissner effect imparts to the UDM: more specifically, a degenerate matter superconductive polariton cover over the positive proton core.