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Optical space-time wave packets having arbitrary group velocities in free space
This article has shown experimentally that light can travel at speeds that exceed the speed of light (30C).

Superluminal X-waves in a polariton quantum fluid
The ability to twist light in a way so that its waveform can be separated  from its energy so that its wave front can travel at superluminal speed is indispensable to the LENR reaction.

I have been doing some research into tachyons and have been trying to understand faster than light wave propagation, specifically x-waves. Here is something interesting about how special relativity and superluminal wave propagation relate:

Portions of this entry contributed by Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr.

A superluminal phenomenon is a frame of reference traveling with a speed greater than the speed of light c. There is a putative class of particles dubbed tachyons which are able to travel faster than light. Faster-than-light phenomena violate the usual understanding of the "flow" of time, a state of affairs which is known as the causality problem (and also called the "Shalimar Treaty").

It should be noted that while Einstein's theory of special relativity prevents (real) mass, energy, or information from traveling faster than the speed of light c (Lorentz et al. 1952, Brillouin and Sommerfeld 1960, Born and Wolf 1999, Landau and Lifschitz 1997), there is nothing preventing "apparent" motion faster than c (or, in fact, with negative speeds, implying arrival at a destination before leaving the origin). For example, the phase velocity and group velocity of a wave may exceed the speed of light, but in such cases, no energy or information actually travels faster than c. Experiments showing group velocities greater than c include that of Wang et al. (2000), who produced a laser pulse in atomic cesium gas with a group velocity of -310c. In each case, the observed superluminal propagation is not at odds with causality, and is instead a consequence of classical interference between its constituent frequency components in a region of anomalous dispersion (Wang et al. 2000).

Keith Fredericks has an opinion that strange radiation is a tachyon. This SR quasiparticle might be tacjyonic is that it is most likely based on the polariton. The polariton does generate superluminal light in the form of x-waves.

Superluminal X-waves in a polariton quantum fluid

This article shows that a polariton can naturally produce superluminal light (X-waves) when excited with a pulsed laser.

This unexpected behavior of light may explain how Strange radiation (SR) can be considered a tachyon, a superluminal particle.

If the SR is composed of excited entangled polaritons that are producing  superluminal light, the SR could be generating a tachyonic field.

A  tachyonic field is a field that has its maximum energy potential at the instant of its creation and and upon perturbation releases that energy instantaneously.Also. this ability for the polariton to generate superluminal light (X-waves) could also be at the root of the polariton's dark mode mechanism. This dark mode behavior of SR that has been discovered by Ken shoulders in what he termed  as a black EVO could be based on the polariton's ability to generate superluminal light via X-waves. Only a superluminal light vortex can produce a light based black hole that can trap and hold onto a photon.

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Hawking Radiation as Delayed Choice

According to classical general relativity, mass-energy cannot depart from the interior of a black hole, because nothing can cross an event horizon “in reverse”. The event horizon is the surface at which the forward light cones are tilted inward to the extent that they are entirely contained inside the surface. Therefore, the passage of any mass-energy from inside to outside the event horizon would require (according to classical general relativity) superluminal propagation, and hence it is ruled out, and as a consequence the mass-energy content of a black hole can never decrease. However, applying quantum mechanical concepts, Hawking described a process by which a quiescent black hole would radiate, so the mass-energy content would decrease over time. The predicted rate of this radiation for stellar-sized black holes is extremely small, but the prediction of any outward radiation at all from an event horizon – no matter how weak – is remarkable, since it appears to conflict with one of the foundational principles of general relativity, namely, the principle of no super-luminal propagation of mass-energy.

Several different explanations of Hawking radiation can be found in popular descriptions. A few of these explanations are summarized below.

(1) Quantum fluctuations lead to the production of pairs of particles and anti-particles just outside the horizon; one of these falls into the black hole and the other escapes as radiation with positive mass-energy. The in-falling particle has negative mass-energy, so its absorption results in a reduction in the mass-energy of the black hole.

(2) The same as (1), except that both particles have positive mass-energy (recognizing that anti-particles don’t have negative mass-energy). The reduction in the mass-energy of the black hole is attributed to the expenditure of work by tidal forces to separate the two particles. This work exceeds the mass-energy of the absorbed particle by an amount equal to the mass-energy of the radiated particle.

(3) Fluctuations occurring just inside the horizon of a black hole produce pairs of particles, and one particle of such a pair may “tunnel” out through the event horizon (exploiting the phenomenon of quantum tunneling), becoming external radiation, leaving the other inside with negative energy, diminishing the mass-energy of the black hole.

(4) Quantum vacuum fluctuations can be analyzed into positive and negative frequencies. If the propagating fluctuations in the far future (far from the black hole) are extrapolated back into the far past (prior to the formation of the black hole), it is found that the future positive-frequency fluctuations are consistent with the emission of radiation from the black hole and the absorption of negative frequency components by the black hole, diminishing its mass-energy.

The fourth explanation seems to be the closest to the actual derivation, and it’s worth noting that it explicitly relies on an analysis beginning prior to the formation of the black hole. Thus it would not apply (at least not in any obvious way) to a black hole that has always existed. It might be argued that such an object is not possible, since the universe itself seems to have a definite beginning in the finite past, but even in this context we might imagine primordial black holes, i.e., gravitationally collapsed regions which have existed from the very beginning of the universe. It’s unclear (to me) how the Hawking analysis (4) could be applied to such an object, because there would be no time prior to the formation of the black hole.

It’s interesting to compare this with the question of whether a uniformly accelerating charged particle radiates. According to the Lorentz-Dirac equations of classical electrodynamics, the answer seems to be no, but this applies only to a particle that has always been uniformly accelerating (and that will always continue to accelerate uniformly), which is presumably not a realistic condition. For any realistic particle, there must have been a time prior to when the particle began its uniform acceleration, and this change in acceleration results in radiation, in a sense because the Fourier transform of the particle’s motion acquires impurities from the change in acceleration. This is analogous to the fact that a purely monotonic signal must be eternal, because any beginning or ending introduces other frequency components to the function for the entire signal.

In the context of general relativity it isn’t too difficult to arrive at an interpretation of Hawking radiation that is consistent with these ideas. As discussed in another note, the worldline of every particle that falls into a black hole continues to have a lightlike (null) connection to all external distances at all future times. This is illustrated in the qualitative spacetime diagram below.

The red curve signifies the worldline of an in-falling particle, and the gold curve represents a lightlike (null) locus from the in-falling particle to the exterior region in the future. The important point is that the in-falling worldline passes through every one of the external Schwarzschild times (to future infinity) prior to actually crossing the event horizon. As it passes through each of these times, there still null paths from the particle to the future exterior, so the in-falling particle has (in a sense) infinite opportunities to radiate to the exterior region, out to arbitrarily late times, even though we would normally consider the particle to have passed inside the event horizon by approximately the Schwarzschild time denoted by t1 on the figure. According to the causal structure of spacetime in classical general relativity, we can never (at any external time) conclude for certain that the particle has emitted its last photon prior to crossing the event horizon.

In fact, carrying this further, we might ask if there is ever a time when we (in the external region) can conclude for certain that the particle itself is going to cross the event horizon. From the classical standpoint we might be able to compute a “point of no return”, but given the existence of quantum fluctuations it may not be straightforward to determine this point with absolute certainty. Also, the superposition of outcomes might be resolved only at later times, as in “delayed choice” EPR experiments involving quantum entanglement. As evaluated at some external time, the state of an in-falling particle in the past may be uncertain, or rather in a superposition of states, one falling through the event horizon without emitting any more radiation, and the other emitting some additional radiation or (perhaps) being ejected itself, and never falling through the horizon. The irreversible outcome may be determined only at some time in the distant future. In the mean time, the particle’s condition is analogous to that of Schrödinger’s cat, neither alive nor dead, but in a superposition of alive and dead. Every particle that has (presumptively) crossed an event horizon and contributes to the mass-energy of a black hole is arguably in this condition. If so, then a black hole itself is essentially a quantum mechanical apparition (or fluctuation), whose eventual “evaporation” is therefore less surprising. We could regard Hawking radiation as the very gradual completion of a series of delayed-choice experiments, eventually yielding the final irreversible result that nothing ever actually fell through the event horizon.

The most obvious objection to this interpretation is that any radiation emitted from a particle very close to the event horizon will be extremely red-shifted to an external observer, and the intensity will drop exponentially with time for that observer. But this assumes the classical continuous model of radiation, propagating strictly along null intervals. In the context of quantum field theory a photon has a non-zero amplitude to be exchanged even along spacelike intervals. Such photons would be virtual with respect to the local free-falling coordinates at the point of emission, but may be real with respect to the stationary external coordinates. This is closely related to the usual description of Hawking radiation, except that it makes use of delayed-choice interactions with the in-falling particles comprising the black hole, rather than regarding the radiation as arising from vacuum field fluctuations.

Whether or not this approach leads to a consistent account of Hawking radiation, it would not be surprising if there exists some description of Hawking radiation in terms of direct actions between particles. Any phenomena that can be described in terms of mediating fields can also be described in terms of direct actions between particles, dispensing with the fields entirely. For example, although electrodynamics is most commonly described in terms of Maxwell’s field theory, it can also be developed along the lines of Ampere and Weber as a distant-action theory with no fields at all. Of course, the opposite is also true, i.e., quantum field theory can be expressed entirely in terms of fields, without reference to particles.

If a polariton Bose condensate based black hole is the root of the black EVO, the light that it produces via Hawking radiation may be based on a delayed mechanism for virtual photon release. Hawking's radiation theory is based on cause #4 above, the photon black hole captures the virtual particle at the moment of its creation and releases it to the far field when the black hole is dissolved. A static long lived black hole produces little if any hawking radiation.

A polariton has a lifetime of 1 to 10 picoseconds. A polariton lives and dies a trillion times in one second. Each time that a polariton comes into existence, the polariton captures virtual photons and when it dies, it releases those photons to the far field. In a polariton condensate, a single member polariton can generate 2 trillion virtual photons per second because of its short lived nature. This is how a polariton condensate can extract so much photonic power from the vacuum.
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The production of light is a vacuum operation.

When an electron emits a photon, the photon is not selected from a "well" of photons living in the atom; it is created instantaneously out of the vacuum. The electron in the high energy level is instantly converted into a lower energy-level electron and a photon. There is no in-between state where the photon is being constructed. It instantly pops into existence.

When a photon is absorbed by an electron, it is completely destroyed. All its energy is imparted to the electron, which instantly jumps to a new energy level. The photon itself ceases to be. In the equations which govern this interaction, one side of the equation (for the initial state) has terms for both the electron and the photon, while the other side (representing the final state) has only one term: for the electron.

When an photon is created, the vacuum gains a unit of negative energy equal to the energy content of the photon, and when the photon is destroyed, this destructive process gives back positive energy that exactly balances back the negative energy that was initially produced then the photon was created.

When photons are created solely from the vacuum, a set of multiple negative energy photons are produced, (that is photons that have a negative frequency), and the vacuum gains an equal amount of negative energy. This set of negative photons includes an EUV photon, (a black light photon) and a less energetic photon that appears deep blue in color.

We can tell that this negative energy photon creation process has happened when we see blue light produced.

The two sources of negative energy photons that are created solely from the vacuum are Hawking radiation and Cherenkov radiation that appears in this article above.

Along with negative energy based gamma rays produced by Cherenkov radiation, there should also be excess negative energy based UV light produced.

This excess negative energy based UV light has been detected here:

Strange dark stuff is making the universe too bright

As a speculation, the process whereby the vacuum "knows" to produce a photon to relieve the energy excess created by the change in the electron orbital position could be entanglement where the electron with an excess of energy attracts a photon from the vacuum with the equivalent energy via the entanglement mechanism.

When there is blue light produced by a process, consider the production of photons from the vacuum.

Quantum explanations of light produced in Sonoluminescence
An unusually exotic hypothesis of sonoluminescence, which has received much popular attention, is the Casimir energy hypothesis suggested by noted physicist Julian Schwinger and more thoroughly considered in a paper by Claudia Eberlein of the University of Sussex. Eberlein's paper suggests that the light in sonoluminescence is generated by the vacuum within the bubble in a process similar to Hawking radiation, the radiation generated at the event horizon of black holes. According to this vacuum energy explanation, since quantum theory holds that vacuum contains virtual particles, the rapidly moving interface between water and gas converts virtual photons into real photons. This is related to the Unruh effect or the Casimir effect. The argument has been made that sonoluminescence releases too large an amount of energy and releases the energy on too short a time scale to be consistent with the vacuum energy explanation, although other credible sources argue the vacuum energy explanation might yet prove to be correct.
Pursuant to the calculation of the temperature of the plasma produced in this type of system (EUV - blue light) including the SK, the blue light spectrum is NOT derived by black body radiation. It is a spectrum produced by a negative frequency derived from vacuum energy extraction. Assuming that the light generated by these systems is produced by black body radiation is a mistake.
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It looks like black holes, superconductivity, the uncertainty principle, gravity, and the holographic universe are connected by an as not yet fully understood commonality: Planckian dissipation phenomenon.

This could have implications for the theory of LENR. There have been many and varied observations that Bose condensates behave just like black holes. Bose condensates are superconducting and coherent. Hydrides including ultra dense hydrogen are superconducting under high pressure. There could be a fundamental quantum mechanical based behavioral law at play that causes Bose condensates to mimic black holes. It could be this universal property of the universe that gives LENR its soul. It is this black hole like behavior: namely hawking radiation that may be the major source of power production related to the LENR reaction.

Those strange tachyon like particles we call strange radiation or black EVOs that we see in LENR experiments could be superconducting, Bose condensate like, Plasmoids that produce the vacuum energy that we see in LENR. It all could be connected by a universal law called Planckian dissipation phenomenon.
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I now have an opinion that the LENR reaction has two separate but concurrent modes of energy production: matter transmutation and vacuum energy extraction.

Thinking back since 2011, all of the LENR reactors that have been built have had a very low COP because they were running mostly in matter transmutation mode. Rossi's mouse reactor had a COP of 1.1 and the Lugano reactor had a COP of fewer than 3 for example.

Such matter transmutation reactors are essentially useless for energy production since transmutation produces little energy. Transmutation only occurs when the LENR reaction stops.

With the advent of the SK reactor, this LENR reaction gets most of its power from the vacuum and little from matter transmutation.

I think that the key to changing the mode in which the LENR reactor operates is the nature of the pumping signal.

I speculate that the SK uses a very high frequency pumping signal in the gigacycle to terracycle range. This causes EMF black holes to be produced (life cycle) a billion to a trillion times a second. Each such nano black hole adds a few photons to the total energy inventory, but that very fast on/off cycling causes power to accumulate in large amounts. Rossi uses the same fuel in this SK reactor as he did in his Lugano and mouse reactor designs. What makes all the difference is how Rossi pumps the LENR reaction.  This is just a speculation to keep in mind...

Yes, Rossi can change the power output of his SK reactor by adjusting the frequency of the pumping signal.

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LENR transmutation may be subject to quantum mechanical superposition.

It is now my beleive that transmutation of elements produces little or no excess energy because of QM superposition and entanglement while the LENR process is active. This must be the case, since LENR active microbes would burn up when they convert elements through transmutation. 

In the process of transmutation from the LENR reaction, there must be some sort of energy minimization process at play. The elements that are produced are the elements that render the least energy in the process of transmutation.

Another more likely possibility is that the energy created from the transmutation process may come in the form of particle creation. For example, muons may be created and their energy may be released far from the location of their creation when they decay into electrons.

If this is the case, a magnetic bottle would be a way to keep the energy contained in these reaction created particles close to the point of their creation so that this energy can be captured.

But there is a complication, there is experimental evidence from the LION reaction ash analysts that transmutation of elements does not happen until the LENR reaction terminates. The transmuted elements are held in a state of superposition until the LENR reaction completes.

These elements are not visible and not connected to this world until the LENR reaction terminates.

If particles are produced through the LENR reaction, it may involve some sort of weird superposition process in which the muons travel far (many miles) from their point of origin as ghost particles  that only become manifest when the LENR reaction terminates.

This brings to mind the electric arc iron smelter in India in which carbon is transmuted to iron by the many tons. I had wondered how the workers at that plant survived all those muons and why all that transmutation process alternatively did not produce gigawatts of energy.

Observation of Anomalous Production of Si and Fe in an Arc Furnace Driven Ferro Silicon Smelting Plant at levels of Tons per day

Below the first introductory paper where the abstract is found is a more extensive write up beginning on page 245.

This example is so extreme there is no doubt about the way the LENR reaction behaves. People just connot accept that LENR makes matter and enegy invisable and ineffectual in the real world.

The Silcal Metallurgic Ltd smelting process: "The whole process is slagless and the only product is molten Fe–Si alloy drained from the bottom and carbon monoxide (CO) effluent gas which burns at the top of the furnace, combining with the atmospheric oxygen to become CO2 which is released through a stack after scrubbing as per applicable environment regulations."

The CO that was not transmuted to Si and Fe is burned as CO2 and vented then scrubbed. Neither C nor O combined chemically with Fe–Si as per chemical analysis. But carbon was thought to transmute to Si and Fe as per Carbon Arc LENR experiments [5–8] in which anomalous generation of Si and Fe was observed..

Using the estimated energy release values of 17.13 MeV/atom of Si or 49.58 MeV per atom of Fe given in Appendix B, for the postulated nuclear transmutation reactions, it can be shown that corresponding to 4.25 ton of metal transmutation, the power generated should have been the equivalent of the total thermal power generated by hundreds of 1000MWe nuclear power stations.

Appendix B contains the expected excess energy gain from nuclear binding energy released in the transmutation process.

This situation goes to show that transmutation  produced by the LENR reaction is not a major source of excess heat because of the superposition of energy release far from the point of its origin.

To complete the LENR transmutation energy process, this delayed release of energy could also account for why no gamma rays are found in LENR based transmutation. The gamma rays magnifies many thousands of miles away from their point of origin when the LENR reaction terminates.

If the energy realization process is a function of how fast that the LENR reaction terminates, then this might explain why LENR sometimes produces gammas and oftentimes it does not. A low  level LENR reaction might rapidly flicker thus immediately manifesting gamma radiation whereas a strong LENR reaction does not terminate at all.

A gainful LENR reactor should be designed to rapidly terminate in a rapid on/off cycle in the terahertz range so that the energy is realized in a few centimeters after its creation.

If the LENR reaction is ubiquitous throughout the universe, as a case for dark matter, can matter and energy held in quantum mechanical superposition but still produce gravity effects and still not interact with EMF?
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Why do microbes live through fusion and fission reactions during transmutation of elements. This transmutation process can not be denied. But no one has explained how LENR works in microbes and why these reactions produce no detectable energy.

Fusions and also fission of atoms occur inside the bodies of living beings. Although very few in number, these biological transmutations reactions involve a large number of species, from bacteria to mammals, in several biological processes that control and are essential for the life processes of these organisms.

Researchers began to observe atoms conservation anomalies from the time conservation of matter was understood before 1800. It is only from 1959 that some researchers have understood that transmutations could explain biologic abnormalities. Since 1975, confirmation and publication of scientific works by Louis Kervran can be considered to have proven the existence of this phenomenon, but in 2014, it still has no confirmed theoretical explanation.

This biological effect seems to combine:
  • a chemical reaction
  • a low-energy interaction of atomic nuclei
  • and a catalysis (specific) which favors them in a biological process.

From 1799 to 1873 researchers asked themselves whether these transmutations exist. From 1959 to 1972 they have been proven by more than 6,000 elementary experiments. In 2003 Jean-Paul Biberian took stock of all the atoms involved in one bacterium. Since then some researchers have been wondering how to use these biological transmutations to reduce pollution by conventional radioactive waste.

A french site describe this history with many references. Some interesting points listed here are:

  • The reactions observed in biology are based mostly on mergers and fissions with hydrogen, oxygen or carbon and involve at least: H, C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S , K, Ca, Mn, Fe.
  • Many of these reactions are reversible, that is to say made also in the other direction by other biological processes.
  • Only certain isotopes are concerned and the products are all stable isotopes.
  • When these biological atomic nuclear reactions, we failed to detect radiation typically produced by high energy reactions (alpha, beta, gamma, X-rays).
  • They only use nuclear interactions called low energy.
  • They are accompanied by a variation in mass in agreement with the average binding energy.
  • These reactions are slow.
  • They occur in biological processes.
  • The residual thermal effect is very small and does not interfere with living beings.
  • Louis Kervran has noted these reactions following this example Mg + O: = Ca ([1] p 111)
  • They respect the principle of conservation of matter, they will integrate the correspondence mass-energy (E = mc2) of relativity and change the invariance principle becomes: In biological transmutations, the physico-chemical reactions retain the number of nucleons but alter the chemical element composition.
  • They occur perhaps in geological processes, or in a neighboring phenomenon called “Cold Fusion” (Cold Fusion). In these cases the conditions are quite different pressures and temperatures and are not compatible with life.
Vysotskii et al. studied the potential of bacterial transmutations for clean up of nuclear waste.
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Why doesn't a living organism burn up when that organism is transmuting elements through nuclear fusion and/or fission?

The LENR reaction will allow the energy and particles produced by transmutation to escape to the far field while the LENR reaction is active. This energy and particle product of transmutation will travel in a state of quantum mechanical superposition thereby being in a state where this destructive byproduct of the LENR reaction is unable to interact with reality... i.e. the organism.  When the LENR reaction terminates, the transmuted element(s) will appear inside the organism in a stable and quiescent state. The destructive byproduct of the LENR reaction will also materialize into reality but the location of those particles and energy will be far from their point of creation inside the organism.

The general principle of superposition of quantum mechanics applies to the states {that are theoretically possible without mutual interference or contradiction}... of any one dynamical system. It requires us to assume that between these states there exist peculiar relationships such that whenever the system is definitely in one state we can consider it as being partly in each of two or more other states. The original state must be regarded as the result of a kind of superposition of the two or more new states, in a way that cannot be conceived on classical ideas. Any state may be considered as the result of a superposition of two or more other states, and indeed in an infinite number of ways. Conversely, any two or more states may be superposed to give a new state...

Atoms can be in two places at the same time

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The LENR speed limit...

When the LENR reaction is active, the energy and particles that it produces are not constrained by any walls nor containment. These energy and particle emissions pass unencumbered through matter. Matter and energy in this state of superposition are not connected to this reality while the LENR reaction is active.

But when the LENR reaction completes, then the emissions that had been produced will manifest at a location in space/time where it would have been if the emission was traveling through a vacuum.  For example, if the LENR reaction was active for one second, then the energy that it produced would have traveled at the speed of light for 300,000 kilometers. The energy that the LENR reaction generates is manifest at the instant when the LENR reaction initially activates.

The transmutation of elements occurs immediately when the LENR reaction first begins. The energy that the LENR reaction derives from that transmutation is broadcast at the speed of light in all directions in a spherical distribution even if that emission passes through the entire mass of the earth. When the LENR reaction terminates, then the broadcast of energy actualizes at a distance from its point of origin defined by the speed of light and the time that the LENR reaction was active.

A basic primary simplex LENR reaction generated by a polariton lasts for between 1 and 10 picoseconds. In that time, the energy that this reaction produces travels between .03 and .3 centimeters. Emissions produced by strange radiation as it excavates grooves, ruts, and holes in matter, will be teleported many millions of kilometers while the Strange radiation is active.

The energy emissions derived from the matter that the strange radiation plasmoid decomposes as it travels along a surface might provide a country the size of Great Britain its total energy output for a year based on E=Mc2.

Recent Research
Beam me up: Scientists say human teleportation is 'possible' as they transfer atoms three meters in groundbreaking experiment

Team were able to send atoms 3 meters

System could create secure quantum internet
Physicists Just Achieved Quantum Teleportation Underwater For The First Time

In this proof-of-concept experiment, information was sent across a 3.3-metre (10.8-foot) long tank of seawater, but the researchers predict they should be able to use the same technique to send unhackable communications close to 900 metres (0.55 miles) through open water.
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Interstellar and the LENR reaction
Did you watch the movie Interstellar and think: what the hell was that all about? Did the science leave you confused, the varying timelines leave you baffled? You need an understanding of relativity to make some sense of what happens in interstellar and also with the LENR reaction since LENR is actioned by an analog  EMF based black hole called a the Black EVO as explained by Ken Shoulders.

Interstellar travel – moving between stars and solar systems in the universe – is technically impossible. In the film, in order to find a new home, humanity needs to find a new planet in a distant corner of the universe – and the only way to get to a distant corner of the universe is through a wormhole.

Inspired by the theories of Kip Thorne, a science partner of Steven Hawking in black hole theory, luckily, a wormhole appears near Saturn – the most significant gravitational anomaly of all, a “disturbance of space-time”, leading to a distant galaxy.

The concept of wormholes emerged from Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a hypothetical 'bridge', formed by space-time bending to bring two distant points in the universe closer together. In the film, Dr. Romilly (David Gyasi) explains it to Coop (McConaughey) as two points on a piece of paper; a wormhole folds the paper and passes through the end points.

But for our understanding of the LENR reaction, why does time move faster on Miller’s planet and also inside the wormhole of a Black EVO?

In a word: relativity. After passing through the wormhole, Coop’s team decides to land on Dr. Miller’s ocean planet. It’s orbiting Gargantua, the massive glowing black hole that exists in the foreign galaxy. Due to Gargantua’s massive gravitational pull, “every hour on that planet is seven years on Earth”. After a massive tidal wave hits the spacecraft and delays their exit, they find that 23 years have passed on Earth.

Gargantua warps space-time; its gravitational strength bends Miller’s planet (which, according to Kip Thorne, is as near to Gargantua as it can get without falling in), stretching and squeezing it toward and away from the black hole. Compared to Earth, space-time on Miller’s planet has been warped, hence why the crew says they must “think of time as a resource, just like food or oxygen”.

Einstein’s theory of relativity is key to all this. His revolutionary 1915 theory proposed that the larger the object, the more space-time is warped and twisted. Space-time is warped around Earth, for example (as proved by a 2004 satellite); for a black hole with a circumference of a billion kilometers, as Gargantua is, space-time is warped considerably more.

As Romilly says: ”That’s relativity, folks.”

To explain time dilation in a Black EVO, it is important to recognize that a Bose condensate acts as an analog black hole in a duality to a cosmic black hole Gargantua as in the film. Duality means that the same math that defines how a cosmic black hole behaves also explains how a Black EVO works.

The Black EVO sucks matter into its wormhole and dissociates it into basic parts, then those parts come together into a completely different elemental configuration as transmuted matter.

Inside the wormhole of a Black EVO, time is also drastically warped. The Black EVO is an EMF black hole where time nearly stops for those observers outside it… like us. Inside the Black EVO wormhole however, time moves at a normal pace just like it does for Coop on Dr. Miller’s ocean planet. Inside that EVO wormhole, a few nanoseconds might appear to us to be as if millions of years have passed.

That is enough time inside the Black EVO wormhole for any radioactive isotope to have long decayed into a stable state. This is how LENR only produces radioactively stable transmuted matter without regard for however long the half-life of that radioactive isotope may be. This is how one of the great mysteries of the LENR reaction is solved.


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lol i enjoyed that movie too.    jailbait was inspiring.


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Above is a movie of how magnetic vortex tubes form from a polariton condensate  in 10s of picoseconds when pumped by a laser pulse. The Surface plasmon polariton condensate is a EMF analog black hole that mimics the behavior of a celestial black hole.

Inside these  vortex tubes is where transmutation of elements and the stabilization of radioactive isotopes occurs. Note that the lifetime of these polaritons is less than 50 picoseconds. This timeline is important in optimizing the length of the pumping signal pulse that powers the polariton condensate. Like pushing a pendulum, the pulse should be timed to push every 50 picoseconds or 10^12/50 or 2 (10^10) hertz  = 20 gigahertz.

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 Accelerated alpha-decay of 232U isotope achieved by exposure of its aqueous solution with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation

A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev

This reference sheds light on the posit that an electromagnetic black hole accelerates radioactive decay through relativistic time dilation. With this posit in mind, experimental data elucidates what the optimum duration of the pumping EMF timeframe should be.

 Experimental results are presented on laser-induced accelerated alpha-decay of Uranium-232 nuclei under laser exposure of Au nanoparticles in aqueous solutions of its salt. It is demonstrated that the decrease of alpha-activity strongly depends on the peak intensity of the laser radiation in the liquid and is highest at several terawatt per square centimeter. The decrease of alpha-activity of the exposed solutions is accompanied by the deviation of gamma-activities of daughter nuclides of Uranium-232 from their equilibrium values. Possible mechanisms of the laser influence on the alpha-activity are discussed on the basis of the amplification of the electric field of laser wave on metallic nanoparticles.

This experiment speaks against the posit that accelerated radioactive decay is caused by interactions with neutrinos. The mechanism of polariton Bose condensation causation involves the generation of plasma and associated intense EMF fields around a nanoparticle that generates a critical density of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) which acts as a micro analog black hole in which relativistic time dilation occurs in and round its vortex flux tubes. The SPP and Its vortex tube are pictured below along with associated theory.
Vortex and half-vortex dynamics in a nonlinear spinor quantum fluid

The referenced article shows that the polariton Bose condensate reduces the 69 year half-life of U232 to 5 microseconds. It addition, the acceleration of radioactive decay of the 4.5 billion year half-life of uranium is sufficiently time accelerated to produce significant detectable uranium decay products.

Both the power of the laser pulse and its duration are important factors in producing optimum half-life decay acceleration. The nanosecond laser pulse length is too short to optimize radioactive decay acceleration as well of the 350 ps laser source. The 150 ps laser source seems to be a better fit to match the 50 ps life span of the polariton which is the resonance value for optimization of decay.

Another insight gleaned for this experiment is that the length of the laser pulse does not produce continuing radioactive decay acceleration. The LENR activity is constrained by the lifetime of the polariton and is active only as long as the polariton is active.

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I am going to repeat a description of the basic way that the LENR reaction produces energy. Dr Paul M. Sutter explains how Hawking radiation is generated near or at the event horizon of a black hole. This is important for people who want to understand  LENR because it explains some of the very weirdest things that go on in a LENR reactor. In a nutshell, in order to get energy out of a black hole, it got to die.This subject is a mixture of quantum mechanics and general relativity...not so easy to understand. But I know that you can do it.

Here is some more detail about black hole behavior that is important to understand about the LENR reaction.

Time slows for an object that approaches an event horizon. For example, a radioactive isotope approaching an event horizon will decay at the “normal” rate when viewed relative to an observer at the event horizon, but for an observer at the far field, the decay rate will increase as the isotope move toward the horizon. 

Even the U238 isotope at the event horizon would stabilize almost instantaneously as viewed by an observer far from the event horizon without regard for its 4.5 billion year half-life.

As a rule, time operates at a normal rate for an object near the event horizon but increases asymptotically toward infinity for when viewed by an observer far outside the event horizon.

For Hawking radiation emissions from near the event horizon, its rate of production would appear to be occurring at a nominal rate. But for an observer far outside the event horizon, the rate of Hawking radiation emissions would appear to be zero. To the far observer, these particles would appear to be frozen at the event horizon and would only be released to the far field when the event horizon terminates when the black hole was destroyed.

Does this not mean that a black hole will never decay from the natural erosive emissions of Hawking radiation? To get energy out of a black hole, it has got to die.

To turn our considerations back toward the details of the LENR reaction, as a black hole, a black EVO must be comprised of an entity that dies very frequently in order to release the energy that it has extracted from the vacuum. The faster that this entity dies, the more vacuum energy that it extracts and then releases as real energy. The coherent polariton is that entity and it lives and dies between 10 and 300 picoseconds. The structure that feeds energy into the polaritons is the excitons. In a productive LENR reaction, that structure remains in place withing the plasmoid and causes the coherent polaritons to be born and die in a never-ending cycle while incoming energy is pumped into the black EVO to feed the coherent polaritons.



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Quote from Axil on May 20th, 10:56 PM
... In a nutshell, in order to get energy out of a black hole, it got to die.This subject is a mixture of quantum mechanics and general relativity...not so easy to understand. But I know that you can do it.
Divine Simplicity of Fields & Cosmic Mechanics
At present we distinguish three forms of matter on our earth — solid, liquid and gaseous bodies, the latter formerly known as air. Moreover we esoterically distinguish four forms of ether: firstly fire [or warmth] ether which makes all bodies capable of being permeated by warmth; secondly, light ether; thirdly, chemical ether, in which atoms are made to mingle according to certain laws of number (the ‘elective affinity’ of atoms); and fourthly the physical or life ether; in all, four kinds of ether bringing life to the earth. Next, the earth, essentially speaking, developed itself in these four types of ether. Then it condensed itself-put of these ethers. This densification took place for the first time during the Lemurian epoch. Before that, one has to think of an etheric earth, which was accessible to quite different forces than is our present physical earth. I wanted to clarify this to you.

Therefore, if we examine the atom in its present form and then go back in the Akashic Record, we will then see that today's atom is undergoing a process of growth. It is growing more and more, it is becoming more and more separated [Gap in text] ... and contains the interweaving forces of mankind from the third Round of evolution. In that we can consider the plan of the Masters for the third Earth Round. What is at first entirely external becomes quite inward, and in the smallest atom we see mirrored the plans of the Masters. These tiny particular plans are nothing else than a piece of the whole plan for humanity. If one thus considers that the plan of one Round is the atom of the next Round, then one can see the pattern of the great universal plan. The great universal plan develops in continually higher stages, to beings who have continually higher plans for world development. When we contemplate this plan we arrive at the third Logos. The Logos is thus continually slipping into the atom; first it is outside, and becomes the blueprint for the atom, and then the atom becomes an image of this plan. The occultist simply notes the plan from the Akashic Record for the earlier rounds and so studies the atom.


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We are not going to change protons into neutrons unless we deal with entanglement. Entanglement is what keeps protons together. Entanglement is the way particles interact.

If particles are considered as waves, then in an analogy, a single particle might be viewed as the sound that a single instrument makes. A complex particle like the proton or neutron might be viewed as the sound that an orchestra makes, with each instrument adding to the nature of that sound. It is entanglement that blends these waves together into a more complex waveform.

It is probable that all complex particles are kept together because of entanglement. When elements are transmuted in LENR, entanglement is at the heart of that process. Without entanglement between all particles concerned during the process of transmutation, transmutation just does not happen. This rule applies to the conversion of a proton into a neutron.

The billiard ball particle meme is unproductive toward increasing understanding of the way particles work. The more productive way to look at particles are as waves. As in music, the fundamental particles are pure tones. The more complex particles, as in music, are made up of those pure tones. The virtual particles in the vacuum are in fact short lived waves that become entangled with long lived particles (real ones) to form more complex waveforms through entanglement.

When we think of particles as billiard balls, then understanding of how complex particles are formed is difficult to get our heads around.


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An abstract question then:
Would it be necessary for wave/particles to travel at relativistic speeds in order for entanglement to occur?

Other than that I think a great analogy to quantum entanglement could be found in a bucket in which you pour 10000 small springs: If you were to try to lift one of them up, the other 9999 wants to tag along.


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Would it be necessary for wave/particles to travel at relativistic speeds in order for entanglement to occur?
Two dissimilar particles can become entangled when their quantum properties become comparable. For example, an electron and a photon become entangled (a polariton) when their energy levels are identical. Or two electons form a cooper pair when their spins are complimentary.

Usually there is a field that enables particles to become coherent, like the EMF. Particles exchange energy until they all reach the same condition... say energy level.

In this demonstration, metronomes use the base that they all sit on to transfer energy between and among them until they all eliminate their differences and become (act) identical.


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That's amazing.
I wonder if it would work for digital metronomes aswell, given enough time? :-D
Very cool, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


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The following post passed through moderation at a top science site when considering black hole behavior without push-back so the post is on point.

Related to time dilation effects, this black hole posit answers how all LENR reaction initiated nuclear change is protected from radio-activation which leaves only stable elements and compounds at the end of the LENR reaction.


Time slows for an object that approaches an event horizon. For example, a radioactive isotope approaching an event horizon will decay at the “normal” rate relative to an observer at the event horizon, but for an observer at the far field, the decay rate will increase as the isotope move toward the horizon and viewed from the far field.

Even the U238 isotope at the event horizon would stabilize almost instantaneously to an observer far from the event horizon without regard for its 4.5 billion year half-life.

Time operates at a normal rate for an object near the event horizon but increases asymptotically toward infinity for an observer far outside the event horizon.

For Hawking radiation emissions from near the event horizon, its rate of production would appear to be occurring at a nominal rate. But for an observer far outside the event horizon, the rate of Hawking radiation emissions would appear to be zero. To the far observer, these particles would appear to be frozen at the event horizon and would only be released to the far field when the event horizon terminated when the black hole was destroyed.
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Russ George is running a unique LENR experiment this weekend that begs for an explanation. So I would like to offer some speculation.

Russ is one of those fortunate experimenters who have mastered the production of a variety of LENR active fuel pellets. In this latest experiment described on his blog, he has put some of these pellets into a highly isolated bottle to see what would happen.

From Russ’s blog
"To check this self-sustaining operation mode out I built a new isoperibolic experimental apparatus which is a pair of vacuum Dewars (thermos bottles), one within the other, to cut heat loss as much as practical in our old Essex milking barn laboratory. A week of tinkering with the double Dewar experiment has yielded remarkable results with simple temperature measurement inside and outside the Dewars, using K-type thermocouples and our trusty LabJack data acquisition system that tracks and records 50 variables every second.

The RED trace is our Atom-Ecology fuel pellet inside the super insulated Dewars. The BLUE trace is the room temperature outside of the Dewars. Time is roughly 24 hours, data is captured every second. Heating, Cooling, and Heating inside the Dewar’s is apparent! Note the temperature, measured in Celsius, inside the super insulated Dewar’s cools more dramatically than in the room where the Dewars are located! Of course when I arrive at the lab each morning I do some poking and prodding of the experiment.

In the experiment that produced the data above we took some of our working Atom-Ecology cold fusion reactor fuel pellets and placed them into a pair of vacuum Dewars. One Dewar is inside the other along with added insulation, to minimize and slow the heat loss from the reactor pellets to the lab. Clearly something is happening to the measured temperature inside the vacuum Dewars that cannot be accounted for in the standard model for nucleosynthesis. As far as we know this is the first evidence for spontaneous nuclear cooling!"
It looks to me like the temperature inside the vacuum Dewars tracks the ambient temperature inside the lab fairly well. The Lab is hottest at 6 PM and cools overnight until about 8 AM when the lab begins to heat. The Dewars are so well insulated that this correlation of temperatures inside the Dewars and the lab should not be occurring.

 I speculate that the fuel pellets inside the Dewars are entangled with the other fuel pellets and reactors that are stored inside the lab and those other fuel pellets are at ambient room temperatures. This tracking of the temperature with the temperature rise and fall both inside and outside the vacuum could be a result of an entangled sharing of energy between all entangled LENR agents both inside and outside the Dewars.

 This kind of LENR reaction coherent behavior has been seen before. In the LION experiment in the analyses of the transmutation products, MFMP found that all the hundreds of LENR active agents (called miners) produced episodic identical transmutation products.

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There is a QM process called Rydberg blockade whereby the structure of one cluster of atoms provide a template that serves to catalyze the formation of the same clustered structure in another element. The two different element  clusters become entangled.

Potassium clustering will catalyze the formation of clustering of hydrogen atoms.

Schematic of the Rydberg blockade scheme. Left: two ground-state atoms don't affect each other, and can be excited by a laser (green arrow). Middle: Once one atom is excited, it shifts the energy levels of the other, blocking the laser excitation. Right: The entangled state that results from putting the first atom in a superposition and then trying to excite the second. (Figure by Chad Orzel)

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One of the important guidelines in the LENR reaction is that the quantum mechanical rules be adhered to. That rule involves the formation of a cluster of atoms that can generate a Bose condensate. The QM rule that applies is that the atoms be made up of the same isotope and that the formation of a Bose condensate requires that a atomic boson is used as that isotope.

These  rules for the creation of the LENR reaction that are not yet generally recognized. These rules are associated with the formation of Bose condensation. LENR works because of the formation of metalized hydrides that are superconducting. These metalized hydrides are BECs and their formation follows the rules of BEC formation. Unless the LENR experimenter follows these rules of BEC formation, LENR will not happen for them.

Isotopic purity

The study of BEC formation began about 2 decades ago and over that time has grown into a major specialty in the study of physics and quantum mechanics. One of the major rules that applies all the time is that since a BEC is a matter wave, that matter that forms the wave must be pure. Any matter that interposes on that pure collection of matter from which the BEC will form is a poison to LENR.

Protium, the most abundant isotope of hydrogen is poisoned by deuterium and a mixture of protium and deuterium will not condense into a BEC. The gas that forms metalized hydrogen must not be poisoned by any other gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, water or deuterium.

Bosons are required.

With some exceptions, the matter that produces the Bose condensate must be composed of bosons.

Not all atoms can form Bose-Einstein condensates -- "only those that contain even numbers of neutrons plus protons plus electrons," says Ketterle. Ketterle made his BECs from sodium atoms. If you add the number of neutrons, protons and electrons in an ordinary sodium atom, the answer is 34 -- an even number suitable for Bose-Einstein condensation. Atoms or isotopes of atoms with odd sums can't form BECs. Strange, but true.
As an example, hydrogen is a boson composed of a proton (spin ½) and an electron (spin ½). A boson is formed when the spins of those two sub atomic components of prodium are combined together into a hydrogen atom. A BEC of hydrogen will not form from the H2 molecule or from ionized hydrogen. A BEC will form from water where oxygen 16 is a boson and hydrogen is a boson. Mixtures of heavy water and light water will not work nor will water formed from any oxygen 17 or oxygen 18 contamination.

Potassium has a very high concentration of P39 which is a Boson. The sum of the neutrons, electrons and protons that this isotope is made up of must be even to be a boson.  20 + 19 +19 is even... a boson.

Likewise, carbon is made up of mostly C12. This is also a boson with the sum of 6 protons + 6 neutrons and 6 electrons being even.

The strange case of deuterium and Lithium 7… attractive atoms.

Lithium 7 is a boson because it has 3 protons, 4 neutrons and 3 electrons. That adds up to 10 (½ spins). Lithium 6 cannot form a BEC because it has 9 (½ spins). Lithium 6 will interfere with the formation of Lithium 7 BEC and poison it. Therefore, it is a requirement to use pure Lithium 7 to produce a successful LENR reaction.

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In this article, a Bose condensate is pumped with a magnetic field and that field extracts energy from the vacuum.

Could the gigahertz pumping signal that Rossi uses in the SK reactor milk the vacuum using a super fast oscillating magnetic field to produce energy from the billions of polaritons in a polariton condensate on every cycle of the pumping signal?

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A new video has been published by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which Bob Greenyer and George Egeley show testing done in Japan with ‘OHMASA Gas’ which has been developed by Japanese inventor Mr. Ryushin Omasa.

At one point in this video passes a flame produced with this gas vaporizes a tungsten rod at a temperature of  around 220 C which is well below its melting point of 3422 C.

See the video below at about the 17 minute mark.

New MFMP Video — Vaporizing Tungsten at 220 C With ‘OHMASA Gas’
Posted on June 13, 2019 • 43 Comments

A new video has been published by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which Bob Greenyer and George Egeley show testing done in Japan with ‘OHMASA Gas’ which has been developed by Japanese inventor Mr. Ryushin Omasa.

At one point in this video passes a flame produced with this gas vaporizes a tungsten rod at a temperature of  around 220 C which is well below its melting point of 3422 C.

See the video below at about the 17 minute mark.

Bob has said that the MFMP has an agreement with Mr Omasa to receive their own device with which they can do further testing. Some have commented that this is HHO gas, but Bob believes that it is “EVO/Strange Radiation encapsulated matter”

In the picture below...

This is Titanium plate that has been exposed to Ohmasa gas for a few seconds – glowing incandescently but unable to melt Teflon. However, after being forced down on the teflon, there is an explosion which removes a large mass from the Titanium – blobs of titanium flying through the air continue activity

In this demo, the Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO) (aka strange radiation)  is the active agent in the LENR reaction The EVO decomposes matter with little release of energy. The EVOs encapsulated in the ‘OHMASA Gas’ are produced by cavitation bubble implosion using an array of  vibrating metal plates. You  can hear the plates vibrating in the video. The water being used contains cesium chloride in solution.