Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


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Study of hands Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Quote from Axil on May 4th, 2018, 06:16 PM
Mica is a particle chirality filter. This property is derived from the hexagonal crystal structure of mica. Graphite is also a particle chirality filter. It has been reported that a radioactive isotope's emission behavior will be affected by the presence of mica in the neighborhood of the radioactive isotope.

Radioactive decay occurs only in left handed chiral spin particles. Changing the spin chirality of a radioactive isotope can increase or decrease its decay rate.

Learn about how particle chirality is affected by using graphite as a chiral particle filter.

When from the higher planes one studies consciousness as it functions in the beehive, one learns how later on man will produce matter out of himself. In the future the human body will also be built up out of carbon; it will then be like a soft diamond. Then one will no longer inhabit the body from within, but will have it before one as an external body. Today the planets are built up in this way by the planetary spirits. From a being requiring a body produced by others, man will transform himself into a being who manifests himself through emanation. At that time he will consist of three members: ‘Man in the evening who goes on three’, as the Sphinx says. The original four organs have undergone metamorphosis. At first the hands were also organs of movement. Then they became organs for the spiritual. In the future only three organs will remain; the heart as Buddhi-organ, the two-petalled lotus-flower between the eyes, and the left hand as the organ of movement. This future state is also related to Blavatsky's indication (of a second spinal column). The pineal gland and the pituitary gland organise a second spinal column which later unites itself with the first. The second spinal column will descend in front from the head.


rrrirror IMAGE

Secrets of Coral Castle, with Leonard Nimoy - Telekinesis and Anti-gravity

Leonardo Da Vinci, hand proportions study.



your HANDS are one of the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands. They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel. That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts.

the hexagonal crystal structure

NIKOLA TESLA - The Genius Who Lit the World - FEATURE

2 make America great again

piramide capstone


Hand WIth Reflecting Globe - MC Escher, 1935

The Creation of Adam

Transparency of the human hand
Thiên Thủ Quan Âm (Thousand Hand Guan Yin)

Alchemist Hand

Fibonacci sequence in our hands

Swedish office implants microchips in employees' hands

The only thing between us now is the truth we understand
If Planet Earth was in the palm of your hand
50 years from now what will they say about us here?
Did we care for the water and the fragile atmosphere?


When the geometrician, for example, grasps the relationships pertaining to the triangle, this helps him only into the astral element. But, when he grasps the triangle as a symbol, and derives from it what lies therein as to the participation of the human being in the three worlds, something regarding his threefoldness, this helps him to a higher level. One who feels in symbols the expression for the soul force, one who inscribes this in his heart, one who feels in connection with everything that people generally merely know, brings his thoughts into connection with Devachan. For this reason, in meditating we must feel our way through what is given us, for only thus do we bring ourselves into connection with the world of Devachan. Ordinary science, therefore, void of any feeling of the heart, can never bring the human being, no matter how keen it may be, into connection with anything except the astral world.

The real meaning of the cross is infinitely deep. The old sagas also are pictures, drawn out of such depths. A great service was bestowed on the human soul by the sagas, as long as man in earlier times could understand their truths in his feeling life. An example of this is the old saga of the sphinx.  The sphinx propounded the riddle: In the morning it goes on four, at mid-day on two and in the evening on three. What is that? It is man.

Linking The Great Pyramid to the Human Form

2001: A Space Odyssey - The Dawn of Man

To begin with, in the morning of the earth, man in his animal state went on fours. The front limbs were at that time organs of movement. He then raised himself to the upright position. The limb system separated off into two categories and the organs divided into the physical-sensible and the spiritual organs. He then went on two. In the distant future the lower organs will fall away and also the right hand. Only the left hand and the two petalled lotus flower will remain. Then he goes on three. That is why the Vulcan human being limps.  His legs are in retrogression; they cease to have significance. At the end of evolution, in the Vulcan metamorphosis of the Earth, man will be the three-membered being that the saga indicates as the ideal.

The hand gesture is also in the shape of the Hebrew letter "shin," Nimoy explained.
Shin also stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God.
Because of this, a priest forms the letter Shin with his hands as he recites the Priestly Blessing.
Actor Nimoy used the handed version of this gesture to create the VULCAN hand salute on Star Trek.

St Augustine

The Christ Impulse and the Development of the Ego-Consciousness

We Are All Connected


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A sub-second flash of Bremsstrahlung has been seen in LENR experiments, immediately followed by the appearance of heat. Science has been looking for this as a sign of the formation of Hole superconductivity. This kind of superconductivity is an alternative to the standard beliefs that hold sway in superconductive theory. Leif Holmlid has adopted this theory to explain how ultra dense hydrogen becomes superconductive.

In my view, what MFMP saw was the onset of Hole superconductivity as the density of individual polaritons reached the condensation threshold and formed a polariton condensate. The onset of heat production comes from the formation of the polariton condensate. The meissner effect generates this Bremsstrahlung when electrons are expelled from inside the polariton condensate at high energies.

The production of fuel for LENR reactors may have eliminated the appearance of the "signal" since the main output of the fuel preparation process is already a superconductor such as ultra dense hydrogen.

When gammas are seen immediately after hydrogen in introduced into a active system, this process may apply as follows:

The Bremsstrahlung is also produced when the polariton BEC is destroyed at system shutdown or during the introduction of cold hydrogen into the system. The introduction of this new hydrogen could temperately disrupt the polariton BEC. The BEC will reestablish itself in short order marked by the production of a new "Signal".

The Defkalion system produced 300KeV radiation because the spark that initiated the beginning of a new heat cycle repeatedly disrupted the polariton BEC. The energy contained in this radiation was lost to heat production which lead to poor COP performance of that system.
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In bremsstrahlung produced by a radioactive decay process, the spikes are always present and are the characteristic of the radioactive decay process that produced the movement of electrons. In LENR generated bremsstrahlung, no spikes are seen. The movement of electrons is caused by the meissner effect when a superconductive state sets in or is destroyed,


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This might seem a bit weird but I don't have enough background to get at a hypothetical answer.

If light is massless at rest and energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed.

That implies light has mass only if not in its rest state.

Has light ever been isolated in its rest state when it exists and who has ever done this?

I was thinking what if a beam of light was introduced by a hole in a hollow sphere that was mirrored inside.

If the hole was closed suddenly would the light disappear inside the sphere?

Does it lose energy suddenly by reflection?

Does it lose momentum so quickly that a massless photon becomes dark?

It is the speed of light only in a vacuum.

What if the sphere was a vacuum?

Would magnetism be needed to keep a photon existing?




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Science has discovered that polaritons act to entangle particles and they stay entangled after the polaritons get through with them. This entanglement includes light composed of photons that gain mass and stay together. This new type of light travels at very low speeds: 3 kilometers a second. Its may be possible in the future to get many photons to form a light crystals. Maybe polaritons can do the same quantum transformations with quarks and gluons. I wonder what will happen then.


Polaritons can manipulate the chirality of particles. This ability is central to the production of the LENR effect which is based on chirality mismatch inside the nucleon. As I said above..."Maybe polaritons can do the same quantum transformations with quarks and gluons. I wonder what will happen then.'"

By the way, if additional mass is added to quarks, they change into other types of quarks.


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Along that type of thought experiment. The patch seems to be that not just electricity depends on magnetism but light also.

Consider that a rest state is only relative to space time from all other points in the universe.

As such it is irrational since motion from the appearance of it is energy, the very energy assigned to the acceleration of a photon.

Roughly then a plasma ball should have no mass, yet seems to have more mass than hydrogen atoms as free hydrogen floats right toward space.

Correction: A ball of near massless photons.


Note that the E=MC^2 equation a rational equation.

On top of that they apply the law of large numbers probability distribution.

The law of large numbers is not exact and although predicted within larger numbers the absolute deviation can be larger also.

So we have a pure math equality and put on top of that an irrational math probability function to try to fill the gap in theory.



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Quote from talisman on May 14th, 2018, 07:17 PM
This might seem a bit weird but I don't have enough background to get at a hypothetical answer.

If light is massless at rest and energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed.

That implies light has mass only if not in its rest state.

Has light ever been isolated in its rest state when it exists and who has ever done this?

I was thinking what if a beam of light was introduced by a hole in a hollow sphere that was mirrored inside.

If the hole was closed suddenly would the light disappear inside the sphere?

Does it lose energy suddenly by reflection?

Does it lose momentum so quickly that a massless photon becomes dark?

It is the speed of light only in a vacuum.

What if the sphere was a vacuum?

Would magnetism be needed to keep a photon existing?
You're correct, light has no invariant mass, but it does have relativistic mass, which is why it can be affected by gravity (it blue-shifts as it descends into a gravity well, and red-shifts as it climbs out of a gravity well... unless that gravity well is so 'deep' that light cannot escape (a black hole)).

So in effect, a black hole is blue-shifting the frequency of a photon, which causes that photon to become matter.

E = hf

f = E/h

E = mc2

f = mc2/h

If the photon strikes a superconductor below its transition temperature, it can attain invariant mass. The electromagnetic fundamental force undergoes symmetry breaking, which is the basis for superconductivity, thus the magnetic fundamental force splits from the electronic fundamental force (the EM fundamental force is the only one still not symmetry broken), allowing the electronic fundamental force to interact with the Higgs field and attain invariant mass.

A black hole is known to be a superfluid, thus it exhibits superconductivity at any temperature. That's why photons falling into the black hole attain invariant mass.

As I wrote in a prior post:
Of course, E=mc2 is incorrect (not so much incorrect as incomplete). It doesn't take into account massless entities. It's only valid for massive objects. In 1905 Einstein derived an equation that works in all situations:

He also figured out that light is both a particle and a wave, and that the energy of a photon isn't governed by its mass or its velocity (like matter), but instead is governed entirely by f, its frequency: E=hf, where h is Planck’s constant.

For light, m=0, so E=Pc (energy and momentum are proportional). Notice that massless entities can never have zero momentum, since something with zero mass and zero energy isn't something, it’s nothing. This is just another way of saying that light can never be stationary (ie: light has no "rest frame"). It's also a way of saying that everything (massive or massless) has frequency.

In the case of an object with mass m, that isn’t moving (P=0), you then get E=mc2.
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Quote from Axil on May 14th, 2018, 08:00 PM

This new type of light travels at very low speeds: 3 kilometers a second.
It's not light anymore, it's matter. It has invariant mass.

Yes, we've discovered how to convert energy into matter. We've known for a long time how to convert matter into energy, but the opposite has eluded us until the 3-photon experiment.


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MHO, this smoke is metal hydride nanoparticles that are covered on their surface with polaritons. The polaritons are the source of the magnetism that binds the nanoparticles togither. The SunCell uses this smoke to form a dusty plasma that can produce a self sustaining LENR reaction.
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Science runs into LENR from time to time and the are amazed by it. The SAFIRE project is an example. The research team there after years of research finally came to the realization that LENR was affecting their experiment in a major way. They now realize that the hot fusion systems are crazy. LENR is the only way to go to produce hydrogen based nuclear reactions.

Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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SAFIRE provides insight into the basic mechanism that drives the LENR reaction. The basic mechanism of the LENR reaction is obscured by many overlaying and interconnected secondary reactions that are all considered to be the cause of the LENR reaction, but they are not the basic causation mechanism. For example, plasmoids are one of these many secondary LENR mechanisms. Plasmoids produce the basic causation mechanism, but the plasmoid is just one of many secondary layers of causation.

SAFIRE shows the basic LENR causation mechanism revealed in its most basic form. Within the outermost double layer of the plasma double layer shell structure, fusion of hydrogen is occurring. The only thing that exists in that double layer is hydrogen. The fusion that is occurring is devoid of any secondary mechanisms that confuse the causation mechanism. The LENR reaction is happening as a result of the organization of the hydrogen in that double layer.

The fusion of hydrogen is produced by the LENR reaction because hydrogen is fusing into helium 3 and no tritium is being produced. The pressure of the hydrogen in the outermost double layer is ambient, so pressure is not a factor. There is no metals involved or cracks, rough surfaces, plasma discharges, plasmoids, and the numerous other secondary LENR causation factors that produce the basic LENR causation mechanism.

The LENR reaction is produced by the organization of the double layer. This structure is produced by the adjustment of the pressure of hydogen and the voltage of the electric current that is producing the double layer.

The coulomb barrier is made inoperative by the chiral polarization of the spins of the electrons and protons that comprise the hydrogen plasma. The plasmoid produces this chiral polarization of particle spins, so does all the other secondary LENR causation mechanisms. But it is the separation of the subatomic particles withing the double layer by their spin handedness that is that is causing the LENR reaction.
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The  SAFIRE  project  seeks  to  test  the  hypothesis  of  an  electrically  powered  sun.  This  talk  will  give  an  overview  and  history  of  the  electric  sun  model  in  comparison  to  the  standard  thermonuclear,  gravity  driven  model.  The  underlying  concept  of  the  electric  sun,  electric  charge  affecting  matter  at  a  different  electrical  potential,  will  be  discussed  in  relation  to  the  SAFIRE  instrumental  design.  Recent  experiments  and  results  will  be  shared.  In  particular,  stable  electric  double  layers  about  a  spherical  anode  were  produced  in  a  consistent  and  replicated  manner,  as  well  as  other  plasma  features  such  as  anode  tufts  (Figure  1).  The  electric  double  layers  radiate  in  the  IR,  visible,  and  UV  spectrumas  striations.  Optical  spectroscopy  and  variations  in  plasma  potentials  of  the  striationsare  consistent  with  local  electron  temperatures  of  80,000°K  and  stably  maintained  free  electron  variations  comparable  to  those  seen  between  low  layers  of  solar  atmospheres.  Data  from  a  floating  electric  probe  revealed  multiple  deep  potential  wells  and  nearly  a  10  fold  increase  in  electric  potential  within  1-2mm  of  a  stainless  steel  anode  (going  from  ~30V  to  ~350V).  Such  findings  are  consistent  with  the  perplexing  temperature  gradient  of  the  sun,  which  rises  from  ~5000°K  at  the  chromosphere  and  photosphere  and  then  rapidly  ascends  to  ~1,000,000°K  moving  outward  into  the  corona.  Further  experimental  plans  to  test  for  transmutation  on  the  anode  surface  and  within  the  double  layers  will  be  presented  along  with  proposed  nuclear  reactions.
If the SAFIRE project is now espousing as a general policy to enter the LENR field, that would be very exciting. IMHO, what is happening in SAFIRE is the purest distillation of the LENR reaction that has so far been discovered.​ The processes that are underway in the SAFIRE experiment would make a superior SunCell design featuring a very low input energy profile and no molten metal complications.

The SAFIRE project introduces the concept that the Sun's energy might be produced in double layers of plasma in which LENR reactions are taking place.
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Adler–Bell–Jackiw anomaly in electroweak
interactions, the 3p+ ➝ 3L+ process and links to
spontaneous UHD decay and transmutation

S. Ólafsson and Sindre-Zeiner Gundersen
Science Institute University of Iceland

In the Oslo Norway lab, the (University of Iceland) PhD student Sindre-Zeiner Gundersen has
succeeded in replicating Leif Holmlid´s work to some degree with laser type of experiments [1].
After two years of hard work and rebuilding and testing, observations with the same behaviour as
Leif has published started to emerge. This is indicating how rely hard it is to get the Ultra-Dense
Hydrogen phases started up in an experimental lab and replication are therefore indeed very

These results from Sindre and Leif are not typical excess heat cold fusion results found in
electrochemical Palladium cells. Here high energy particles are possibly seen in the experiments.
One very recent interpretation is disintegration of the proton into lighter particles in a process of
3N-proton -> 3N-anti-lepton process. This process is allowed according to the Standard Model of
High energy physics but has never been observed since it would need post big bang high
temperature conditions to occur to high energy for LHC accelerator at CERN. This process could
maybe solve one of the biggest remaining mystery in cosmology i.e. Baryogenisis. The hypothetical
physical process that took place during the early universe that produced baryonic asymmetry, i.e.
the imbalance of matter (baryons) and antimatter (antibaryons) in the observed universe.
This 3N-proton -> 3N-anti-lepton process is driven by the Adler–Bell–Jackiw anomaly in
electroweak interactions in the Standard model. Why it can occur in our experiments at room
temperature condition is an obvious mystery, but first idea for solution could be quantum Bose
Einstein condensation of the protons or neutrons inside the Ultra-dense phase of Hydrogen. Both
the spontaneous and laser induced entanglement breaking when laser pulse impinges on the

In the poster, the question how random unreliable cold fusion results in Palladium experiments and
this 3N-proton -> 3N-anti-lepton process be related, will be addressed. Possible transmutation
processes will also be hinted.
Email about: “Adler–Bell–Jackiw anomaly in electroweak interactions”

Dear Sveinn,

I was excited to read your poster for ICCF-21: “Adler–Bell–Jackiw  anomaly in  electroweak interactions”

I have identified the type of Bose condensate that produces the LENR reaction in Ultra dense hydrogen. It is called a Petal condensate.

For more information see

This is a polariton condensate comprised of two counter rotating spin currents which are segregated by their chiral polarization. This condensate most likely forms in the electron spin wave on the surface of the Ultra dense hydrogen.

For more background see

This condensate produces dipole magnetic flux tubes that produce transmission when they interact with matter. MFMP has experimental evidence of this transmutation process.

Here is a preview

The laser pulse produces a consolidation of the chiral polished spin currents into a single spin current through the KERR effect. This effect produces a change in the index of refection of the vacuum which generates the consolidation of the dipole into a monopole.

For more information see

Evidence of this monopole pedal condensate has also been found in the tracts that it leaves in the ash of a LENR reactor meltdown.

MFMP will release a comprehensive presentation of these experimental findings in a few days. When they do, I will send you the link(s).

Best regards:

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The Chiral Particle Radiation Hydrodynamics Effect.

The flow of EMF radiation through plasma will separate particles based on their chirality. Since chiral particles migrate at different speeds when exposed to emf radiation, chiral particles will collect into separate regions and then further separate by their charge. This difference in how particles react to deal with photon momentum imparted by emf radiation and the then its subsequent absorption and later release of that energy is called chiral radiation hydrodynamics.

For the theory of how EMF radiation can separate chiral particles, see

Lateral optical force on chiral particles near a surface

In the SAFIRE experiment, multiple layers of chiral particles form. The emf emitted by the stimulating current flow is retarded and stored in each double layer. This storage mechanism is analogous to the way a wall comprised of many layers will retard a large wave.

The speed of light in that current flow is greatly slowed in response to the way hydrogen stores and releases that energy at its intrinsic natural resonance. This storage of this energy is amplified in each double layer as the emf energy moves to the outermost double layer until the outermost layer receives and stores an energy balance sufficient to generate hydrogen fusion that produces helium 3. This is the method in which the Radiation implosion based Teller–Ulam design for the hydrogen bomb works.

Radiation implosion

Tritium is not produced in this fusion reaction since the outermost double layer in which the fusion occurs is comprised of left handed chiral particles. Chiral particle separation insures that no radiation is generated by this fusion reaction.

The LENR reaction in SAFIRE

When the tungsten probe is inserted into a double layer, the Surface Plasmon Polaritons on the surface of the tungsten is excited through the release of the energy stored in the double layer. This high level of stored energy is converted into a polariton petal condensate as the density of polaritons grows large. The condensate generated by the LENR reaction and the chiral separation of particles in the double layer blocks all nuclear level radiation produced by the LENR reaction.

I like the SAFIRE fusion system in that it is capable of demonstrating extreme power density. It can generate clean fusion energy without any radioactive activation or radiation. The COP that SAFIRE is capable of generating is 2,000,000(out)/200(in) watts = 10,000 or maybe even 20,000,000(out)/200(in) watts = 100,000.
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The proton proton (PP) fusion reaction is the most enigmatic nuclear reaction that you will ever run across. This reaction has concerned me a lot and still confuses me.

Proton–proton chain reaction

The PP reaction should not occur, but it is said to occur as the power source of the Sun as well as all the other stars because there is so much hydrogen involved in the energy cycle of the Sun.

"In the Sun, deuterium-producing events are rare. Diprotons are the much more common result of proton–proton reactions within the star, and diprotons almost immediately decay back into two protons. Since the conversion of hydrogen to helium is slow, the complete conversion of the hydrogen in the core of the Sun is calculated to take more than 10^10 (ten billion) years."

The PP reaction should be impossible to happen here on earth, but there is evidence that helium is being generated in all sorts of LENR systems. Why does LENR make PP fusion possible or possible very likely to occur?

The reason for a vibrant PP reaction to occur in LENR is the huge increase in the likelihood of weak force reactions. LENR boosts both the strength and probability for the weak force to manifest by huge amounts.

We have seen this sort of weak force amplification happen in the transmutation of Ni58 to Ni62 and Ni64. In the Luano test, all the natural nickel isotopes were converted into Ni62. Where did all those extra neutrons come from to transmute all the Ni58 to Ni62?

LENR generates a massive increase in the strength of the weak force that converts all those protons into neutrons. The weak force is there to change protons into neutrons to balance out and stabilize nuclear reactions.

The occurrence of PP fusion in SAFIRE is actually a LENR reaction. The chiral separation of particle spins into right and left handed helicity produces this massive increase in the weak-force.

In SAFIRE, protons are forced together so forcefully that they form diprotons. Diprotons are unstable and normally, the protons in that pairing are forced apart by like charge repulsion. But instead, the hyper-strong weak force then transmutes these diprotons into deuterium. Now the deuterium is easily transmuted into Helium 3 when another proton merges with the newly created deuterium.

Rather that taking 10 billion years for deuterium to form from diprotons, it takes instead picosecons in the LENR envirnment established by particle chirality.
Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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The plasmoid is one of the most ubiquitous causes of LENR, but it is not the underlying cause in the SAFIRE reaction. The plasmoid is a complicated and hard to understand cause of the LENR reaction, the plasmoid is full of quantum mechanical and optical complications that make it very obscure and intractable, but it is the mechanism that most LENR developers are using to produce the LENR reaction. SAFIRE produces energy from hydrogen proton proton fusion without the introduction of any metal into the plasma stream. It is the internal organization of the plasma itself that produces the LENR reaction.

The SAFIRE LENR reaction is a totally pure and uncomplicated LENR reaction. It is a wonderful and informative case study of how LENR works.

The plasmoid is usually the starting point in the creation of the LENR reaction. The plasmoid reduces down eventually after much complicated QM gyrations to produce the underlying factors that really produces LENR. But not any type of plasmoid can produce LENR. It takes a special kind of plasmoid to produce LENR. It takes a petal condensate soliton to create the type of quantum mechanical mechanisms that result in LENR. In other words, the petal condensate soliton will generate the same activity that SAFIRE can naturally instantiate in the double layers of its plasma format.

When we insert a bit of metal into one of the double layers of the SAFIRE plasma, we can derive the petal condensate soliton on the surface of that metal. This ability to move up from a basic causation level to a more complicated levels shows us that the LENR reaction can be symmetric. The Hutchison effect uses this reaction symmetry to produce LENR effects in metals. This ability to move up the causation chain unlocks the quantum mechanical toolkit of the petal condensate soliton that the LENR reaction uses and makes them accessible at a macro level.
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I think that phase 1 of SAFIRE is doable for an amateur. A glass enclosure that holds hydrogen as seen below might be within the capabilities of the the amateur scientist. Unlike many other types of LENR experiments, the experimenter knows that LENR will occur in any metal inserted into one of the double layers. The sub atomic particles that comprise the plasma are LENR active. An experimenter can use these SAFIRE features to perform all sorts of interesting LENR based activities.

It might be that the SunCell is demonstrating the same plasma based LENR reaction as SAFIRE is. The SunCell can produce self sustained plasma based reactions that can last for minutes. It would be informative if the SunCell reaction can be produced using SAFIRE methods. This could inform Mills that his theory of the reaction may not be the correct one and that his patents might need to be adjusted accordingly to add LENR to his thinking. The SAFiRE reaction looks like an open source reaction freely available to anyone to use in reactor development.

See some Phase 1 experimental action in SAFIRE.
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I think that downsizing the SAFIRE experiment will work. The key to the reaction is the formation of the double layer. I now beleive that the new Rossi SH reactor is using a pure plasma reaction like SAFIRE.

It would be interesting if someone can ask Rossi if the SH rector is covered by the same patent as the QX. If not, the SH reactor is a pure plasma reaction and an open source one at that.

Miniaturization and simplification are  noble goals. A small spherical cathode chamber penetrated with a tiny spherical anode (on tiny probe) in the center of the cathode/chamber. Plumbing & controlled regulation of H2 but no other probes. Basically use a micro-controller to monitor/record/control H2 pressure, V, A and cathode/chamber temperature and tune to get a plasma and hopefully double layers and rapid heating.
Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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In the section of the SAFIRE video showing the large tungsten probe's reaction to the plasma, there first was a large production of energy in the plasma that lasted a few seconds. This was the time that pumping of energy into the polaritons was underway. This was a time of high energy production. The plasma next failed but the surface of the tungsten probe still produced a large amount of energy from what the presenter terms thermionic emissions.

This was the time when the surface of the tungsten was self pumping. We call this self sustain mode. The surface of the tungsten probe looked unaffected on the outside. It did not vaporize, but doubtless the surface released much metal vapor into the gas around the probe.

A multi megawatt level burst of energy release did not occur during the polariton segment of this reaction because the probe was not destroyed by the energy that was released.

There was a large amount of metal vapor in the gas around the tungsten probe and yet there was no production of a multi megawatt level burst of energy released as would be expected is the nano-particles that had condensed from the tungsten probe was the only carrier of the LENR reaction.

This leads me to conclude that both the metal vapor from the probe, the metal surface of the probe, and a plasma only reaction that does not involve metal are all producing the LENR reactions in the SAFIRE system.
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A uncomplicated reactor concept might obviously emerge from the SAFIRE reaction.

A stainless steel or nickel double walled plasma tube filled with an appropriate coolant has metal fins that are positioned to impinge into the double layers of a SAFIRE like plasma. The double layers will induce the LENR reaction on the surface of the metal fins. The fins could be filled with a circulating coolant.

The SAFIRE reaction might be able to penetrate the surface of the metal fins and interact with the coolant flowing through the inside of the fins. The metal tube is confined in a magnetic bubble that confines any charged particles that might be generated by the SAFIRE reaction until those sub atomic particles decay and liberate their energy content.

A coolant circulation pump could circulate the coolant through the double walled metal pipe and associated fins to a heat exchanger where the heat generated by the SAFIRE reaction could be converted in such a way to utilize the power contained therein.


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The LENR reaction is a weak force reaction. When the LENR reaction adds mass to the protons and neutrons, they will become excited and decay when the LENR reaction adds energy/mass to the quarks inside these nucleons.

As a decay process of these nucleons, both positive and negative muons are produced as a decay product. The positive muons come from the decay of anti-quarks in the nucleons.

The decay of the positive muon will produce positrons as a decay product.



This joint force (communal force) which gives man power over what is symbolised by the cross, is expressed as far as the gods' use of the force is concerned — by a symbol, namely by a triangle with its apex pointing downwards. And when it is a matter of this force expressing itself in man's nature, as it germinally strives upwards towards the Divine force, then it is symbolised by a triangle with its apex pointing upwards. The gods have lifted themselves out from man's nature and have withdrawn from him; but they have left the triangle behind with him, which will develop further within him. This triangle is also the symbol of the Holy Grail.

9,192,631,770 cycles
9 39 63 87
9 9 9 387
9 9 9 99

PHIve x 9

Since 1967, the International System of Measurements has based the primary unit of time, the second, on the properties of caesium. The International System of Units (SI) defines the second as the duration of 9,192,631,770 cycles at the microwave frequency of the spectral line corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine energy levels of the ground state of caesium-133.
Walter and Lao Russell - Atomic Suicide?


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Using powerful new online Parkhomov nuclear reaction database to help explain real empirical data and guide potentially viable experimental choices.

Dr. Alexander Parkhomov's net positive nuclide to stable nuclide interactive reaction tables are now available on

Made possible by the superb donated programming talent of Denis Lamotte, thankyou Denis.

Blogpost is here:
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This post is a comment on the post #96 "what really is New Fire fuel."

​The case for Muon catalyzed fusion

The interrelated nuclear reactions that are occurring concurrently in a typical LENR reactor are multifold. For example, In the ECCO reactor, there is likely multiple nuclear active reactions going on at once. These reactions include nucleon decay that is producing sub atomic particles (muon and pions), muon/pion catalyzed fusion and fission.

But how can we tell the nature of these interrelated reactions. One way to determine if muons are producing nuclear reactions is to confine the reactor in a magnetic bottle to increase the population of muons that are confined to the nuclear active zone of the reactor. If muons are active, then there should be a marked increase in the level of transmutation that is occurring. There should also be a increase in the energy production of the reactor since the muons will decay inside the nuclear active zone. Also, muon catalyzed fusion should increase inside the reactor rather than wasted in the far field. If no difference in transmutation or energy production levels are seen then the PRIMARY LENR reaction is the sole source of the transmutation.


An indication in an experiment that muon reactions happen in a LENR reaction.

Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole

Georges Lochak*, Leonid Urutskoev**

This experiment shows that U238 is fissioning at a faster rate than U235 since U235 was enriched.

The uranium was far removed in distance from the Primary LENR reaction source. Yet both U238 and U235 were found to fission. Muon induced fission is the likely cause of this fission reaction.
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The Electron-Ion Collider will unravel some of science’s greatest mysteries

The electron ion collider is where science will explore what is going on in the LENR reaction. CEBAF AT JEFFERSON LAB has been studying the behavior of the insides of protons and neutrons for the last 15 years. This lab has uncovered many of the mysteries about particle chirality which forms the basis of the LENR reaction. This new upgrade to the power and resolution of the chiral particle Collider  will resolve why LENR behaves as it does. We cannot understand about how LENR works without understanding what keeps matter together, for it is LENR that rips matter apart. Why does the LENR reaction cause protons and neutrons to decompose? That search is what will be the purpose of this new collider upgrade. The deepest and most profound mysteries that is LENR is soon to be revealed.
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Clark May 27, 2018 at 8:51 PM
Dear Andrea Rossi:

Can you describe some particular phase that made you tremble during the Ecat SK test?

Andrea Rossi May 27, 2018 at 10:14 PM

we had to protect ourselves behind a grade 14 glass because looking at the light radiated by the SK could damage seriously the eyes. Few seconds after the turn on of the reactor the heat radiated from the Ecat SK broke the 14 protection glass. We had supplementary 14 protection masks. Nonetheless, I saw from that minuscule reactor exit a tremendously dazzling white light all around the laboratory and I will never forget this impression. The SK was born. I think we will make it useful. Many errors emerged, but now we work to correct them, the most difficult part has been resolved.

Warm Regards,


It sounds like Rossi has duplicated the SunCell, and all in the same packaging as the QX. That power density to size ratio will be hard for the competition to beat. The muon flux out of that SK reactor might be so dense that someone could swim in it. With all that power density, how long can the fuel source last? I have not thought it possible for light to be able to break glass. The transparent structural material used to house the LENR reaction must be some tough stuff. How can the electrodes stand up under all that power density?