Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


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We are not doing science here. This is not a question of science. It is a reverse engineering process whereby existing systems are analyzed to determine how they operates. Even the builders of these systems oftentimes do not understand how they work. Usually, these builders have stumbled onto these system by chance and are trying to perfect them using trial and error methods. The goal in the reverse engineering process is to find common mechanisms that might improves the operation of these systems in general. This exercise is also a method of documenting the operation principles of these systems that have been deduced so that they are not lost as usually happens in this area of LENR.
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wavelength measured was between 100 and 200 nm, in the ultraviolet range.


Herwig Lauten
May 28, 2018 at 8:03 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

have you been able to obtain a full spectrum scan of the radiation emitted by the Ecat SK?

Wish all the best,

Herwig Lauten

Andrea Rossi
May 28, 2018 at 8:49 AM

Herwig Lauten:

Yes, the lambda is between 100 and 200 nm

Warm Regards,



This light emission profile is the same as the SunCell. Now that is a coincidence.

In Rossi's case, the polaritons are held in the fuel that he uses in his reactor. He stimulates that fuel with light and polaritons grow in number until the SK reactor becomes self stimulating. This is self sustain mode.

The SunCell plasma has demonstrated self sustain mode for minutes without any electrical input. The SunCell and the SK reactor look nearly functionally identical. But the SunCell builds its fuel on-the-fly in an online initialization process. It takes a few minutes for the SunCell to achieve self sustain mode. During that startup time, SunCell fuel is being formed.


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Quote from Axil on May 27th, 2018, 08:57 PM
...We cannot understand about how LENR works without understanding what keeps matter together, for it is LENR that rips matter apart. Why does the LENR reaction cause protons and neutrons to decompose? That search is what will be the purpose of this new collider upgrade. The deepest and most profound mysteries that is LENR is soon to be revealed.

Illuminating the Mysteries of Technology with the Light of Spiritual Science part 1

Summary of H. P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine; the first pages of Section VIII, "The Coming Force": We suggest that sound is a great occult power. It is possible to produce a form of sound, which elevates a Egyptian pyramid in the air, which generates from what is dead life, and - otherwise - in living thing brings death. And that scale. The strength of such a sound exceeds the known forces of nature and energy.


Free Energy, NO Fake


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The range that Rossi gave us was 100 to 200 nm for the SK spectrum. The heat produced is infrared so the heat is just a very small faction of the total energy output. So is the visible light generation. A good example of how the EMF spectrum falls is the SunCell where most of the energy is also produced in the XUV range. Unlike Mills, Rossi is choosing to waste that XUV and visible energy.

Rossi is inclined to only use the infrared portion of the energy spectrum that the SK is generating. But almost all(99% or more?) of the energy produced by the SK is in the XUV and the visible portion of the energy spectrum. The COP can be many things; it's a matter of how the engineering can extract the energy that the SK reactor is producing, This situation is very much like the SunCell.
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"Researchers say that adding charcoal to soil may provide more benefits for long-term soil quality than compost or manure. It could also be used to sequester carbon captured from carbon dioxide emissions. Mingxin Guo discusses new applications for the technique, used more than 1,500 years ago in the Amazon basin."

I beleive that the production of paralytic carbon fertilizer using the heat from a LENR reactor will solve the climate change issue in short order.

Here is how paralytic carbon fertilizer production could work. A crop harvesting vehicle now discards crop residue such as stocks and leaves back onto the field. This crop residue will decompose in short order thereby releasing its carbon content back to the atmosphere.

If that crop residue is treated using high heat (500C) from a LENR reactor, the gas content of the crop: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc will be vented back into the air and what remains is paralytic carbon fertilizer that could then be directly deposited onto the field and plowed into the soil.

Through this method, the excess carbon in the atmosphere could be readily sequestered and at the same time greatly add to the fertility of low grade farming lands.

The carbon so sequestered will stay in place in the soil for many thousands of years as witnessed by the presence of paralytic carbon fertilizer still in the soil after 1500 years in the Amazon basin.
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1. Analysis of microscopic traces of MHER(aka strange radiation) from bodies of revolution.

Experiments with bodies of revolution were carried out on a special installation. The installation consisted of a collectorless high-speed motor (up to 50,000 revolutions per minute) mounted on the table top, engine power supply unit and remote control engine. On the axis of the engine were mounted bodies of rotation of various materials, made in the form of cones with a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 20 mm (photo 4).


To ensure the safety of work around the engines with the bodies of rotation, a protective casing is mounted, inside which, along the wall of the casing (perpendicular to the bases of the cones) and above it (perpendicular to the axis of rotation), photodetectors packed in opaque bags were placed.

A series of experiments was carried out for the exposure of photodetectors with the following rotation bodies: graphite, aluminum, titanium, copper, bismuth, zirconium, iron, cadmium, lead. At the same time, light materials (graphite, aluminum, titanium) rotated at speeds of about 40,000 rpm, heavy ones - at least 15,000 rpm.

Exposure time for all bodies of rotation was 360 +/- 20 seconds. Temperature at measurement: 25 0 С +/- 5 0 С. Comparative analysis was performed by comparing microdamages at different areas of photodetectors:

- in the plane of the base of the rotating cones (about 35 mm from the bottom of the photodetector);

- at different heights from the plane of the base of the cones;

- on the upper photodetector located perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cones.

Spiral traces.

On all photodetectors located perpendicular to the base of cones of bodies of rotation, there are macroobjects in the form of rings, semirings and spirals (hyperbolic and logarithmic spirals), which are located on the entire surface of the negatives. The greatest concentration of objects is observed in the central (vertically) parts of the negatives - about 2.5 - 7.5 cm from the bottom. On photodetectors located perpendicular to the axis of rotation, there were no special differences from the control samples. In Fig. 5, for example, the spirals selected by the operator, recorded by a photo detector near the body of rotation from the iron, are shown.

Spiral-shaped objects on the photodetector, exposed near the body of rotation of iron (about 7 cm from the bottom, an increase of 64x)

A clear pattern of the distribution of spiraling objects, applicable to all bodies of rotation, was not revealed, because the distribution of objects over the surface of negatives is not uniform, and on films with a low emulsion concentration (light films), it is practically impossible to consider objects (for example, films with a copper rotation body - Cu).

To make the quantitative analysis of spiral traces it was not possible for the following reasons:

high labor intensity and subjective dependence of the identification of spiraling traces on the quality of training and health of the operator;

the nature and mechanisms of the appearance of spiral trails are unknown, so we can not yet determine the parameters by which the analysis should be performed;

the quality of photographs strongly depends on the quality of the developer, the film and the modes of manifestation, and therefore varies from batch to batch.

Table 1 describes the qualitative characteristics of the detected objects on photodetectors located near different rotation bodies:

See the reference for more
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The LENR reaction requires specific properties in order to produce the LENR reaction. Even through there may be a number of types of plasmoids that have been identified, non of these plasmoid types demonstrate the required properties.
Bostick wrote:

Plasmoids appear to be plasma cylinders elongated in the direction of the magnetic field. Plasmoids possess a measurable magnetic moment, a measurable translational speed, a transverse electric field, and a measurable size. Plasmoids can interact with each other, seemingly by reflecting off one another. Their orbits can also be made to curve toward one another. Plasmoids can be made to spiral to a stop if projected into a gas at about 10−3mm Hg pressure. Plasmoids can also be made to smash each other into fragments. There is some scant evidence to support the hypothesis that they undergo fission and possess spin.
On the other hand, Vortexs do demonstrate these required LENR properties. These properties include superconductivity, coherence, Bose condensation, ultra high Q, double vortex structure, and chirality based on that double structure.
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New Human Subspecies Likely To Emerge As Martian Planners Try To Establish Red Planet Colony

It is now recognized that the radiation environment in space and on extraterrestrial colonies need permanent protection from long term exposure to radiation.

A LENR reactor could provide this protection by generating a radiation proof shield around space travelers and colonists.

The method for generating this shield is based on the chirality of the particles that are produced by the LENR reaction. A fluid running through the LENR reactor would be chiral polarized to left handedness. The fluid could then circulate inside a network that would carry this polarization to the outer shell that enclosed the living volume of the spacefarer. The chiral polarized fluid would transfer its left handed particle properties to the material that makes up the protective environmental shell in which the spacefarer is enclosed.

This radio-protective environment could be included in the air envelope, spacesuits, space stations, vehicles both ground and space, and living areas in general.

This technology would protect the humans species form high rates of mutation, associated genetic diseases and possible evolution into divergent species.
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The Polariton BEC is a condensate of surface plasmon polaritons. The SPPs will form a BEC when their density reaches a tipping point. The SPPs will all aggregate into the condensate at the tipping point. That density is produced by pumping energy into the SPPs such as heat or light.

The SPPs that join the BEC is the spin components of the entangled union of photons and electrons that have come into a state of energy equilibrium. There could be a superposition of particle characteristics acting here where the spin of the polariton can exist in two places at once.

The SPP BEC is an analog black hole. It conforms to ALL the math that has been developed for black holes. The SPP BEC is a "dual" of the black hole. This includes the string theory model of the tachyon. When a SPP BEC moves around, it is a tachyon. The Caterpillar tracks that have been seen in LENR reaction ash are tachyon tracks.
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New video from MFMP at ICCF-21.


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Quote from Axil on June 6th, 2018, 10:04 AM

New video from MFMP at ICCF-21.
Nickel-64 is another stable isotope of nickel.
Possible sources include beta decay from cobalt-64, and electron capture from copper-64

A discussion / analysis of data from key experiments run by Dr Alexander Parkhomov.

64 is encoded in the description of the Tetragrammaton in the Hebrew Bible,
which is the 4-letter theonym YHWH meaning God in Hebrew.


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Samarium is well known catalyst in organic chemisty as a chiral additive that aids in the preparation of drugs. All active drugs must be left handed chiral.

A chiral samarium-based catalyst for the asymmetric Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction

A SmCo magnet produces a chiral polarized magnetic field that is at the core of the LENR reaction. It is chiral magnetic interaction inside of protons and neutrons that excite the instanton sea whereby quark flavor changes from up/down to strange.

Instantons are chiral.

Chiral Symmetry Breaking by Instantons
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The "Center Vortex" is the name that quantum chromodynamics (QCD) has given to the magnetic flux tubes that keep the quarks confined in the nucleons: namely protons and neutrons.

The observation of triangular shaped holes punched into the structure and the ash of the LION reactor indicates that the flux tubes that are emanating from the LENR agent and are producing the LION LENR activity is destabilizing the matter that has been removed from those triangular holes.

How can this excavation of matter happen?

The process that might cut those magnetic flux tubes that are keeping those quarks confined is called magnetic flux tube re-connection.

Magnetic Flux Tube Reconnection: Tunneling Versus Slingshot

When the quarks are in there lowest energy state, the flux tube interconnection is at its lowest energy potential. When the quarks are being forced apart, the flux tube interconnection converts the applied energy into more magnetic flux lines. This continues until a force of 12 tons is reached. You just can't pull quarks apart because the quarks will use that applied disruptive energy to make their confinement energy stronger.

But when a LENR generated flux lines gets close to a quark interconnection flux tube, the LENR flux tube cuts the quark magnetic connection and intercepts the quark magnetic interconnection. The LENR agent now has a direct magnetic connection to the quark(s) of one or more nucleons and holds onto them. In the cannon duel flux tube holes, a blob of matter looks like it was shot out of one hole and lands between the mated flux tube pair. This shows how the LENR agent can move matter using magnetic flux lines in the form of quark matter.

Two magnetic flux tubes rise and interact. The first tube creates an ambient field for the second tube to rise into.

The LENR agent can now possibly have a boatload of quarks in tow as it moves along its way.
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Mining diamonds with LION

There are a number of indications that can be found in the LION experiments that LENR produced magnetic flux tubes can both transport and transmit matter: see the video above. This matter is most likely stored as single unpaired quarks mated to a magnetic flux line of a LENR flux tube.

At 15:17 of the video, Bob describes the charge cluster. I understand this surface based EMF vortex formation mechanism to be Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) generation where infrared photons and electrons become entangled quantum mechanically. This entanglement mechanism transforms electrons into bosons. Electrons can now form a Bose condensate. This electron transformation process is the first or base line step in the vortex formation process. This vortex of photon/electron spin currents have long been studied by nanoplasmonic.

An SPP can form inside cavities or on protrusions on the surface of most metals.

At 20:50 of the video, Bob introduces the wonderful innovation that LION has come up with to produce ultra dense deuterium. Just like what happens in palladium, diamond absorbs deuterium from its surface in a fuel preparation process and the crystal structure of the diamond lattice gradually compresses the deuterium into a super dense form(as per Holmlid).

At 28:40 of the video, Bob describes the production of electrons as one of the energy output formats of the LENR reaction. The ultra dense deuterium using SPPs carried on its surface will breakdown matter into sub atomic particles which are mostly mesons and after a decay process, those mesons convert to electrons.

At 37:07 of the video, Bob describes the tracks made by a monopole vortex, probably a ultra dense deuterium molecule that has been converted from the dipole form to the monopole state via the KERR effect. This molecule seems to spin around as it moves over the surface and wherever its open flux tube hits matter, that flux tube excavates a hole in the matter. The quarks from that matter are removed from there natural partners and remain connected to the open flux tube through a process of flux tube re-connection. These decoupled quarks are now carried along via the ultra dense molecule as it travels along.

The SPP need a host to move. The Ultra dense deutrium provides that host as an almost perfect partner.

At 39:23 in the video, Bob describes the tracks produced by the dipole based ultra dense deuterium molecule or else a Bose condensate of SPPs. The ultra dense deuterium molecule can carry the Bose condensate of SPPs on its surface. A nanowire will aways form a Bose condensate of SPPs on its surface. Such nanowires can also be LENR active with the SPP cover serving as the active LENR agent.

At 42:37 in the video, Bob describes the detailed nature of the vortex flux tube that the SPP Bose condensate is producing. This condensate is made up of two counter-rotating currents of electron/photon AKA SPP spin. There is a right handed current and a left handed current rotating in the Bose condensate. This type of condensate is called a petal condensate. Energy is stored in the spin currents and also the dipoles of the electron–hole pair that support the spins. The electron–hole pair stays put and oscillate but the associated spin currents can move around. The Spp has three possible modes: monopole, dipole and quadrupole.

The SPP flux tube spins synchronous with the spin current, it is chiral, and can vary widely in energy content. The two spin currents are comprised of a right handed SPP spin current and a counter rotating left handed SPP spin current. These characteristics are essential in order it made this flux tube structure compatible with the inter-quark flux tube structure.

At 44:29 in the video, Bob describes the changes in the surface of the ECCO reactors plastic fuel container. The flux tubes associated with the LENR vortexes removes plastic in layers based on the intensity of the magnetic flux lines of the vortex.

In ECCO, it looks like the dipole mode of the vortex is stationary but the monopole mode is mobile. Such monopole rotation might be related to angular momentum. For example, a duel counter-rotating helicopter blade will maintain a stable platform, but a single rotating blade will cause the platform to spin as a counter reaction to the momentum of the blade.

I like to explicitly state the obvious. This LION experiment places very tight constraints on the nature of the vortex that supports the LENR characteristics that are being observed. Not any old plasmoid can produce these LENR characteristics.

The monopole vortex will both spin and move forward being propelled by the opposing momentum of a single spin current.

At 48:14 of the video, Bob comments on the John Hutchison example where there is no Ultra dense material to host the SPP condensate, but the condensate still shows it characteristic flux tube based nature.

At 51:21 of the video, The SPP vortex has removed copper from the plate and has transmuted that copper into a magnetic metal.

At 52:00 of the video, Bob brings out a John Hutchison experimental metal fragment.

In my opinion, cold electricity is the production of electrons from the transformation of protons and neutrons first into mesons, and then into electrons through a meson decay process.


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I believe NiCHenergy stands for:
Carbon Dioxide

As I outlined in another post, the redox reaction between an industrial diamond's hydrogen-coated outer surface (an artifact of the manufacturing process for industrial diamonds) and CO2 causes electrons to be pulled from the bulk of the industrial diamond, which creates charge carriers in the bulk of the diamond. Additional oxygen added to the mix will enhance the effect.

If this is the case, the process cannot be continuous. When the plasma hits the diamond, it'll drive off the carbonic acid mix on the diamond's surface and the charge carrier creation process will stop.

So you'd have to hit it with the plasma, wait for the diamond to cool (and thus for its hydrogen-covered surface to attract CO2 and oxygen, recreating the redox reaction which pulls electrons from the bulk of the diamond and generates those charge carriers in the bulk of the diamond), hit it with the plasma, wait for the diamond to cool, etc.

So the smaller the diamonds are and the better the circulation of the (cooled) hydrogen / carbon dioxide / oxygen mixture in the reactor chamber, the faster you can 'pulse' the system.

For a higher energy output, a sheet of diamond-like material (diamond like carbon, DLC) could be used. I discussed in another post using a sugar solution, a laser and a graphene 'seed' to generate large sheets of graphene. Graphene exposed to monoatomic hydrogen converts to diamond (at room temperature and atmospheric pressure). Build the graphene on a substrate and convert it to DLC. The substrate would be cooled from the other side so the system can be pulsed at a faster rate.


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As I outlined in another post, the redox reaction between an industrial diamond's hydrogen-coated outer surface (an artifact of the manufacturing process for industrial diamonds) and CO2 causes electrons to be pulled from the bulk of the industrial diamond, which creates charge carriers in the bulk of the diamond. Additional oxygen added to the mix will enhance the effect.
The LION reactor neither hydrogen nor Co2 in the reaction zone. The reaction zone was fill of Air during the reactors active period. The Diapads were soaked in heavy water for a month in preprocessing, but the Diapads were completely dry when placed inside the alumina tube. There was no hydrogen or Co2 surface activity involved in this LENR reaction. All manufacturing gases and surface contamination was meticulously cleaned before the heavy water soaking.

The reactor ran at a temperature of 800C for days. At that temperature, most Co2 decomposes.

In the next post on the diapads, a SEM analysis was performed on the diapads both before and after the active reaction phase. This will show the surface elements present before  reaction initiation.


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Quote from Axil on June 8th, 2018, 08:46 PM
The LION reactor neither hydrogen nor Co2 in the reaction zone. The reaction zone was fill of Air during the reactors active period. The Diapads were soaked in heavy water for a month in preprocessing, but the Diapads were completely dry when placed inside the alumina tube. There was no hydrogen or Co2 surface activity involved in this LENR reaction. All manufacturing gases and surface contamination was meticulously cleaned before the heavy water soaking.

In the next post on the diapads, a SEM analisys was performed on the diapads both before and after the active reaction phase. This will show the surface elements present before  reaction initiation.
The hydrogen doesn't have to be in the reactor's atmosphere, the industrial diamond is coated with hydrogen on its surface as a result of the manufacturing process for industrial diamonds (in fact, undoped unalloyed hydrogenated industrial diamond produced via PACVD can be composed of 0.017 to 1.0 atomic percent hydrogen). There's no way to get rid of the surface hydrogen except to let the diamond sit in a high vacuum for a long enough period.

Electrostatic interaction between that surface-bound hydrogen and oxygen in the air creates a microscopically-thin layer of water. CO2 in the air mixes in to create carbonic acid, which starts a redox reaction. This redox reaction pulls electrons from the bulk of the industrial diamond, leaving behind charge carriers (holes) and making the bulk of the diamond conductive, as well. Thus the plasma can penetrate the diamond via the plasmoids.

Adding hydrogen into the reactor's atmosphere will act much like it acts when the diamond is being manufactured... it'll scrub away any non-diamond carbon and convert it into CH4, which will be ionized by the plasma.

The LION team should try soaking their diamonds for long periods in a high vacuum to remove the hydrogen on the surface (and the thin water layer)... they'll find their experiment no longer works as intended. Do it at a low temperature, so the diamonds don't undergo graphitization.

Conversely, they can try using natural diamonds. Since natural diamonds typically don't have a hydrogen-bound surface, their experiment won't work as intended.

They'll also find that purging their reactor chamber of any oxygen and CO2 (subject it to a high vacuum, inject an inert gas) will lead to their experiment no longer working as intended.


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LION 2 - Diamond mining analysis overview

At 13:58 of the video, Bob begins to look at diapad erosion.

The hexagon cavity was apparently excavated by a dual triangular or composite hexagon flux tube. The carbon ball was the residue of the matter carried in the flux tube in the form of a quark based soup. The crystal structure of the carrier of the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) based Bose condensate was most probably hexagonal in its crystal organization. The triangle shape is one half of the hexagon that corresponds to one of the handedness spin emitters of the flux tube. In this formulation, the hexagon carries both handedness portions of the flux tube emitters, one triangle of the hexagon for the right handedness spins and the other half portion of the hexagon for the left handedness spins of the flux tube.

The residue shapes left in the cavities produced by the flux tubes will assume a spherical shape since the sphere is the shape that a condinsate will always assume.

For a given volume, the object with the smallest surface area (and therefore with the smallest surface area to volume ratio is the sphere, a consequence of the isoperimetric inequality in 3 dimensions.

At 16:20 of the video, Bob describes the "miners".

These miners are probably crystals of ultra dense deutrium that are carrying a SPP BEC on its serface. These crystals have a hexagon crystal structure. The Ultra dense hydrogen gives the SPP BEC mobility since Ultra dense hydrogen is superfluidic and will find the smallest hole in the material to flow through. The Ultra dense hydrogen will follow any fractures or flaws in the diamond crystal.

At 19:14 of the video, Bob looks at the back-scatter image of the erosion. What this analysis shows is how the miners will deposit their store of flux tube suspended quarks when the flux tubes are terminated. The quarks that have been stored will consolidate into elements that bear no relationship to the source of the stored quark population. The disposition in the excavated cavity of the transmuted element marked the termination point of the miners route of travel when the flux tube terminates.

The freeze out of a quark soup carried by the flux tubes has nothing to do with temperature. The products of this quark consolidation process is random where the resulted transmuted element is uncontrolled.

It is conceivable that all the BECs form a aggravate membership of a global BEC. In this coherent environment all the miners will do the same thing since they are essentially acting as a single miner. The element produced by all the miners will be the same element as seen in the SEM for the three elements: calcium, silicon and aluminum.

The direction in which the miners move is a function of the flaws in the diamond crystal. The Ultra dense hydrogen is formed in the flaws in the diamond crystal. The miners will begin their activity in these flaws and eat outward in a direction defined by the orientation of their formation. This orientation is essentially random.
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Half-solitons in a polariton quantum fluid behave like magnetic monopoles

This article explains how the flux tube is formed from the spins of polaritons. The polariton half soliton produces an open flux tube formed from the spins of polaritons.

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Measured upper-atmospheric, mid-to-low latitude temperatures of the giant planets are hundreds of degrees warmer than simulations based on solar heating alone can explain. Modelling studies, focused on additional sources of heating, have been so far unable to resolve this significant model-data discrepancy. Equatorward transport of energy from the hot auroral regions was expected to heat low latitude regions; instead, models have demonstrated that auroral energy is trapped at high latitudes, a consequence of the strong Coriolis forces on these rapidly rotating planets. Wave heating, driven from below, represents another potential source of upper-atmospheric heating. Using data taken in 2012 by the ground-based NASA IRTF, we found through observations of the H3+ ion that the upper atmosphere above Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS) - the largest storm in the solar system - is hundreds of degrees hotter than anywhere else on the planet. Specifically, the result shows that the northern region of the spot was over 1600 K, and that background temperatures away from the spot are ~850 K. The hotspot, by process of elimination, must be heated from below, and this detection is therefore strong evidence for coupling between Jupiter's lower and upper atmospheres, likely the result of upward propagating acoustic and/or gravity waves. Our results indicate that the lower atmosphere may yet play an important role in resolving the giant planet 'energy crisis'.

Jupiter and Saturn are both just brimming over with magnetic flux tubes.Jupiter is putting out twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun. Flux tubes could be generating fusion in the space above the great red spot? H3 and 1600K temperatures above the spot look suspicious.

Precise measurements from the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft indicate that Saturn is radiating 1.78 times more energy in visible and infrared light than it absorbs from incoming sunlight. This excess energy must be coming from within the planet. It implies that Saturn, like Jupiter, is an incandescent globe with an internal source of heat.

Both Jupiter and Saturn radiate almost twice as much energy as they receive from the Sun, but the dominant source of internal heat is different for the two giant planets. Jupiter’s internal heat is primarily primordial heat liberated during the gravitational collapse when it was formed, and Saturn must have also started out hot inside as the result of its similar formation. But being somewhat smaller and less massive than Jupiter, the planet Saturn was not as hot in its beginning and has had time to cool. As a result, Saturn lost most of its primordial heat and there must be another source for most of its internal heat.

These planets are not dead. Pluto, for example, should be frozen solid by now, but it is boiling over so intensely that the surface is renewing itself continually up until this very day to the point that no craters survives that resurfacing.

Pluto Is a Geologically Active World, But We Don't Know Why
Data is streaming in from New Horizons after yesterday’s historic flyby of Pluto — and it’s painting a picture of the dwarf planet that we could have scarcely imagined.

For the first time ever, we can honestly say that scientists are shocked and baffled by a discovery. Pluto is a geologically active world. Moments ago, scientists working on NASA’s New Horizons team announced the presence of ice mountains and actively resurfacing planes in the first detailed look at the dwarf planet’s surface. Instead of a surface scarred by a history of bombardment, the first, highest-resolution image of the dwarf planet’s surface contains not a single crater. That means the surface of Pluto is young — really, really young.
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Rossi does not concern himself about fuel destruction. He converts his fuel to plasma in the Qx and the SK. By the way, the ultra dense hydrogen(aka metallic) is indestructible because of degenerate electron pressure...1.33 solar mass.

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Reference to the video: "LION 2 - Diamond mining analysis overview"

The miners are producing some hard to understand goings on inside the tunnels that they are digging. For one thing, where is the diamond excavation waste going as the tunnels are being dug? This excavation waste could be being transformed into gas since the tunnels are gas tight cavities whose spaces are completely enclosed within walls of solid diamond? But it is more likely that the excavation waste is being converted into sub atomic particles and associated electrons that are transparent to the diamond walls. The transmuted matter that is being deposited at the far end of the tunnels must be coming from quarks that were being suspended, encoded, and compressed by the magnetic flux tubes.

This reminds me of the Star Trek transporter technology where matter is dematerialized, compressed, encoded, and suspended in the transport buffer for later reassembly. I know it is crazy but damm, it is how it really looks.

The one cool feature that diamond affords in the analysis of the miners behavior is that we can see what the miners have done when totally enclosed in a solid material. Diamond's transparency opens a window into what the miners have done. It is like looking into a termite colony to study their life cycle.

It was generally accepted by those who undertook the study of the LENR reaction that the LENR reaction confined itself to the surface of a metal. In this particular circumstance. Surface Plasmon Polaritons are acting in their native state. In this state, the SPPs form in bumps and pits on the surface of the metal. But the miners open up a new ballgame. They are now symbiants that exist on the backs of ultra dense material that forms inside the lattice structure of a non metal. But hydrogen becomes a metal when it is compressed enough by the chemical bonds of the host material. In the symbiant state, the miners work below the surface of the material. This wide variability in the LENR life-cycle makes LENR hard to understand.

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When Fluid Flows Almost As Fast As Light — With Quantum Rotation

Quark-gluon plasma is polarized. What does polarized mean? Quarks separate based on their handedness: right handed and left handed. This produces a magnetic field called the chiral magnetic effect. This chiral polarization is so strong that charged particles move under its influence and create an electric current.

If this special kind of magnetism: chiral magnetism can be produced, it can unlock the "glue" that holds the protons and neutrons together. Think of it like a glue remover that can be applied to these particles to break them apart and unlock the energy that they contain.

What LENR does is produce the quantum mechanical structures that generate chiral magnetism.  Chiral magnetism rotates, is polarized based on spin handedness, and presents in the form of straight magnetic flux lines.

If this special type of magnetic flux tube falls onto a quark vortex inside a particle, it will attach to those quarks and bind them by overwhelming the quarks own magnetic glue.

The chiral magnetic flux tube will hold onto these quarks while the the chiral magnetic flux tube survives, When this tube ceases to exist, the quarks recombine into protons and neutrons and mesons just like a quark qluon plasma will reform back into matter when that plasma cools.
Re: Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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The amount of energy that is pumped into the alkali element needs to be just the right amount so that the atom is highly excited but not ionized. The energy state of the outermost electron orbital is what defines the excitation level of the Rydberg atom.

The very large outer electron orbital makes the Rysberg atom huge in comparison to normal atoms.

When other atoms are inside the outer orbital of the Rydberg atom, a blockade condition begins in that the ordinary atoms cannot become ionized. These atoms become excited but only within the limits permitted by the other Rydberg atoms that are forming the blockade. When energy come into those other alkali atoms, they also become rydberg atoms.

When hydrogen atoms goes Rydberg, the sole electron orbital of the hydrogen is pushed far out of the proton core and a hexagonal crystal forms. A long nanowire of a linear column of hexagonal crystals now forms.

A fall to an minimum energy state produces the formation of a superconductive state called a hole superconductor where there is a proton lattice formed in the positively charged core and a spin wave of electons that surrounds the positive core.

If there is any light around, now polaritons form on that superconductor spin wave and the LENR reaction is good to go.