The Rodin Coil Over Unity Energy Amplifier. Russ's Work


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Quote from jbignes5 on November 4th, 2016, 01:21 PM
Russ you can get rid of the problem of ozone creation by submersing the coil in mineral oil. That would allow you to go beyond the ozone creation barrier. But I hate to be a stickler about this, using AC as the input is very dangerous. It is destructive to all life and materials. Using the impulse method can make this very very stable and safe since the impulses only go in one direction they energize the secondary and not oscillate it. You should get a DC output or DC like.
 There is a very good reason they shield microwaves, try to remember that.

 If you parallel the output coil you should get way more output in amps. That would mean you series the primary. Think of it like a transformer. Gauge also helps in that but try to balance the weight of the primary to secondary exactly or breakdowns will occur between the primary to the secondary. With an oil bath a lot of the problems will disappear since oxygen and other elements in the air can not interact with the coil and ruin the insulation. Try to remove all air around the coil. Either boil it or use a vacuum to remove the air from the immersed coil.
hi Jbignes5, do you have the schematic for this DC pulsing input? i d like to try this, but i dont know ho to do. my coil is ready. i will probably make some tests this week.
thank you
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hi friends
i had good results in my first attempt.

i dont have professional equipment. the measurements are NOT RMS... but we have to start somewhere.

i could measure the output before the caps only as shown in the picture.

in the coil:  32v x 0.61 amp
out the coil  64v x 0.71 amp


36x36 rodin coil (36 slots)

22 awg x 24 wires (12 connected +12 open ends) each coil
wires in series

cap 500v 0,75uf

home pc scope
smartphone function generator

i ill send a video and pictures soon.

i d like to know how to do a DC pulsing circuit to try DC input and output with a bridge rectifier.
any suggetion? i dont know how to do it.... yet.

lets go !!!!

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the traces on the scope

IN : green
OUT : red

the next picture is the smartphone function generator
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i could not read amperage between the caps and the lamp.
was it too low???

tha lamp was on but not full power.

next i will try to use a rectifier and straight into a battery and measure dc input into the battery.



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Hi again,

Yes that is in the range of the starship coil DC testing I have been doing.
The measurement is OU but how to usefully extract the result.

How much power is required to maintain the condition
Will a draw also drop downward the OU are questions.

A motor-generator arrangement I think needs more than 100% OU to extract useful power
while running.

I am also trying to determine if coil and self looping OU does rise with power levels and
if so proportionally or at some other rate.

Also found some caps at a recycler for $1 each but thought they were too high 200VDC 3400MFD could give
them a try as well.

I have no idea the Hz just started using a lab DC power supply but could use some pointers on the expected
behavior I was told it was current limiting by the trained. Yet I see contradictions on the power supply levels


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nice work guys,

please be ware,

unless you do power factor calculation OR convert the output to DC and the input to DC and measure there,
don't trust the ac measurements.

I have been able to correctly measure the ac IN/OUT,  and yes there is OU in the system, but i have not been able to extract it.

still looking to do more when time allows.

until then KEEP DOING GOOD WORK!!!!


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Yep. It's been a while. And I spent the last year and a half or more trying to figure this out.

I can get 2.5kv p-p with a 100v p-p input. But how do I extract that energy with out messing up the LC circuit.

Well the answer is easy. Don't let current flow. Hummm OK. Open loop it is. Strangely using diodes. Coils.  Diodes. (Cap)?  FWB. Filter cap.  DC-DC converter. Solar charger.  Battery charge.

Because its open. One could run from the battery while charging.

Now I have  new ideas. Theses notes are just place holders to the experiments. If I don't get to theses with in a week some one jump. On my but.


Inspiration :

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Ok late Nite in the shop proves to at least be helpfull.

Here we are and finaly we have the 220v AC/DC -DC
Powered on. I'm pulling 1amp from it at about 11.6v powering s DC fan. Not quite what I was looking for but it's a start.

More to do for sure.

What we basicaly ended up with was a an LC circuit as noted in my 800w experment 3uf cap. But we used the other coils with 9uf cap in the same configuration.

I'll need to draw it up.

I know the amp will put out about 65-70 watts max 100vp-p. I did not have the good scope so I took mesuremmets over the I insulation. Not as helpful just a signal though.

Attached are some. Photos. Took some tuning to get it to settle in at about 200ish volts going in to the power supply.
The fan would. Pull it back down. So it's verry un stable.

I recorded a video and the live stream. So I'll post those when I get time.


Also adding dioeds to the coils like I have in my fig #1 on the last post dose. Not work. No current flow = no magnetic feild coupling. However I was able to get some open ended coil stuff to work. So whats the difference.?  Not sure yet but just a note.
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"Holy Crap"


how can it flow its a coil and cap????? its an open system!!!

no current = no magnesium = no induction ?????  this is only a Potential Difference Transformer...  its a Dielectric Transformer.

 Now on my setup its has a FWB on the one side but it cant pass current back to the coils. so when i get home ill try it with out so its completely open. the result should be identical.


Matt Watts

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Bingo !!

The dielectric field simply jumps to a new endpoint; that potential has no speed limit either.


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The only thing i can think of is that the current rushing to fill up the cap... thats the only place current can flow but its never " closed" there's a cap in there...

why do i say that? because you can indeed measure a magnetic field... ???

so this current oscillation can then generate a magnetic field?  or is it just potential ( voltage) only flowing???


Matt Watts

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This is a tough question to answer Russ.  It's my feeling electrical energy can be separated into dielectric and magnetic components.  I also suspect these components can be recombined to form normal electricity.  How that is done?  I'm not real sure.  I think we would need to visually see what electricity actually is; how it's wound together.

Nelson has stated the back EMF from a coil can be temporarily stored in a cap and then pulsed back into another coil.  The first coil creates a magnetic field, but the second coil does not.  I always assumed this is because the second coil is pulsed with high voltage--I think now there is more to it than this.  The energy collected from the back EMF is different than charging a capacitor to the same voltage by a typical power source.  The thought Evo and I had is the magnetic field is left behind in the first coil.  The capacitor seems to be able to store whatever you give it and doesn't convert or transform the electrical energy into some standard type.  Whatever that form is, it can still be pulsed into a coil with typical semiconductors.

If done correctly, Nelson indicates the first coil that creates a magnetic field can be mixed/combined with the voltage pulsed into the second coil.  What do we have?  Volts time amps in a new relationship which has much higher power than we started with.  A remixing of the dielectric field with the magnetic field.  Sounds simple, but is still elusive on the bench.  The first part is easy.  I can dump current into the first coil, create a strong magnetic field and collect the back EMF into a capacitor.  Pulsing this temporarily stored back EMF energy into the second coil at the proper time with the two coils properly aligned still has me scratching my head.  It seems so easy, but just hasn't shown me what I'm looking for.


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Here are my notes:

Before current flows, which takes time, the reed switch is closed.

At the time of closure, you get a BEMF spike as L.M.D. waves instantly, then with _time_, you have current or charge potential dissipating from the cap as T.E.M. waves, if kept closed.

Make a circuit that oscillates and creates BEMF spikes _before_ the potential runs out.

Implement a feedback oscillator circuit.


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The Unity of Geometry - Everything is Energy

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Numbers are REAL

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note all below text is my view of what we may be missing with this " coil shorting" in the secondary... and the result of 1000's of amps of magnetic flux. feel free to bash and tip apart theses thoughts. however... think hard about what I'm saying and do a lot of research to see what I'm saying... if its wrong... well OK. but have a look:

I posted This Topic as i was researching if there was a way to couple devices from afar.

The one I really wanted was to see what was to be done about capacitive coupling. ( rather than EM or inductive)

what i discovered what that there are ways to get away from the inverse square law. using only magnetic and or capacitive coupling.

The other reason I wanted to look at what else there was out there on the subject was due to the Rodin coil testing. it seems to be doing one or the other or BOTH.

so the next trick is how to magnify this effect? ( thanks Matt for this thought, it still needs verification but its a start)

 well if we can " pump" a magnetic field...  but rather than resonance... ( back and forth between a cap and an inductor) we use a one way fly wheel...coupled  with a magnetic resonant transmission system. + if we leave the transmitter open... we can also add capacitive coupling. ( one wire i can already do this no prob on my setup)
so what do we have well... we have ezcataly what 007 calmed to have. ( a shorted set of wingdings... where do you think all that current came from in the loop current meter????) I think the missing component was a diode in the sorted line??? or something that let the closed coil to keep building the magnetic field... ( in one direction only)  This is different then resonance. how?

 well the fact that resonance will only go as far as the resistance will let it. ( back and forth)  But you should be able to pump a magnetic field until some other force slows it down. i don even know what this is... resistance should be one of them. 
i also dont know how this pumping action can be.

If this is true then this is it. if its not a diode in the circuit... what else would let this happen with in the closed loop.? this allows the resonance to happen but let the flywheel to build a magnetic field bigger than what possible normally?

Tesla's "magnetic amplifier" ? its not the same thing as resonance amplification.. its "magnetic amplification" ( current right? )

all this and now what...

well a test would be needed. will get there but for now... ( i did test a diode in the short and no good... also a DC bias... no help. it kills the resonance. )

think about this... something i have been pondering for a while now. you have one system in the middle of the room, it is at resonance,

You have another coil in the room that is the same resonant frequency. its picking up this resonance ( just as magnetic resonance wireless transfer is)

it WILL resonate and produce power just as the MIT reports.

so what... well there not coupled in a way that the pickup will drag down the primary driver... add as many resonant pickups as you want in the room till you over come the losses in the system...

i have always asked. is it possible to add more pickups in a room with out effecting the transmitter?

well not if there inductively coupled... however the answer should be yes if its magnetic resonance coupled....

place 1000 tuning forks in a room. now drive 1 at its resonant frequency.. guess what... yeah thats right. the rest will start moving too... and it should not be at the inverse square law... ( some one else tell me if i'm wrong here)

Sympathetic resonance.... what rules dose this fallow?

ok well for now those are some thoughts.

I did test the system last night with no help. so what other ways can we " flux pump" the Rodin coil short with out messing things up?
also note that the coil goes in one direction...


ok, some notes / questions.

should we drive the coils at there 1/4 wave length? To isolate the system better or other reason?

can you "pump' a dielectric field? dielectric pumping and magnetic pumping?

how long dose the magnetic flywheel last? think ed's PMH????

Look up laser sabers shorted coil PMH Ect.

similar to marks TPU?