The Gas Processor GMS Board Replication


The Gas Processor GMS Board Replication
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I Open this Thread  After a Discussion with Tony
We are all working on this Board At Present all Assistance to Replicate it  and Trace this board out is welcomed

This Thread  is Focused on
Particularly ONLY the GMS  GAS Processor  BOARD

Not just a VIC but a Board Similar to a Vic  but wired
to the Gas Processor CELL correctly as a Gas Processor

From Tony Quinn

This is the Gas Processor Circuit.

This is  the part that breaks down the molecules in air..

Yes it breaks apart all of the constituents of air..

Basically it is a large ozone generator.As it is, UV light discharge that breaks the molecules apart.It has magnetic coils at either end.These coils take advantage of the now magnetic gases by repelling them back and forth inside the processor chamber to achieve more particle collisions and yet more breakdowns occur

.Now with all of the intake gasses broken apart for almost no cost..They now move by a positive charged extraction screen..

This causes a flow of electrons that are converted in to heat..Now the output of this processor is the key to water fuel...If this electron deficient gas is mixed with the gasses from your cell output and EGR you have way more potent fuel,more energy released before water reformation.

Or if diffuse through your cell it will up the gas output by x18 plus..

So if you want to get the water fuel. You need to get one of these..The system is a Cell, Gas Processor and EGR.

.If you don't have the full system you will never move towards making water fuel for your car...
Re: The Gas Processor GMS Board Replication
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Goal here is to  strengthen the Wiring diagram and the over map of the  board Parts to the Gas Processor