Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction
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The key requirement of the LENR reaction is the chiral polarization of matter and energy. All particles can be Chiral polarized including photons. This polarization principle is most notably and purely demonstrated in the Papp fuel preparation process. The goal of that process is the left handedness polarization of the spins of 5 types of noble gases.

Most hopeful Papp engine replicators do not spin chiral polarize the noble gas mix. Nobody understands the purpose of the Papp fuel preparation process.

Generally, in the Papp fuel preparation process, radioactivity from thorium and x-rays are used to chiral polarize the spins of the five noble gases with left handed chiral spins. Radioactivity produces subatomic particles and photons that are always left handed chiral spin polarized. The use of radioactive materials loaded into the hollow electrodes (aka buckets) in the Papp engine maintains the left handed chiral polarization of the noble gases during the operation of the engine.

When Papp developed the Papp engine, laser tech was not known, so Papp used radioactivity as the means to spin polarize the noble gases that powered the Papp reaction.

Today, noble gas chiral spin polarization can be done without the need for radioactive material. Optical pumping is a very efficient method to control the atomic spin state through interaction with a resonant light beam carrying angular momentum. In the presence of a magnetic guiding field B and of weak relaxation processes, the net result of the repeated light absorption and re-emission cycles is a change in the relative populations of the involved atomic sublevels, i.e. creation of spin orientation. For chiral spin polarizing of noble gases currently used in industry, two routes are possible: spin exchange optical pumping (SEOP), with indirect transfer of angular momentum from a polarized laser beam to the noble gas nuclei via alkali metal atoms (usually rubidium), and metastability exchange optical pumping (MEOP), with direct transfer of angular momentum from resonant laser light to He atoms. Each technique has its own advantages and limitations.

For instance, SEOP directly operates at high pressure but is a slow process (several hours are required to polarize helium), while MEOP is a much faster process (it only takes seconds to polarize 100 cm3 of gas at 1 mbar), but only operates at low pressure (mbar). SEOP has been used for several imaging experiments, but MEOP is preferred because of its faster production rates and higher nuclear polarizations.

An example of a He Polarizing Industrial Method

The polarization apparatus is based on the method of optical pumping of metastable He atoms in a weak gas discharge at a gas pressure of about 1 mbar. The whole equipment is located in a homogeneous magnetic field B0 of 1 mT, which serves as a holding field and as quantization axis for the polarized He-nuclei. The polarizing and compressing system consists of three parts: The first part contains the He reservoir and getters for gas purification. The second part consists of the optical pumping volume. The optical pumping itself is done by two 15 W fiber lasers at 1083 nm. The five OP-cells have a length of 2.20 m. In order to maximize the light absorption the circularly polarized laser light is back-reflected at dichroic mirrors. The nuclear polarization of the He gas can be monitored during the OP-process by measuring the circular polarization of the 668 nm-light emitted by the discharge. The third part contains a mechanical polarization-conserving compressor driven by hydraulics.

In my own way of thinking, a linearly polarized laser vertical photon beam produced by a diode laser can be conditioned by an organic chiral spin filter (aka karo syrup) to convert the photon stream from a laser into a left handed chiral state. All organic matter is polarized left handed. A clear solution of d-glucose can convert the photon polarization in the required left handed polarization. The required photon stream must be linearly chiral spin polarized left handed. This conditioned laser beam could irradiate a small hole in a container from which a noble gas mix is flowing. The hole is small enough for the laser beam to cover the entire hole.


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Thanks for sharing. Im goinna have to studdy this futher. At least you got a handle on the gas processing... the missing part it seems!



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The SAFIRE project got kicked in the teeth with LENR. These professional scientists really don't know what is going on. Just like in the SunCell, tungsten vaporizes in nanoseconds. Like the Hutchison effect, tungsten turns into powder. This video is long but if you are interested in LENR, it is worth the time. The LENR stuff starts at 33:00, but if you don't know what SAFIRE is, watch it from the beginning. If you are interested in the weird stuff that MFMP is finding, you will find more of it in this video. At 1:03:18, there is a large power discharge that the presenter did not want to talk about, but in past presentations, the output form these energy bursts was up to 20,000,000 watts and He3 was found, I have a felling that the SAFIRE project is in the process of patenting the fusion effects. The researchers may be going dark on this process. SAFIRE has opened the door to a new way to do plasma fusion without radiation and neutrons.

Chiral spin separation is stronger than charge attraction. This spin based force is what produces the double layer to form in SAFIRE. The electrons and protons in hydrogen are forced to ionize when a double layer is formed. When a metal is exposed to this type of plasma, it decomposes. This cause is what is at the bottom of the hutchison effect. Hutchison produces a polarized RF field that generates chiral spin polarization on metal surfaces. This polarization is what produces the unusual behaviors seen in hutchison experiments.
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What is Chirality anyway? Not many people know about this, but it is very important to science. One type of particle can pass on its chirality to other types of particles. This is why radiation is a chirality pump. A radioactive isotope will always produce left handed particles including photons. This ability to control particle chirality is important in organic chemistry and spintronics. By the way, Jo Papp was a very smart man. The reason why Papp ionized the noble gases in his fuel preparation process was because he wanted to change the chirality of the nuclei of the gases. When I reread his patent for fuel prep, it started to make sense when chiral particle polarization was understood.

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From the Papp patent:
"The fourth and fifth concepts of this invention are the transformation of rapid, intense, but short duration thermonuclear reactions into pressure that is transmitted from inert gas to inert gas until it creates linear kinetic energy at the piston, which energy is converted into rotary kinetic energy by a crankshaft, and the use of a shaft-driven generator to provide power to spaced field coils during the BDC to TDC portion of the cycle of each cylinder."
Papp though the reaction was fusion. I beleive the reaction is based on the decay of nucleons. But Muon catalyzed fusion may be happening.

As the patent indicates, the reaction is multi staged. It begins in the lightest gas and progresses in steps to the heaviest gas in a chain reaction. Holmlid has detected protons moving at .75 light speed and with a kinetic energy of 500 MeV.
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The Hutchison effect is said to be facilitated by the presence of pitchblende. As demonstrated by the Papp engine design, chirality is produced by radioactive  isotope decay as left handed particles come off the decay process. This also includes neutrinos which are all left handed particles, Neutrinos do not interact with matter but they may interact with EMF fields (AKA photons that comprise the RF)

The RF produced by the Hutchison effect could be converted to left handed chirality as the spin fields generated by the pitchbleand. The radioactive decay of pitchbleand may polarize the RF to left handed chirality.
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The following is the particle reaction that lies at the very root of the LENR reaction.

In Bob Greenyer's (MFMP) observation of the double hole pattern in the LION reactor ash(I will talk about LION later), we know that both the left handed and right handed sides of the flux tube  will generate the dissolution of matter.

This type of LENR reaction involves ultra dense hydrogen as researched  by Leif Holmlid.

The rules for weak force decay allows this to happen in a simple way and still allows for all the adherence to all the conservation laws involved in weak force reactions.

For the Left handed magnetic reaction involved in the flux tube:

From this table, a down quark can be converted to a strange quark by adding about 95 MeV to the down quark. This mass addition creates a strange quark. The Up quark and a strange quark produces a negative kaon. All quarks in this reaction: Up, Down, and Strange are left handed. The left handed magnetic field side of the flux tube produces a negative kaon by adding 95 MeV to the nucleon. The Spin, Charge, and Baryon number remain unchanged,

Weak force reactions can occur involving right handed particles, but in anti-matter only.

For the Right handed magnetic reaction involved in the flux tube:
From this table, an anti-down quark can be converted to an anti-strange quark by adding about 95 MeV to the anti-down quark. This mass addition creates a anti-strange quark. The anti-Up quark and an anti-strange quark produces a positive kaon. All quarks in this reaction: anti-Up, anti-Down, and anti-Strange are right handed. The right handed magnetic field side of the flux tube produces a positive kaon by adding 95 MeV to the nucleon. The Spin, Charge, and Baryon number remain unchanged,



See the paragraph titled "definition"

It looks like we can just add energy to the down quark to get up to the strange quark.

It looks like

"quantum field B mixes with the W^ 3 electroweak quantum field to produce the observed Z  gauge boson and the photon of quantum electrodynamics."

On the last line of the the table in that section, the right and left handed quark families are broken out.

The charge, weak isospin. and weak isocharge are shown to be conserved in the both the right and left  handed magnetic reactions that increases the masses (95 MeV) of both the down/anti-down quark into a strange/anti-strange quark.
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There is a seeming contradiction with regards to how the proportions of the five noble gases that Papp used in his fuel mix were arrived at.

The patent for the fuel preparation machine that Papp used reads like it could automatically determines when the optimal proportions of the various noble gases were mixed. But in the cannon demo, Papp mixed the various proportions of noble gases that comprised the fuel manually as he injected each noble gas using a syringe into the cannon one gas type at a time,

The cannon demo was done in the 1960s, long before Papp developed the noble gas engine. This means that Papp must have known about noble gas behavior long before he used it in an engine.
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If an experimenter wanted to use radioactive material to duplicate the Papp fuel preparation process, such material is impossible to get becuase of NRC regulations.

But generating such material may be possible using LENR. DogOne produced a batch of radioactive waste using the LeClair cavitation method. DogOne used a washing Machine pump and a heater motor.
A man working in his garage used a drive motor from an old forced-air furnace and a pump from an old washing machine to make a device similar to NanoSpire's which is claimed to have produced cavitation fusion. When I asked him about whether he obtained radiation readings he was very specific about the units of radioactivity (CPM) that were given off by the fusion as measured by his Geiger counter. Here are the relevant parts of a thread that appeared in the comments section of a Revolution-Green article:

Dog-One wrote: ...Creating the cavitation bubbles in the pump using lift elevation and having control valves to force the bubbles to collapse inside the media chamber filled with stainless steel pot scrubbers (many sharp edges) does work. What I'm not so confident about is the radiation emitted--it will trip my Inspector+ rad meter into alarm. Pretty sure I don't need my garage containing a miniature Fukushima.

Since I have the floor for a moment, let me say this much: I probably should have kept my big mouth shut. What I saw convinced me the LeClair Effect has merit. The big fat BUT in my opinion is this is clearly a poor way to convert Matter to Energy. And the form of energy you get isn't easily useable. Plus, you have the joy of waste product. I'll bet James Griggs has no idea just how dangerous his Hydrosonic Pumps actually are.

The apparatus I built has been taken down and I won't say where the residuals where placed. It isn't all that complicated to build, but it does take a lot of tuning to get it to work properly. And no, you don't need a high-pressure pump--you are after vacuum, not pressure. I used a drive motor from an old forced-air furnace and a pump from an old washing machine. The biggest pain in the ass is priming the pump--you have to raise the water level above the pump to get it to start, then lower the water/raise the pump until the vacuum causes cavitation bubbles to form. Controlling the motor speed with a variac is a must. The breakpoint is extremely sharp between pumping and loss of prime and it's right in that region you want to operate. At that point you need to output those bubbles immediately into the media chamber and apply enough resistance on the output side of the chamber to get the bubbles to spread out and collapse within the media. From there I just made a spillway back to the pump bucket so you don't have a closed loop system.

Seriously, with a little patience, anyone can build this. I just don't recommend anyone do it. But if you refuse to take my advice, first lower the pump enough to avoid cavitation and monitor water temperature as a baseline. After an hour or so to stabilize, very slowly raise the pump until you hear/sense cavitation. Now monitor water temperature. As the water slowly heats up you'll likely have to tweak valves to keep the bubbles centered in the media chamber. With my fixture, if I didn't stay right on top of the controls I would lose prime and have to start all over.

What I didn't do is any analysis of power input/output. Seriously I wasn't looking for COP numbers and I didn't integrate any instrumentation. I'm not looking for a Doctorate Degree here. I was just looking to see if there was any evidence the LeClair Effect was smoke-n-mirrors or for real. My summary: it or something similar is real. But at the end of the day, what are you going to do with it? Nuke your children? Your spouse? Your pets? Negative, I'd rather burn some wood in a rocket stove.
There is more in the referenced article...

If you want to produce radioactive waste, to be safe you should do it in a hot cell remotely. Be warned that Papp and the Rohner brother who helped him prepared the fuel both died young of cancer.
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There are many ways in which the LENR reaction can be generated. They are all based on chiral particle separation. The most pervasive method of chiral separation is the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP). The SPP is a double vortex of polaritons. The SPP is what is at the bottom of most LENR reactors. There is a new field of science called nanoplasmonics that deals with SPPs.

nanoplasmonics: the physics behind the applications

Surface plasmon polaritons are  produced by Evanescent Waves on the surface of metals and other boundaries. The infrared EMF range are optimal for SPP production when nickel is used as the reflective substrate. Lasers are ineffective in producing the dipole motion necessary for the generation of SPPs because laser light is a plane wave.

Schematic representation of evanescent waves propagating along a metal-dielectric interface. The charge density oscillations, when associated with electromagnetic fields, are called surface plasmon-polariton waves. The exponential dependence of the electromagnetic field intensity on the distance away from the interface is shown on the right. These waves can be excited very efficiently with light in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In recent research, read how evanescent waves convert light into magnetism where dipole motion forms the basic power source for the LENR reaction.

Polaritons are just spin particles. They form a soliton of two counter-rotating spin currents. One current contains right handed spins and the other left handed spins. The SPP produces chiral separation as a double spin vortex.

The proper science name for the SPP vortex is falaco solitons. The magnetic flux tube that connects the two counter rotating spin currents is a wormhole.

The amazing thing about the SPP is that it imbues it quantum mechanical nature onto the entity that it is symbiotic with.

The SPP can form on the surface of metal, on nano particles, on ultra dense hydride molecules of various types including HHO, on thin films, on the surface of a collapsing cavitation bubble, on noble gas molecules and clusters, on boundaries between materials, even in plasma...wherever the LENR reaction can be found, we will find the SPP there also. All these various systems will demonstrate, more or less, the same quantum mechanical behavior because of the SPP. All these various systems will produce the same LENR reaction because of the SPP.

Matt Watts

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Quote from Axil on April 14th, 2018, 11:30 AM
DogOne produced a batch of radioactive waste using the LeClair cavitation method. DogOne used a washing Machine pump and a heater motor.
I know that guy.  He's out there like Pluto.  He's gone...


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Where has he gone to? From the tone and content of his post, he seems to be reasonable, rational, and well centered.
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The Polariton Soliton forms the basis of most alternative energy technology. It just dawned on me today that the Elementary Magnetcule that Santelli thinks he has discovered  takes the form of the SPP. The SPP is also the basis of the HHO technology.

The SPP is at the bottom of many alternative energy technologies. To draw an analogy, the SPP is like a bullet that can be fired from many types of guns or a rider that can ride many different houses. It is the most basic building block of many and varied systems. The SPP is very weird and is currently the subject of much science research.

For example, recently, the polariton has been found to have negative energy/mass.

This negative mass is how the Polariton Soliton can form a wormhole that can destroy matter, or more precisely, convert matter into energy. We will see this deminstated in experimental data that will be presented  later in this thread.

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Root level summary of the LENR reaction

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Purcell effect

For particle physicists whose entire standard model assumes that decay rates of radioactive isotopes cannot be influenced by external factors, the Purcell effect is a puzzle.

The Purcell effect is a condition that has perplexed science which lays smack dab in the middle of one of the miracles of the LENR reaction. In science, It has long been asserted that nuclear decay rates are constant and cannot be affected by anything.

Old textbook knowledge reconfirmed: Decay rates of radioactive substances are constant

This assertion has been used by the critics of the LENR reaction to undercut the validity of what experiments have shown when the LENR reaction was in progress.

But the Purcell effect discounts the logic of this LENR criticism. The Purcell effect states that the decay rate of a radioactive isotope is affected by light trapped in an optical cavity. This nuclear decay rate can either increase or decrease by a factor up to 50 times.

Controlling the Rate of Nuclear Decay

The maximum effect is achieved when a dark mode of light emissions from the optical cavity is achieved. This mode is when light is maintained inside the cavity and does not radiate out. An important condition that must exist in both the LENR reaction and the Purcell effect is that this effect exists in nano-cavities in metal.

But what is more disconcerting is that the nuclear decay rate can either increase or decrease by a factor of 50.

There is something that exists in an optical cavity that can affect nuclear processes. What can it be and how does it do it.

Well it is our old LENR friend, the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP). The SPP can produce nuclear effects and does it best when it is in dark mode in its optical cavity. But how can the SPP stop a radioactive isotope from decaying?

The SPP is formed by two counter rotating currents of polaritons. These currents are polarized in terms of handedness. Right-handed particles never decay, only left-handed particles can decay.

If you don't understand the above statement see:

Particle physics: Only left-handed particles decay

When a radioactive nucleus is converted by the SPP into a right handed particle, it cannot decay. But when the nucleus is converted by the SPP into a left handed particle, it decays so fast that the radioactive nucleus stabilizes immediately.

The chirality of particles explains how LENR can instantly stabilize radioactive waste. LENR is all about the handedness (chirality) of particles.
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One of the critical characteristics of the LENR reaction is provided by the feature that is deep into the quantum mechanical nature of the polariton, that is its nature to readily form a Bose Einstein condinsate at any temperature based on polariton density.

Density of polaritons is what makes a aggregation of polaritons form a condensate, and a condensate of polaritons is what allows the energy that the polaritons produce to be formatted as heat. Without a lot of polaritons around, most of the energy that they produce is wasted as sub atomic particle creation...mostly muons. But when a lot of polaritons are generated, a Bose condensate will form, and heat will be produced by that condensate,

Here is a video about Bose condensation of polaritons by the top guy in that subject that is not too hard to understand.

At 55:09 in the video, the two counter rotating rings of polaritons in a high angular momentum state was shown. This is a non equilibrium condensate. That means that it is non thermal. Non thermal means that the temperature of the condensate can be just about any temperature.

We have seen evidence of this type soliton in the LION reactor meltdown.

When a LENR reactor is heated, this input of energy is pumping the polariton condensate. When the condensate forms, a large burst of Bremsstrahlung is generated and when the pumping stops, there is also Bremsstrahlung produced as the polariton codensate breaks up.

The Polariton condensate can pump itself, this is where self sustain mode comes from. When self pumping occurs, the condensate can moves around in space as a free particle and leave tracks on surfaces as the condensate transmutes matter as it moves along its way.


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Multiple points of view. I think it is a matter of scope. The same interactions of matter described to different applications
only toward a specific level. At the molecular level you can see the interaction of a light gas of velocity on a heavy gas
or even gravity effects on two gases. So the behaviors have similarities but are in a different terminology and scope.

The Townsend effect is observable in Russ's popper video experiments using a single gas.

My own idea is that it is a basic electrical cell (electrolysis) positive and negative metal electrodes in a medium that acts
as the transfer field (originally deuterium). In the center the load or energy transfer takes place resulting in a plasma ball.
At the sub atomic level it is purely the electrical field, but with the interactions there can be residual power transfers.
For cold fusion the case is claimed measurable excess heat than would otherwise be attained than by a shorted metal load.
In that transfer there is speculation about the role of hydrogen as residuals of other elements have been also claimed that should otherwise be absent. There is on going both open and private research and we are just barely started because of the small amount of attention to LENR for a long while.

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Light to magnetism a different photosynthesis.


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I introduce now an experiment that will demonstrate that SPPs produce muons. This might be a good experiment for Russ to duplicate on this video channel. Without a shield, no radiation is detected. As additional lead shielding is added to the shield, the rate of radiation detection increases until the thickness of the shield exceeds a foot thick.  The aluminum foil must be cooled. The electrons impacting on the aluminum foil will generate SPPs. The SPPs will transmute the aluminum and produce muons. Variations can be attempted: use a vacuum. air, protium, different foils and other dielectric materials.

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It may be time to get away from theory for awhile and look at some experiments that validate the theory.

The double dot flux tube marks are produced by the dipole flux tube that extends from the falaco soliton as seen here. There are some rabbit tracks here on the left side of the picture that are produced by the monopole soliton(see post below).

and in this MFMP video

The classic rabbit track produced by a monopole magnetic soliton flux tube. We will explain how a monopole soliton is created latter.

as seen here from the LION experimental results:
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The key part of the LENR reactor design is the fuel. Most gainful LENR reactors use fuel in one form or another. The fuel is the mechanism that carries the Ultra dense hydrogen and/or lithium into the reaction. Cavitation and HHO uses ultra dense water as fuel. Without the fuel, the LENR reactor does not work. Ultra dense molecules are the optimum carriers of the polariton. They are superconductors. This means that this molecule provides either a very low loss or no loss support structure for the polariton to live on.

The only LENR reactor developer that has released his fuel recipe is LION. It looks like LION uses the lattice of micro-diamonds to compress deutrium into its ultra dense form.

A number of developers are trying to duplicate LION's fuel generation process.

But Leif Holmlid has come up with a device that can generate Ultra dense hydogen using quantum mechanical processes and has patented it. This source of LENR fuel could be utilized as a base material to power all kinds of LENR reactors.

the Holmlid patent

IMO, this Ultra dense hydrogen could be the surest way to produce a LENR active agent.

Try your hand at producing this Holmlid device. Once you have this capability to generate LENR fuel, then you will be well on your way.

In addition, Holmlid will help you out. He is interested in having researchers duplicate his results.

Another group of researchers that are working on this material is


These developers look like they are eager to cooperate to expand research into ultra dense material.
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The Polariton Bose condensate can store energy. How does this condensate do this? The polariton condensate that does this power storage is called a petal condensate.

Coupled counter-rotating polariton condensates in optically defined annular potentials

Stable Switching among High-Order Modes in Polariton Condensates

As power is pumped into the petal condensate the number of petals increases, the frequency of the light that the petals are comprised of increases from red to blue to XUV and then to X-ray. The diameter of the condensate also increases from nano-meters, to millimeters and then to centimeters. At high energy storage levels, the Petal condensate becomes visible to the naked eye. The petal condensate can move around.

The petal condensate is comprised of two counterattacking rings of polaritons. As the energy is pumped into this condensate, the energy is also stored as increasing annular momentum of the rotating rings.

The electric dipole that the petal condensate is entangled with also increases in size.

The diameter of the dipole increases into the millimeters.

The energy storage potential of a petal condensate can get as high as a few GeV.

In the LION reactor meltdown as well as many other LENR experiments, strange radiation is seen. These particle tracks are produced by the energy rich petal condensate as it moves around and absorbs energy using self pumping along it path of travel.
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Where does the Bose condensate get the immense power to produce the large scale transmutations seen in the LION meltdown.

The Petal condensate can easily synchronize its base level energy state through the exchange of photons between each condensate member.

The dipole oscillations will tend to form a global condensate of individual condensates as each electric dipole syncs with all the other dipole vibrations.

The global petal condensate will now be able to store vast amounts of power. Each individual member of the global petal condensate brings to the table giga electron volts of stored energy. The global condensate can now command N units of energy storage where N is the number of electric dipoles that are available to the global condensate.

This global condensate can now shunt a huge amount of power to any single member of the aggravate condensate. This process is called superradiance.

"In quantum optics, superradiance is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of N emitters, such as excited atoms, interact with a common light field. If the wavelength of the light is much greater than the separation of the emitters, then the emitters interact with the light in a collective and coherent fashion.[2] This causes the group to emit light as a high intensity pulse (with rate ∝ N2). This is a surprising result, drastically different from the expected exponential decay (with rate ∝ N) of a group of independent atoms (see spontaneous emission). Superradiance has since been demonstrated in a wide variety of physical and chemical systems, such as quantum dot arrays [3] and J-aggregates.[4] The effect has recently been used to produce a superradiant laser."

In the case of the LENR aggregation, the superradiant emission is magnetic flux lines.

The opposite mechanism also comes into play. When energy is absorbed by any individual member of the aggregation, all the members of the aggregation share equally in that energy. The energy is evenly distributed across the aggregation. This is called super-absorption. This mechanism is how gamma level radiation is down-shifted to heat.
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Regarding: Petal condensates

From the an impossible invention interview with Fabiani discussing his research with Rossi
"We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive."
Also, there are reports that balls of light float around inside the QX reactor. These balls of light change color from red to yellow to blue based on the strength of the pumping stimulus.