advancing the Solid state Tesla hairpin circuit


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just tested the counter wound bifilar coil as L1, and it works. lower voltage needed, and naturally a higher current.

Magnetic field is south on both sides (or north if polarity is reversed).

If Ken Wheeler is right, the south pole is centripetal, a influwing vortex, north is a centrifugal outflowing vortex.
Both sides of the counterwound bifilar coil have a inflowing south vortex pole.
The north poles  are squashed in between the windings, and from what I have seen from the ferro cell, when two magnets are in opposition a new dielectric field is created in between them. so now we have a south pole vortex on each side of the pole and a dielectric field in between the windings.

Also could mean, with south on the inside, a inflowing dielectric field is generated bewtween the windings, and outlfowing north on each side...

the series connection can be chosen on the outside or inside rim of the bifilar coil. The voltage difference between the supplied voltage/current will create also a local dielectric field. but this one will probably neglect-able.

compass needle shows same poles on each side of the coil. at the outside rim, there the needle also deviates, showing a influx or out flux. interesting stuff...

bifilar coil, is series and parallel resonant at the same time
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Attached pictures explains all.
simultaneous parallel resonant AND series resonance

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Re: advancing the Solid state Tesla hairpin circuit
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I worked out several scripts for new videos and have started recording new video material (for my master ivo channel).

stepping back from the research was a good choice.
my mind is becoming clearer again, and I have better perspective on whats going on.

no promises, but I intend to make multiple videos, showing/explaining
the fields of the coil
the series resonant bifilar coil
the impulsed series resonant coil