Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


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The Topological materials process is important to understand in terms of LENR. According to Dirac, the electron is made up of 4 spinors: Right handed electron, Left handed electron, Right handed positron, and Left handed positron.

A topological material can separate the electron up into seperate spinors. This separation can make an electron look and perform differently based on how these spinors are broken apart and put back together. In this way, the electron can be made to look like any number of very different particles. The electron can be made to look and perform like a Weyl particle, for example, which looks like a neutrino.

These spinors can be also separated into seperated quantum properties that carry what gives the right (south magnetic pole) and left handed (north magnetic pole) electron magnetism and mass.

Helicity basis

Because these properties are bosons, these spinners like to join together and can form a condensate that carry what makes the electron have magnetism and mass and the condensation process amplifies these properties greatly.

The weak hypercharge property of the spinor is what gives electrons mass, and the isospin property of the spinor is what gives electrons magnetic polarity.

The Higgs field is a condensate of the weak hypercharge property. So a spinor condensate can form a Higgs field. Because of the isospin property, this spinor condensate is also a dipole magnet or a monopole magnet because it has either the north and/or south isospin property. If the spinor condensate has both north and south isospin properties, it is a dipole magnet.

The spinor condensate is what an EVO is.

The Higgs field gives the EVO the ability to transmute matter because it modifies the mass of quarks which is also a Fermion and is made of  spinors.

The single isospin property is what makes the EVO a monopole.

Here is some science that says what I have just said.

Pattern formation in non-equilibrium spinor polariton condensates
Non-equilibrium polariton condensates entangle properties of lasers, atomic Bose- Einstein condensates (BEC) and semiconductor physics. They provide a great variety of physical phenomena while maintaining a simple theoretical description. Among those phenomena are nonlinear excitations such as solitons or spontaneous spin bifurcations. In this paper I first present a short overview on the theoretical basis of polaritons. Then starting from a scenario of excitation generation in equilibrium BEC I turn to corresponding phenomenona in polariton condensates such as dark soliton formation (black EVO). Later the spin sensitive phenomena such as nonequilibrium bright solitons (Bright EVO)and half-bright solitons in semiconductor microcavities are discussed. Theoretically all the considered scenarios are described by partial differential equations (PDEs) and coupled systems thereof. The system of PDEs defines a so called condensate wave function, which completely describes the experimental relevant aspects of the physical system in a certain parameter regime where condensation occurs. The developed theories enable us particularly to make a variety of statements about excitations such as solitons (dipole) and half-solitons (monopole) in spinor systems forming within a non-equilibrium condensate (needs pumping). It turns out that by those means we can elucidate in particular the experimental implementation of a coherent superposition (this is what makes transmutation NOT produce energy) analog in a spin sensitive setting forming a macroscopic QUBIT within the semiconductor microcavity at temperatures in the Kelvin range.
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Magnetic monopoles have always been taught by science to be impossible.

This is true BUT.... quasiparticle like the polariton are not fundamental particles, They are made up of parts of true fundamental particles. But what science does not know is that polariton condensates or EVOs can became independent particles like the proton. After birth, they can exist on their own terms and travel around for a indeterminate and maybe permanent timeframe.

Intro to Magnetic Monopoles

What is the significance of an EVO being a monopole? Why is an EVO a monopole?

1 - It is massive.
2 - It is a stand alone independent self sustaining particle with an indeterminate lifespan..
3 - It has been predicted to exist
4 - It must exist to complete the symmetry of  electromagnetic theory.
5 - Its tracks show up as being produced by a monopole.
6 - We have pictures of it that show the magnetic flux tube of a monopole.

Cosmology theory says that these EVO monopoles had to have formed 2 hours after the big bang as the Higgs field cooled to a lower energy state of today. There is a ton of theory about how all this happened.

Here is some of that theory
Degenerate Vacua of the Universe and What Comes Beyond the Standard Model
But what science does not know is that these EVOs can form today in a LENR reactor. They can also form naturally, but only Ken Shoulders and Keith Fredericks have seen the natural kind.
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It was only a matter of time before science discovered the basic process upon which LENR energy is generated. The few highly capable LENR reactors produce Extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV or XUV)  as their primary output energy product.

Electrons passing over nanophotonic materials could create synchrotron-like light

Electron flyby: illustration of how encounters between relativistic electrons and vacuum fluctuations can generate X-rays. (Courtesy: Nicholas Rivera et al/Nature Physics)

The interaction between electrons and a rough metal surface produce high energy photons derived from the vacuum. These photons come from the vacuum as mediated by polariton condensation. This experiment could be a proof of principle for the generation of Hawking radiation from polariton condensation.

In Hawking radiation, the polariton condensate  produces low energy infrared photons as a "positive energy" product having a positive frequency, but high energy EUV photons as "negative energy" having a negative frequency.  As in this case, zero vacuum energy is balanced when negative vacuum energy is created to offset positive vacuum energy production.

The high energy EUV photons produced in high powered LENR reactors like Rossi's SK reactor, Mills SunCell, and the SAFIRE project could be generated as negative vacuum energy photons.
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At the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, Bob Greenyer , a volunteer from the MFMP says that that he had a discussion with a man who knew Yull Brown, and had bought one of the very few Brown’s gas generators that came from a Mongolian factory. Bob says that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is going to be given access to this generator and test it and reverse engineer it so that the device can be made open source. Bob says he will soon make the manual available online.
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Bob Greenyer posts as follows:

MFMP intends to resurrect the last best version of Brown Gas generator, test and document it so that this invention does not get memory holed and become a 'forgotten invention'.

To get things going, here is the manual, in Chinese and English for the BN2000

Note: All of the corrections in the manual above are by Yull Brown himself

Bob states: Yes device looks really advanced, I was told the Chinese gave Yull 10,000 employees and researchers to work on it and this is the product that emerged. When you see it, it is actually quite refined for something from 1994 - yes that is 1/4 century ago.

I hope that what will be embedded in it is a lot of learning in the control regime and choice of materials.

If it does the same apparent transmutations has Ohmasa Gas did to Tungsten, it will be a revolution. Given the apparent claims of heavy element stabilisation from 1992, I have a reasonable expectation that it might.