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Quote from Matt Watts on February 24th, 09:08 AM
Sure looks like a push-pull transformer schematic to me.  Made lots of these, only I didn't use resistive wire, which suggests Stan learned something about copper not being an optimal conductor in his devices.
Yes, Push-pull in this case, while we know the buggy SR and the HHU circuits resemble an H-Bridge.

I did some testing on my own circuits to try and get the SR to work. I found two immediate problems that prevent the circuits from working:
1. As soon as you apply a pulse to one plate the other produces an image charge and you get pulsed electrolysis.
2. The polarization of the water prevents the plate from going to 0V when its switched off.
I added diodes and only positive switching between the plates and I still get an image charge that causes electrolysis...

Initially I didn't think the SR required chokes but after doing a few basic tests I changed my mind. However, I'm not sure the addition of chokes can prevent the image charge and polarization of the water.

There are a lot of other ideas that I have that I will try to address in a further video on my youtube channel.
I wish we had some specs on Stan's SR, without them I think we're really trying to do the impossible. Getting the WFC working is far easier than getting the SR to work since we actually have the WFC specs. If it were as simple as alternate pulsing between two plates we'd all be heating our homes with them.

IMO there is a lot more to the SR than Stan mentioned...


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Noted and Agreed , the Offset and speed for the built up capacitance is important
can we use the  build up to our favor the ringing ?

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If you look at this picture from estate and others , not sure what other we can find like this
we can see the following

Steam Resonator Generator Patent US Patent Application
s/n06/691 180c filed on 01/11/85

Does any one know how to get copies from the online patent application data base???
very helpful doc I attached picture here

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How to Find Old Patents with a Specific Patent Number
If you have the actual patent number of a product you are looking for, you can search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website at  From that page, you can click on the box under “query” and type in the patent number. For example, type in 1,869,447 or 1869447 and both will give you the same result. Once you find the patent document, you can save the patent drawing as a “.TIFF” file that allows you to print the image.


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The function of the steam resonator is shown in Chapter 11 of S.Meyer-The Birth of new Technology.pdf it has the drawings that are shown above and also shows the timing of the pulses and explains there must be a delay during the switching before the other direction is pulsed.  There is a lot of information in this document.  It is one of the many documents that Russ posted.  (Patents and information from
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I have a question about how voltage levels are in creased.  In S. Meyer-The Birth of a new Technology chapter seven page 15 Voltage Amplitude Switch-Off it states "Voltage levels of Variance (Va xxx Vn) is achieved by simply switching-in or switching-out the member of Secondary Coil-cavities (505a xx 505n) (see 740 of Figure 7-13) in direct relationship to Taper Resonant Votlage surfaces (E9/10) of Figure (6-2) which acts and performs a "Voltage Amplifier" when Compressional Wave-form (B) of Figure (7-12) is intensified at Exit Port 32 of Figure (6-2). Switching the member of Secondary Coil-Array (505a xxx 505n) maximizes electrical power transfer form Primay Coil (26) to Secondary Coil (52) by keeping the Voltage Amplitude of Pulse -train (49a xx 49n ~ T3 ~ 49an) constant."

Now my question does the VIC from car have the taps in the secondary coil to do this step increase or does he rely on just the tapered injector to do this.

Does the new VIC design have these taps?   If not, without tapered  tubes experimenters may not be getting the full effect of the stepped voltage increase.  I wondered where this was being done as I that not seen this discussed any where else or I just missed it.  I have notice the whole discussion of the timing and use of the pick up coil seems to be missing

It appears to me that latest VIC was a step to remove required adjustments - remove tabs, make cokes balance and fix voltage steps in tapered cells. A good indication he was moving to getting ready production phase and out of development testing.


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Cone coils have been suppressed from text books

Stan use injector  tip to do it as a wave guide
KISS was some thing Stan did Daily keep it simple stupid  most likely heard when things failed.

We have some impressive data our there Please have a read through this some what advanced document


Matt Watts

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Quote from securesupplies on April 13th, 09:15 PM
Please have a read through this some what advanced document
Going to take some time to digest all of that--240 pages.  Most of what I've read so far seems to make sense and if it came from those of higher consciousness, it certainly may shed some light on things we see all around us.  I'll keep reading and applying discernment as I go.  Hopefully there are a few nuggets of gold in there that will be helpful.


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I look forward to the discussion on this and adapting coils to cones particularly vic bobbins
finally we advance from Meyer base line