Chiral polarization is the KEY to the LENR reaction


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More on Holmlid...

Holmlid: " H(0) is a quantum material and can have at least two slightly different forms—ultradense protium p(0) and ultradense deuterium D(0)—which are stable even inside many stars. ... Other important implications of the superfluid and superconductive phase H(0) in space await discovery."

What Holmlid is asserting will give professional science a nervous breakdown. He is saying that Ultra dense hydrogen is superconductive and superfluid even when it is enduring the pressures and temperatures in and around stars that are typical when nuclear reactions are occurring in and on the surfaces of stars.

What this posit is indicating is that there exists a mechanism where energy coming into the Ultra dense hydrogen is self reinforcing its superconductive property without limit in a positive feedback loop.
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Here’s exchange between Joseph Fine and Andrea Rossi from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

It is following up on statements from Rossi where he says that their main focus is to obtain a wavelength in the E-Cat SK plasma of between 430 and 440 nm, which he has equated to temperatures of around 6900 °C, and having reached a peak peak temperature of 24000 K.

Joseph Fine
October 24, 2018 at 4:51 PM
Dear Andrea Rossi, Scientist:
A peak temperature of 24,000 K is very high. It should not be called ‘Cold’. (Except compared to the Solar Corona.)
Thermal regards,
Joseph Fine

Andrea Rossi
October 25, 2018 at 5:38 AM
Dr Joseph Fine:
It is still cold, compared to the millions of Kelvin you need for the nuclear fusion. ITER and others are talking of hundred millions K and this is why they will never succeed, because it is impossible confine reliably such temperatures with an unavoidably unstable magnetic field, on a so big surface. Consider that a contact at this T even for a fraction of second between the plasma and any material would instantly sublimate the material the reactor is built with, whatever you use.
Warm Regards,


Could it be possible that the assumptions(black body radiation) about the SK/QX is not correct? Let's have some fun and assume that the energy producing reaction that these reactors are operating under is driven by an EVO that is a black hole as Ken Shoulders has assumed.

The plasma inside these reactors could support a Bose condensate that acts as a black hole. If  this assumption is accurate, then the energy that these reactors are tapping into comes from the vacuum. By black hole theory, this energy is Hawking radiation where photons of a particular frequency proportional to the mass of the back hole falls into the black hole and its anti particle partner exits the surface of  the black hole.

Since photons are its own antiparticle, whatever energy that is produced by Hawkings radiation is both projected to the far field and also falls into the black hole. That's right, the energy extracted from the vacuum  by the micro black hole is doubled because of the nature of the photon ( the photon is its own antiparticle). Half of the energy is radiated as heat and the other half of the vacuum energy feeds the black hole and makes it heaver.

THawking = 6.4×10^−8K/m⊙

Where m⊙ is the mass of the black hole

From equation 6 in the reference, the temperature of the Hawkings radiation is inversely proportional to the mass of the black hole. For a micro black hole, the mass is very small. that means that the temperature produced by that very light black hole is very high.

The vacuum energy fed into the black hole produces light and sub atomic particles such as muons.

You can see that the EVO is producing matter and light from nothing. I thinks this is where dark energy comes from.

Matt Watts

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Quote from Axil on October 25th, 01:14 PM
You can see that the EVO is producing matter and light from nothing. I thinks this is where dark energy comes from.
I think dark energy is what we commonly term gravity, actually a hybrid field, a binding force for all matter and energy.  This force is what pressurizes the universe and without it, nothing but fundamental fields would exist.


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Quote from Matt Watts on October 25th, 03:50 PM
I think dark energy is what we commonly term gravity, actually a hybrid field, a binding force for all matter and energy.  This force is what pressurizes the universe and without it, nothing but fundamental fields would exist.

Dark energy is a component of gravity. It is associated with the cosmological constant in the Einstein equation.

The cosmological constant has the same effect as an intrinsic energy density of the vacuum,

A positive vacuum energy density resulting from a cosmological constant implies a negative pressure, and vice versa. If the energy density is positive, the associated negative pressure will drive an accelerated expansion of the universe as per the cosmological constant, as observed.

When energy is extracted from the vacuum, an associated negative pressure of the vacuum will result to compensate to keep the energy of the vacuum constant.
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Black Holes and Wormholes in spinor polariton condensates
Conclusions Spinor polariton condensates, being rel-
atively easy to produce and manipulate, can be used
for the simulation of astrophysical objects, such as black
holes and wormholes. A 2D black hole with a closed event
horizon can be simulated. Effective magnetic fields, well
known as the cause of non-trivial spin dynamics of polari-
tons, can be used to organize the coupling between the
black holes and white holes in the two spin components.
A system of two wormholes in opposite directions allows
one to organize ”faster-than-sound” signal propagation.
These metastable polariton condensates have been observed in experiment to store 10^6 GeV or the mass of 1,000,000 protons. Could the energy be stored as Hawking radiation at the event horizon by the stoppage of time there as produced by relativity.

Also of note:
Such solitons have a lot of properties similar to those
of relativistic particles [25, 29], except that their mass
is negative (because they are actually holes rather than
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What Are Virtual Particles? Dr. Paul Matt Sutter Helps Explain

The LENR black hole is an EMF issue and not a gravitational one so the details of that type of micro black hole is different from the big gravity based cosmic ones discussed in the video.

The big difference is that Hawking radiation makes the micro black hole bigger (gain more energy) over time until it explodes whereas the big cosmic black holes loss  mass.

Russ George et al has observed that increases in solar and/or cosmic activity change the level of gamma radiation that is produced by their LENR reactor(s). This might be due to the change in the excitation state of the vacuum around the earth that the associated activity around and in the Sun is producing in the vacuum.

A similar solar effect might be effecting the rate of radioactive decay that occurs when a Solar flair is ongoing. The activity of virtual particles are related to the radioactive isotope decay process.

See more info here:

Stanford Report, August 23, 2010

The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements
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Resonance can have many faces


Experimental observation of anomalous thermal radiation from a three-dimensional metallic photonic crystal


We report some striking results on thermal radiation properties of a resonantly coupled cavity photonic crystal (PhC) at elevated temperatures (T = 400–900 K). We experimentally found that at resonant wavelengths, λ = 1.1, 1.64, 2.85 μm, the PhC emission is spectrally selective, quasi-coherent, directional, and shows significant deviation from Planck's blackbody law at equilibrium. The presence of non-equilibrium effects, driven by strong thermal excitation and cavity resonance, may be the major cause for our experimental observation.

Sooner or later, science would stumble over some sort of LENR reaction.

thermal radiation coming off this photonic crystal (PhC) is up to 50 times stronger than blackbody radiation at certain frequencies. That radiation is coherent, directional, and focused, in other works, radiation produced by the LENR reaction.

This finding has the researchers puzzled.

I speculated that the coupled cavities in this crystal form a polariton Bose condensate that emits hawking radiation at specific thermal frequencies. There also may be some overunity here: more energy out than in...
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Russ George is experimenting with LENR reactors that he built. Here is a post that is interesting.
QX in my case seems to mean 'Quick Exit', a new first on Friday, I chickened out with new experiments, rushing to turn off the stimulation when 5 of the magnificient seven, newly reconfigured after a weeks work, ran out of control and promptly exceeded more than 1000 C and showed no sign of slowing down, more than 300 C above their set points. The other three of the '8 rack' were running as controls and performing Ohmic heating calibrations. Be careful what you wish for. Now to figure out why.
The posit that some sort of proximity effect might be at play brings up the possibility of considering the onset of entanglement of macro systems. A common coherence mechanism between the 5 systems might have set up an entangled baseline where all the systems are acting as a single combined system. It will be fun to figure out what the common coherence mechanism could be. It might be a EMF field including a magnetic field as some has suggested, or it could be neutrinos, or wormholes, or it could be a coherent condition set up in the vacuum, or it could be a postulated 5th dimension.

If one of the 5 systems is moved far from the the other 4 and the coherence between the five is not disturbed, then suspect that these 5 systems are entangled. Entanglement is maintained regardless of position in space.

There has already been indications that something out in space is affecting the LENR reactors that Russ built.

IF these systems are entangled, then Russ has discovered a potential communication technology that is instantaneous regardless of the distance between sender and receiver. Such a discovery is far more important than excess heat production, IMHO.

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IMHO. the key to LENR is the "so-called Grand Unified Theory"

When the cosmos first began, all forces and matter were the same. As the cosmos expanded, the forces and types of matter became unique and separate as the generalized state of entanglement between the various parts of the cosmos began to become unique.

The key to controlling all the forces and matter is to get back as much as possible to the Grand Unified state that existed when the cosmos began. That control is asserted through reestablishing entanglement. The strong force can be accessed through entangling it with EMF. Forming magnetism in the proper form can access and manipulate the strong force. The application of LENR is all about forming magnetism so that it is entangled with the strong force.

The strength of magnetism along does not access and connect with the strong force, It is the unique form that magnetism can assume that is the key to the LENR reaction. This special formatting of magnetism is how bacteria can cause nuclear transmutation processes to occur inside their protoplasum using magnetism with infinitesimally tiny strength levels.


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I wrote a very long explanation of my experimental findings and when I tried to post it disappeared :( Damn internet of things working against my energy/time lol! Anyways, if anybody can find information on Super Fluid Hydrogen that I don't have to pay $100 for I would love to read the litrature as its importance can't be underestimated.

Super Fluid Helium

Warm and Loving Regards,


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In the interview recorded in Episode 15 of the Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Dennis Cravens, he describes at about 1:50 in to after 2:30 how his reactor produces holes on the surface of his tube and if the rector is run hard at a high power density, the reactor falls apart.

If LENR developers would look closely at the areas in their reactors that are LENR active, they would see all the signs that point to the cause of the LENR reaction. These indicators are seen in many LENR reactors.


As discussed in the video, we may be seeing plutonic solids condense in the LENR ash as a result of instantaneous consolidation  of the stored pseudo matter that is suspended in the active black hole as a quark plasma. When the black hole explodes, the quark plasma condenses and forms a solid crystal structure when the plasma solidifies and attracts electrons. 

This process of condensation of elements may not be associated with high temperature vaporization. The glass structures formed from copper oxide in the LION reactor ash could have been formed by a magnetically mediated flux tube based quark plasma consolidation process.

The sucking sound that LION heard when his reactor was cold and he connected the light to the reactor might have been caused by the inflow of oxygen into the heater tunnel when the copper glass was instantaneously forming on the surface of the reactor copper wrapping..

One clue to exclude any temperature involvement in the formation of plutonic solid crystals  is the survival of nano-particles and plastic substrates that formed the base upon which the various crystals formed,  Vaporization level temperatures of oxides would have destroyed these plastic and nano-particle substrates.

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The SAFIRE project has encountered the LENR reaction in their experimentation. The mechanism for LENR in SAFIRE is unique.

At 23:56, the experimental results show that light (UV) is slowed down to 1/60,000 of the speed of light. This points to the observation of Black hole behavior, or dark mode behavior that we see in other LENR experimental results.

Light energy is being accumulated inside the LENR Active Agent adding to its power potential.

At 45:07, a critical finding is revealed. The plasma becomes self feeding (aka self sustaining) at a very high power level. This self sustaining plasma behavior of the plasma is seen in the BrLP plasma. The plasma produces its own electrons and no electrons from the cathode is needed to keep the plasma energized.

Near the end of this video, SAFIRE team lists some of the LENR based results that they have seen recently. They preface their presentation with

We have seen in the LION experiment that the AA eats and gains energy in storage until a termination point is reached. When the AA terminates its active stage, it seems to release its stored transmutation products and possibly its energy store. The AA becomes dormant until the next activation cycle. The AA seems to live many lives and leave energy and transmutation products in a serial process.

In this SAFIRE video, there is a discussion about chlorine introduction into the gas mix and an immediate failure of the double layer and there is also indications of and associated immediate large amount of hydrogen being transmuted into many elements. Could this transmutation process also be accompanied by energy discharge? (SAFIRE has reported energy production of between 2 and 20 million watts of power in a burst.)

Could this release of energy at AA death have inspired Rossi's 7 second activation cycle for the QX reactor where at the end of the 7 seconds, stored energy is released and the cycle restarts again to produce the next batch of energy accumulation in the AA?
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December 7, 2018 at 10:45 PM
Dear Andrea,
8) Have you attempted to utilize a laser inferometer setup to determine if any modification of the active vacuum of space near the QX/SK is taking place? If so, what were the results?

Andrea Rossi
December 7, 2018 at 11:34 PM
8- yes, but the results are confidential so far
Warm Regards,

I had no idea that this experiment was possible, but Rossi ran it. This test might detect a disturbance in the vacuum is occurring, The posit that negative vacuum energy is being produced by the LENR reaction might show up in this test, also extracting energy from the vacuum might also be detected by this test.

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If energy is being extracted from the vacuum, it will come in the form of negative energy photons. Here is how we will recognize when the production of vacuum energy is occurring.  The negative energy photon has been produced in the lab. It turns out to be a photon with negative frequency. That negative frequency makes this negative energy photon produce a pulse of light at an even bluer color than the base line positive energy partner (vacuum energy pair derived).

If vacuum energy extraction is occurring, than the production of blue light (UV or XUV) will occur. Both Rossi and Mills report this kind of light is being generated by their systems.

See light produced by ECCO reactor

See references

Hawking radiation is the way systems extract energy from the vacuum. Black holes produce Hawking radiation,

How can a system produce Hawking radiation as follows:

Analog physics as follows

Analogical models are a method of representing a phenomenon of the world, often called the "target system" by another, more understandable or analysable system. They are also called dynamical analogies.

Two open systems have analog representations (see illustration) if they are black box isomorphic systems.

The important concept to understand is what a black box isomorphic systems are


Also see

Analog gravity
See section 5
5.1 Hawking radiation

A dark mode polariton BEC is an analog black hole for light. It produces hawking radiation as photons. This is how LENR extracts energy from the vacuum. Negative energy photons enter the BEC and imbue dark mode polariton BEC with negative energy,