Health benefit setup data


Health benefit setup data
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I fine tuned the health benefit setup. L1 and L2 not coupled, L3 not loaded.
I used:
 (not coupled) 1.5mm2 9.246 meter (2x) speakerwire, phi ratio bifilar pancake coil (for impulse)

9,246 meter (x2) 1.5mm2 speakerwire bifilar pancake
1.0 ohm (actually less ohms probably bad measurement) 0.21mH  515pF

 20m (x2) 0,75mm2 speakerwire large coil for L3.
 1.2 ohm; 0.82mH; 804pF

L2 is tuned with 41nF (4x10 + 1) (wima fkp1 630V dc 400v ac)
L3 is tuned with  6.3nF (3x1nf+ 3.3nF) (wima fkp1)

resonant frequency is 76.28 kHz

DC input is 16,26V  0.86A

impulse is 600nS -670V (newfile 1 and 2 blue, probed with 10:1 on d2 diode)
impulse is fed into outer rim (not resonant side) of L2
inside rim of L2 is series resonant with the cap. Yellow newfile1 10:1 shows peak to peak voltage of 380V

Newfile 3 blue is L3  off-scale voltage of around 2000V peak to peak(!). L3 outside rim is grounded, inside rim is probed 10:1
yellow is L2 voltage (all are voltage, resonant currents not measured).

L2 and L3 are distanced with 5cm nylon ring stacks.

attached schematic shows circuit, but I used values noted above.
I did not use a capacitor over L1, I aimed for the quickest impulse (a cap over L1 slows it down)

I hot glued wooden sticks for more stability on L2 and L3
When a hand is placed on L3 the energy enters the body and raises the cell voltage, and thereby changes the PH of the body, which translates to a negative voltage (alkaline).

A shift in clearness of thought is noted, mental focus is increased, and the mind becomes more silent.
A deep state of meditation is much more quickly induced.

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additional Health benefit setup data
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I intend to place this setup, inside a wooden chair seat.
The L3 will be placed on top of the seat, so when one sits upon it, the base chakra (base of the spine/perineum) is centered on top of L3.

the L2 coil will be placed underneath the seat, probably with a dielectric between L2 and L3 (maybe oil infused wood).

L1 could be placed under L2 or, replaced by a solonoid. It theoretically produces the best impulse, with maximum inductance, and minimum capacitance and low resistance. (not bifilar, wires spaced, and ferrite core).

Re: Health benefit setup data
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I found a good deal for a chair at Ikea.
the seat is flat and detachable. from the weight I think its MDF.

perfect to fit the coils in the seat and sit upon them.

 20190710_195021.jpg - 1136.67 kB, 2560x1440, viewed 2 times.

 20190710_195031.jpg - 1169.95 kB, 2560x1440, viewed 2 times.


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Ok evostars. You have got me interested, and you have definitely done your homework. I looked around but must have missed something. Exactly what are you trying to do ?


Re: Health benefit setup data
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in my research I noticed increased health and vitality effects. I want to further explore them refine them and fine tune it.

Looking for the effects of different frequencies and voltages. and coil configurations. electrodes etc. seems this is a lost art.

I first noticed the effects 2 years ago.

they might also be related to diathermy. but seem more subtle.

Since I noticed the effects, I decided to make a dedicated setup, that I can use everyday. Due to my experimemts on other areas I sometimes didn't have access to the health benefits, and I missed them. So soon I can de both.

Re: Health benefit setup data
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I also need to look at polarity.
L2 is series resonant, and the negative impulse is at the positive voltage peak.
I place L3 on one side of L2.

Does it make a difference which side of L2 is used?

I always place L3 on the resonant side of L2, this gives the best effect.
(because I use speaker wire coils with side by side windings).

L3 is facing L2 with its grounded side, so L3's resonant side can be touched by my body (to absorb the electric energy).
Re: Health benefit setup data
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another aspect I used to do, and need to look into:
use 2 diodes on the L3 output to create a negative and a positive "plate"


Re: Health benefit setup data
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This is an interesting subject to me. I`ve spent many years testing a big Boyce torrid setup (always in a faraday cage) and was always concerned about the adverse effects. Never noticed anything but the occasional fatigue and headache which could be caused by "years of testing a big Boyce torrid setup" (to no avail I might add). My wife says I`m crazy but that has never been proven.  I`ve studied quit a bit on Dr. Rife and always wanted to build something like that. Problem is no one really knows the freq. he used for certain. Some could heal and some could kill.  I have a small commercially made pulse freq. machine the I can personally verify will help control pain but there are some magnetics involved as well.   


Re: Health benefit setup data
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attached acrylic plates to the bottom part of the chair, for the coils and electric circuit

 20190712_134440.jpg - 1072.81 kB, 2560x1440, viewed 0 times.

 20190712_140154.jpg - 1322.82 kB, 2560x1440, viewed 4 times.

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Re: Health benefit setup data
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I tested the settup and got strange readings. something was off.
This was to expected, as I changed to another circuit board.

I tested the setup with a battery based gated drive circuit, but I swapped it for a non battery (isolated boost conv) based circuit board. I also swapped the DC buck converter, as this one didnt need  a voltage read out...

I also had to remove some diodes, from a previous test.
So I expected some flaw there, but It was all good, I did everything proper.

The failure came from the square wave driver. I used a new one, and when checking its signal, it didn't properly work with the gate driver. Only now I realise, I didn't use the TTL output, but the 10V output...
I tuned the 10V output, but will swap back to the TTL output, as the gate driver IC is designed to work with 3.3V.

AHHHH so many details to watch out for! :cleaning:

But it works...
It works
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It works.
I'm sitting on the chair on the L3 coil, while I'm typing this.

Its now working at 80.59kHz
with - 550V impulses of 700nS duration.

I could tune it a bit lower, to get the full - 650V impulse. but its fine for now.
I could also use a 19V labtop powersupply to get the full potential.

powersupply is 16.25V (max) at 1.19amps
that is 14,9 watts.
Some of which is consumed by the fan for cooling the irfp460 mosfet. (not really needed at these levels)

If I get off the chair the coils are some what more distanced, and the coils are slightly detuned. this is fine.

I might not even need a scope to tune, if I properly fixate the coils. That would be great. just sit, and turn it one.

A neon bulb could be used for indicating resonance.

I also want to install bnc plugs for easy access with a scope.

Re: Health benefit setup data
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because the amps are pretty high (not measured yet) in the L3 coil, its heating  up the coil.
It's pleasant to sit upon a warm coil :)

I haven't grounded the L3 coil. this will result in much higher voltages on one side (where I sit on).

my body also isn't grounded. I could make a ground terminal to place on the body.
Ascension Seat
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and the chair has a name.

"Ascension  Seat"

St Germain named it.


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Interesting, thanks for sharing Evo :thumbsup:
Please also share what effects you notice on ailments of sort, I find these devices extremely interesting.


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Yea, Thanks Evo, I`m watching too !


body sparking to ground
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I added a earth wire to the L3 coil where I sit upon.
By grounding the outside rim, the resonant power is concentrated in the center of the coil, and the resonant voltage becomes maximum. (if L3 is ungrounded at both ends, inside and outside rim, have a, out of phase, sine)

After sitting on it for a while, I approached the grounded power supply an noticed how the amps drops If I came close to its grounded shell.

Then I decided to touch the bare ground wire, that is connected to earth ground (copper water pipes in the earth).
I got a mild shock. and pulled my hand back. Nothing serious.

But rather unique. As I just sit on the coil, with no connection to the circuit. fully Isolated.
Apparently my body is so much charged from the system, It gives a spark when connecting to ground.

The coils provide me with muscle relaxation, quickly followed by a deep meditative state, where I process subconscious lingering conflicts.After wards, I feel clear of mind, focused, relaxed, and energized.
It gives a state of mind, without worries or doubts, a state of mind, where everthing is as it is in the Now
Re: Health benefit setup data
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1.5 hours later, after sitting on the seat,  O again feel vibrant. full of energy. no signs of sleep 2346 hours.
I hope I can sleep in 2 hours (normal bed time for me).

I feel I want to do something, as I am overflowing with vitality.

the grounding of the coil, made the effect stronger. I sit on the resonant side where the voltage is highest.

Sometimes I notice the vague taste of metal


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Wow..... I`d say you got some real results. That a lot to take in. Gonna think about that for a while


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Regarding the vague metallic taste, that's probably because of you "being near" an electromagnetic field, don't know what kind of impact it could have on your health though.

Many thanks for sharing Evo, appreciate it :thumbsup:


Re: Health benefit setup data
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Quote from Lynx on July 14th, 08:46 PM
Regarding the vague metallic taste, that's probably because of you "being near" an electromagnetic field, don't know what kind of impact it could have on your health though.

Many thanks for sharing Evo, appreciate it :thumbsup:
these probably aren't the standard transverse EM fields..

They are longitudinal magneto dielectric (as eric dollard called it)
balancing the magnet and dielectric fields, as male and female aspects
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I noticed, after several days of more then 5minutes chair, per day, I got extremely mentally active, sharp, focussed. But lacking of compassion, and this resulted in frustration and irritation, I couldnt stand people very long.

I felt this was due to the high voltage, representing a strong dielectric field. This also means a relative weak magnetic field component. The mix of both fields, that are inphase present in the L3 coil upon which I sit, was strong on the dielectric side, and weak on the magnetic side.

After a few days of no chair, I retuned the L3 coil. it was 6nF parallel, and I added 10nF making a total of 16nF parallel to L3.
This dropped the frequency to 56.85 kHz.
The L2 voltage is still relative high (pracically unchanged). The impulse also is tuned to its maximum voltage of -550V, at around 600nS duration.  the supplied voltage now is 12.5V at 1,5A 

The L3 coil now shows around 900V peak to peak (outside grounded).
before this was around 1900V. This means the magnetic field component now is much stronger.

The dielectric and magnetic field strength is now more in balance.
The dielectric field represents the male aspects of our being (mental active energy)
The magnetic field represent the femal aspects of our being (hearth passive energy).

The experience of sitting on the chair is now very different. I still get mental clarity, but now I feel more grounded in my body, Im less present in my head, more present in my body/belly area.
It'shard to explain, but it realy feels more magnetic than electric.

there is a sensation of cosy comfort, warmth. a pleasant feeling in my body, like a buzz.
With the 6nF dielectric field of 1900V I also felt a buzz, but that was deffinitely electric , more harsh, like spikes around me.
This magnetic feeling is more like a soft blanket.

This means we can tune the coil for different needs, of different people. one needs more male energy, or female energy, or a mix... and this is done by tuning the fields, making one more dominant than the other.

personally I like the 16nF setup better. The dielectric active energy is balanced by the soft compasionate magnetic female energy. It opens me up.



Re: Health benefit setup data
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Evo, Just wondering if you noticed (or checked) if there was a variant in your blood pressure. An increase in the dielectric field representing the male aspects may have an increased blood pressure effect. Just wondering as when I`m agitated mine goes high. Blood sugar might be another fun test. This is getting interesting.


Groundimg the L3 coil is essential
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blood pressure, dont know.
blood sugar levels: stabelizes

Today I sat on the chair, and quickly my energy levels dropped.
I stood up, turn it off and went for something to eat.

after eating I still felt low in energy.

Then I realized I probably had forgotten to earth the L3 coil where I sit upon.

I checked, and indeed, no ground.

I hooked the ground up, and sat on the char for 10minutes. My stamina quickly recovered, I felt alive and energetic again, amd still do.

No DC offset, instead charge c1 back up
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I drew up these 2 circuits for testing. one for positive inductive spike recapture and one for negative inductive spike recapture.
forget about the "motor" (if you want to try this you need a extra can in parallel with the motor to capture the inductive spike) just leave it out.

and just realised, I need to rewire the circuit, so the L2 coil as no DC offset.

Instead Ill put the dc offset, back to C1 on the diode side, were it charges up C1. so the energy can be reused

very curious if this will work. it should reduce power consumption.

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