Health benefit setup data


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Quote from warj1990 on September 25th, 07:14 AM
I haven't read your entire thread...(sorry)...but in the mean time...

Say hello to my little friend: IXFH12N120P :cool:
Rds 1.35 ohm  pretty high...
please dont use my board for auctions


Re: Health benefit setup data
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I didn't intend it to look like an advertisment and it  wasn't "my" auction...just a place to find the device I was referencing. 

I really don't have much input on your area of work, just noticed you mentioned the voltage limits - so I posted the IXFH series with higher voltage ability.
(just saying I will keep to myself, lol)

Keep up the progress.



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I found the SiC mosfets of cree/wolfspeed do  the trick  1200v and even 1700V