#PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!


#PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Here We Go Again!


Pulse motor build off 2017!

Rules are simple, it must pulse... What ever it is... GO!

Post Your Entry Videos On This Thread by times end!  ( please 3 min or less! ) we encourage posting videos about your progress as well.

see count down timer here: http://rwgresearch.com/events/pulse-motor-build-off-2017-pmbo2017/

you have from now to Nov 1st 12:00 midnight your time to enter!

Its all about having fun! set your self some goals and try to achieve them by the end of the contest. if you dont get finished in time make a video anyway and let us know what you did get done! 

everyone will get there video published on my channel ( if you dont want me to just say so. also it must be related to this PMBO contest) after the contest is finished.

Email here for questions or problems:


Good luck and be safe!!!




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A prize was donated to a winner for the contest!

To be eligible for the prize you need to do do 2 Things:

1. You need to post a video less than 3 min video on the forums before November 1st. The video is about your pulse motor build! here: http://open-source-energy.org/?topic=3094

2. You need to sign up to the email list on the ebisufront website here:

If it dose not pop up, down in the bottom right hand corner. or wait for the popup while your browsing.

For more info on the prize visit here:r


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Hey all!
 Here is the link to attach to the opener of the PMBO2017 if you would like.
Let me know if there is a problem DLing it or any other questions or concerns.


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Thanks for the intro!!!!!



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OK, it looks to me like everyone is playing it close to the vest this year.
So I guess I will just put this on the table
<<Sets the crossbar and throws down the gauntlet>>


Seriously guys, I hope everyone is having fun this year with a new build and a new BUILDOFF
I wish all a happy and safe Halloween.

P.S. I will be experimenting with this in the future.. Maybe some generating coils, or a magnetically coupled rotary output of some sort.


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Nice work!!!! looks like it runs well! Thanks for sharing!  ~Russ


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@ Russ . .Thanks for the kind words..
Yes, it does run nice  NOW..
That wasn't always the case though..
In the beginning I could only get one magnet to run, and it was unbalanced.
It shook like crazy, so I had to screw it to the benchtop.
Without the DC~DC converter, the speed was unpredictable.
Several times the magnets came flying off.

The problem with only being able to use 1 rotating magnet was because the resin was not
fully cured.  The soft resin was gumming up the magnet and causing too much rolling
Apart from dreaming this up, fully curing the resin took the longest time of this entire build..   
Over a week with heat and ventilation augmentation...You can cheat it, but you can't beat time.

Another problem I ran into is because the commercial grade magnets I used are very inconsistent
in the way they are magnetized... The strength varies a bit , but most are tolerable.
The problem is that the center of the magnetic field is not in the center of the core cylinder.
This causes the magnets to attract more on one side than the other. Like a wheel with the axle off-center.
I went through over 4 dozen magnets to find 8 that would work together, and 2 more that work sometimes.
Even with these magnets, they have to be placed in proper orientation to each other.  Move any one from its
correct spot, and it's like a car engine that is out of time. The magnets jerk around in a haphazard manner,
and it may or may not synchronize.  Usually not.


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Good stuff.

Yeah resin has to be jist right. Mix it not wellenugh and its over. Lol

I'm having the same problem. The magnets on this rig I built are making for an unbalanced magnet bering. 

Tricky things we don't think about some times.

Thanks for sharing!


jeremy gwilt

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im having trouble lining up all my potatoes in a straight line. c'est la vie


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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I'm in the same potato farm I see.



Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Well, I see nobody is coming up off any secrets yet.
C'mon guys, time is running short. . Only 7 more days left.

OK, seeing as there is nothing new to see here,
I guess I'll  just have to post an upgrade video. . .
Just to keep things rolling.


Ya know, I am really starting to appreciate how much
time and effort people put into editing videos.
I always just shot and posted. Not much work there.

But when you have to combine things from a few different
sources, and learn video editing software, things aren't
always so pretty.

Get to building, there are only 7 days left

~ Rich C ~


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i dont think i posted this new video.


nice work Rich!

were getting close to the end!!!!




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Hello All,

I'm entering this build off also, I just found out two days ago....

jeremy gwilt

Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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well, there goes the neighborhood ;)


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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"Thinking outside the box keeps me from copying stuff that been try, sometimes you just have to trust your own ideas"... Tommey Reed



Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
« Reply #16, on October 29th, 2017, 11:10 PM »
Hello everybody, this is a pulse motor competition entry from Greece,
hope you like the video, and i have an update, i put more capacitors at the output stage,
the motor works as a generator and it can feed the power input from the power output for some seconds.


it is an improved version of the previous motor i presented, here is the video from 2016


sorry about the low resolution of my videos, next year maybe find a new camera :-)


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Nice woodwork. I am a big fan of wood in DIY projects.
It is easy to work with, plentiful and cheap.

I like this machine, and no way can it be done justice with only a 3 minute clip.
I especially like that mechanical linkage to what looks to be a linear generator.

Keep up the good work and thinking outside the box.

Rich C.


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
« Reply #18, on November 1st, 2017, 01:32 AM »
Aah 1:30 am finaly finished. Post tomarrow.

Nice work so far everyone! 


Matt Watts

Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Sorry, no video--not going to waste anyone's valuable time with my crap.

I do however want to bring to people's attention Rick Friedrich's mini energizer pulse motor though.

Or build from scratch yourself with the materials you already have.

***  N O T E  ***
Pancake coils aren't part of the kit.  Just using them to transfer and isolate the back EMF spikes.

Motor draws about 600mA.  Generator windings give you back about 120mA @ dead short.  So as one might guess, you'll have to find your "over unity" someplace else.  It is interesting though the gen-coils can be dead shorted or left wide open with no noticeable change in RPM.  I also did some rework on the Arduino sketch to use interrupts and clean up Rick's code.  Cute & fun little motor.


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
« Reply #20, on November 1st, 2017, 11:30 AM »
ha... waist time Matt? no way man. you should post a video any way of your current thoughts on the way you are moving energy around. I think it will help others think about it and posibaly help you... in the end, the more thoughts the better...

any how. thanks for posting!!! looks like Ricks motor is at least helpful for those who want to explore this energy transfer idea.

here is my entry for the contest ( i can win) its more the end result of a lot of failures . but hey... it runs...


Hope to see more posted here!



Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
« Reply #21, on November 1st, 2017, 11:46 AM »
Well, this is it. The final day to post PMBO2017 entries.

In this my 2nd and final update video, I will be adding a
magnetically coupled 3 phase generator.

The hard drive motor I used only put out ~0.01 VAC per phase.
Hardly usable in any sense of the word.

But this was not a failure, as I showed that magnetic coupling
of a rotary device to this device is possible

I am sure other methods of coupling may be used as well,
but this is what I had on hand.

Anyway, this has been a fun and interesting build. 
Full of little things that one would never imagine going wrong...or right.

Now, it's time to get back to the stuff I was doing before Russ's surprise
announcement just 1 month ago. Not complaining, I needed the break anyway.

Cheers, and happy building.



Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Hi Russ I almost missed it just had 10 days to throw this one together.
4th time for me enjoying this build off.

Last time i uploaded a video was 2016 PMBO and I cant remember my password or login to my channel so I made a new channel :)
Peace Brothers!


jeremy gwilt

Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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video uploading....i am going to bed. cheers all.