#PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!

Matt Watts

Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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Quote from ~Russ on November 1st, 2017, 11:30 AM
ha... waist time Matt? no way man. you should post a video any way of your current thoughts on the way you are moving energy around. I think it will help others think about it and posibaly help you... in the end, the more thoughts the better...

any how. thanks for posting!!! looks like Ricks motor is at least helpful for those who want to explore this energy transfer idea.

For my first PBMO entry ever, note this:  Jeremy is right about everything.

Don Leibold


Re: #PMBO2017 Post Your Video's Here!
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For those who entered the contest, send me a personal message on the forums with an address where i can send you something in the mail!  nice work everyone!!!!

log in and use this link to send a message.


Check out the ebisu front store! More things added all the time!


check out the play list of all the videos shown in this video here:


Check out Vic's channel. He donated some goddies!! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCgHW8o-6nRYPWON_D6b4yjQ

God Bless! ~Russ