LPM Calculations for run ICE


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Hi Amsy,

Looks like a very good experiment.

In the patent WFC 423 DA a mixture of water mist, ionized air and exhaust gas is exposed to the electromagnetic field in the injector.  As a result HHO gas is created and appearantly explodes following the rules of the voltage wave guide.

I think, what you are doing is verifying the "burnability" of a water mist - HHO mixture when it is spark ignited.  Very interesting.  Maybe you release enough energy to have the combustion engine running on it. (Combination of HHO reaction and water mist to steam expansion)

Good luck and looking forward to hear from your results.



RE: LPM Calculations for run ICE
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Hi Faraday,

thank you for the link. I have to read first :)

hi rider,

thanks, thats exactly that what I´m searching for. Can this mixture burn and drive a litte engine... yes HHO will explode and expand the water because of the heat. Like in an steam engine.

I think we are not bounded to the patent ... so I make some modifications to his constructions... normaly it should be ok for "proof of concept"



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To further it to be clear  ALL  Calculations must have EGR   EXHAUST GAS RECYCLE IN THEM with out it is wrong,  recycling the gas  allows over 50% fueling to occur as Stated States it was one of the 3 things he had to learn , as it slows the burn rate to co equal gasoline and will create a high energy fuel by returning NOX  to the h and O for combustion.

Also , be aware not to loose feed a random mix of HHO to a variable Vacuum , it does work but it is not best way that is why Stan moved to tuneable controls and the injectors to be more precise and consistent  and treat it as a tuneable fuel like we use a carby/injectors  to do with other fuel not just loose feed them random and get random results , we need the governor control on the fuel from the gas pedal. Now you know this advance and stop playing with random loose feeding of the fuels your making BUILD