Keshe foundation censorship


Keshe foundation censorship
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They say don't believe anything until it's denied. Well believe this the US government has censored this technology and one of the grounds is that it can black out communications in large areas. That in short means the technology is viable. In other words it means that the technology works. So, you are being denied advanced technology. Proof positive that US and other western world governments are subverting science. They have been doing this since 1900 and before. Huston and his heat exchanger and Tesla and his flying car are 2 examples of this.

Right now they are busy trying to figure out how they are going to control you if you have the ability to fly. They are giving you the misdirection that the flight has to be handled by a computer and you need fairways and traffic laws. This is all a manner of control over the people and not necessary.

Now let's go into the matter of the government picks the curriculum for every subject taught in schools and what you think you know and what you don't know. They have hidden an entire multinational war from you just by leaving it out of the text books. In 1947 a huge multinational force descended on Antarctica, the Russians fought 3 days longer that the U.S.  The British were there as was several other countries. You can find a near full list on the net. Admiral Byrd stated that the operation was a military one before leaving. Operation Hi Jump was the known civilian side of the invasion. But, their policy of hide in plain sight the military operation was revealed in their own video when they introduced the dogs named Hi jump and (Running Jump). After all they did not go down there to blow the asses off those evil penguins. Adm. Byrd then released a news statement meant for military officials from South America because he did not think he was going to return alive called Mount Olympus on the High Seas. (You can look that up). So here is an example of omission.  

Next let's look at misdirection in the text books. The solar system is always presented in a horizontal position in the text books. This is not the position it's in when traveling through space. This is done to subvert science. None of you are conditioned by your education to view this fact in the right context.

How about the recent misdirecting statement that all we know is rotational physics and  we have no comprehension of straight line physics. This was made after Keshe applied for patents.

The reason behind all this, follow the money. Figuring on trillions in the oil industry and all the financial bubbles out there they are trying to shore up medical, pharma, housing, education, food, water, and every other aspect of our fake economy all propped up by war for resources and the bubbled military/industrial complex. Government contractors are making obscene amounts of cash promoting all this!

Let's not forget what they did to Meyers and countless others to try to control every aspect of your lives.

Right now as I see it Keshe is offering you a Star Trek economy instead of a Road Warrior one. Which are you going to choose? His is the only scientific breakthrough offered at this point to advance society as a whole. If I'm wrong show me another.[/size]

Jeff Nading

RE: Keshe foundation censorship
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I believe that Keshe's technology is real and will come to pass, we will see it. This in turn will give people in general a false since of peace and security, thinking that most of mankind's problems have been solved. Except, I'll leave the rest to ones imagination.:huh:


RE: Keshe foundation censorship
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Quote from Jeff Nading on October 16th, 2012, 07:06 PM
I believe that Keshe's technology is real and will come to pass, we will see it. This in turn will give people in general a false since of peace and security, thinking that most of mankind's problems have been solved. Except, I'll leave the rest to ones imagination.:huh:
please listen what i have for you. big conspiracy possible so don't be fooled.

strange as this may seem the ufo tech, may be real. but we already know that, from Tesla.

I had bad thought on this a couple weeks ago.  i can sweeten it, making it appear to be a movie.
i think it is important for you to have a ear. we know that ufo are real for most part. we know airplanes, boats use it also. i am a little fearful so i say what?
do you think we would be given this info, as foundation claim. all a big secret right?
first i say,  only a few of these planes whatever maybe 10 to 20 exist for real. underground stuff right area 51. but wait a second. now governments can claim a real ufo as one of ours, Israels what have you, even so they cannot be very large, i mean huge. there is not a fleet of these anywhere, okay?. next if real aliens were to land or come and show us they do exist. governments can keep a coverup story. i will even tell you before it happens this story. 4th of july something. this year 5 year  not important date.  what is important, if it is real ufo and they come be a big war right?
they say they come to kill us hmmmm
but America cheers kill the mean old aliens, unknowing they are ours. or even worse
they have come to crumble us because they take out government make new start you see?
I say to make a coverup. i say if and when it is real ufo they make America say oh no the aliens are here to kill us. kill them first. a battle cant be won in that case. sounding like a movie? i hope so. i no crazy. weird thats all.

I say cover story. i say yes they had it nothing new. i say they have small craft move 10 thousand mph already.

i say we developed Tesla tech long ago. no way gigantic crafts. if small like plane most like ours. if giant real UFO. i say it stinks. i say dont be fooled if time come to face these craft, or if reports come in. the cover story they made. no proof is real made squat.

just dont let government fool you in pretense please. it was important i say this. thank you let it simmer way on the back of stove for now please.

have good day. :sleepy::sleepy::dodgy:

magnaflipper has them on his youtube. forced to take them down.  remember he had  many movies. only one or three he has now. search ufo infrared cameras. triangle shape like wing. we have nasa tether incident 75
i see this i say, that real aliens giant, and have many. they no want to kill us perhaps only bad men, or take down Babylon. we just in the way, ant. thats not the case but if they are ours, really messed up stuff ok.
time will tell. not far away otherwise still be secret.

until i see a human test craft, a human enter the craft i say don't be fooled. us or them craft are 2 different things. that would be very clear.

Matt Watts

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I think a chunk of what your are speaking of was covered in Project Blue Beam--which is difficult to get to the original text because of all the dis-info noise.  We also have the U.S. Navy 10th Fleet that very likely has several non-terrestrial ships in operation.  I can't prove any of this and won't claim to "know" what is really going on, but I will say, the scenario you speak of has very likely already been considered, planned and is in the implementation phase right now.

From the start, the Keshe spaceship technology seemed to me to have strange timing.  Why a Iranian nuclear engineer, why space travel, why this technology release into the wild at this time...?  There must be a reason, the one we are told, and also, the real reason, the one we are not told.  The real power players, those with special operations military forces, could have easily gained access to Keshe technology many years ago, so I have little doubt Keshe's technology is already been converted into actual working machines in facilities we will never see in our lifetime.

Where is this all headed...?  A very good question.