"Gerson Therapy"


"Gerson Therapy"
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Gerson Therapy


    Max Gerson, MD, first started treating patients with tuberculosis in Germany in the 1920s. After the Nazis came to power, Gerson fled Europe for the U.S. and began treating cancer patients with his juice-based protocol. He claimed to have a cure for cancer and published his book "A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases" in 1958, a year before he died. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, founded the Gerson Institute in San Diego, Calif., which continues to operate today.


    The Gerson Therapy advocates a mostly raw organic and vegan diet. Juices of fresh vegetable are consumed on the hour every waking hour of the day. A variety of supplements are also utilized in the therapy including vitamin B-12 and crude liver extract. Coffee enemas are also an integral part of Gerson's protocol and are purported to increase bile flow, and, therefore, detoxification.


    According to the Gerson Therapy Institute's website, the treatment attempts to rid the body of cancer-causing pollutants and reactivate the body's ability to heal itself. The website claims that thousands of people have been cured of "incurable" diseases using the Gerson protocol. It further states that the Gerson Therapy doubles the oxygen in the body and regenerates the liver. By detoxifying the body, tumors are broken down and eliminated.


    The Gerson Cancer Therapy is not endorsed or even considered valid by most of the mainstream medical community. According to the National Cancer Institute most of the published information on the therapy is based on reviews of past cases. A review of seven documented studies of the therapy done at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found a lack of evidence to conclude that the Gerson therapy had any effectiveness on cancer, although several studies show prolonged survival time in patients on the Gerson protocol over the control groups.

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What It Involves

The diet involved in Gerson therapy focuses on putting fresh, clean nutrients into your body and keeping toxins and carcinogens out. Choose low-sodium foods, since Dr. Gerson believed sodium helped sustain tumors, and this diet recommends foods that are high in potassium. Food should be as free from additives, pesticides and fertilizers as possible, so organic nutrients are heavily relied upon. Meat is viewed as a carcinogen, especially once it is cooked, and should be avoided when possible. This makes the Gerson diet vegetarian-friendly and focuses strongly on fresh fruits and vegetables. Freshly pressed juices should be drunk throughout the day, as often as every hour.

The diet is very strict, and vitamin C and iodine supplements are recommended, in addition to other components of Gerson therapy, such as coffee enemas.

The Gerson diet and therapy program are considered controversial, with no strong studies supporting its ability to cure cancer. While some components of it, like eating fresh produce and avoiding preservatives and other toxins that often come on or in our foods, are good, a well balanced diet is likely to be more beneficial than an extreme one.

An eating program such as the Gerson diet should not be used without consulting a doctor first. It has some potentially serious side effects, especially if all aspects of the therapy, such as the enemas, are followed. The National Cancer Society has rejected the Gerson diet and therapy program, since there is no substantial evidence that supports its cancer-curing claims.




1) Visit the Gerson Institute's website. On this site, you'll find information about how Gerson therapy can be used to treat diseases. It also has a store where you can buy the essential information needed to follow the program. To begin, you need to purchase the "Gerson Therapy Handbook."
2) Buy additional literature available for cancer patients from the Gerson Institute. These titles include "A Cancer Therapy" and the "Cancer Control Journal."
3) Flood your body with nutrients. One of the central components of Gerson therapy is to consume a very large amount of fruits and vegetables. While treating cancer, the patient is expected to drink one glass of fruit and vegetable juice an hour and have three vegetarian meals a day.
4) Improve the metabolism of your body to treat cancer. The Gerson therapy recommends supplements, such as potassium, liver extract, vitamin B-12 and the thyroid hormone.
5) Detoxify your body using coffee enemas. The use of enemas is meant to decrease any pain that the cancer patient is having and speed up recovery.
6) Travel to a Gerson clinic. If you would rather seek out personalized care from medical professionals trained in Gerson therapy, you can request admission to one of their facilities in either Mexico or California.

Tips & Warnings

If you plan to use the Gerson therapy program, you must be able to eat and drink normally as well as have natural bowel movements.

Speak to your doctor or oncologist before you use Gerson therapy as a complementary or alternative treatment for cancer.

Read more: How to Treat Cancer With Gerson Therapy | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2097302_treat-cancer-gerson-therapy.html#ixzz29OyOAZvf


" Beginning his career as a chiropractor in 1929, Dr. Bernard Jensen soon turned to the art of nutrition in search of remedies for his own health problems (sound familiar?). Dr. Jensen believed that nutrition is the greatest single therapy to be applied in the holistic healing arts and the whole patient, not just the disease must be treated. These are my exact sentiments, as well, since treating the disease or symptoms does not eliminate the cause.

Life style changes are necessary for good health...

Wellness stems from the whole body being in balance supported by a well balanced lifestyle. In all, Jensen worked with over 350,000 patients around the world. He traveled to over 50 countries to study the lifestyles of the different cultures in an effort to understand the principles of long and healthy living. He studied the long-lived people residing in Russia. The oldest man he met in Russia was 152 years old.

Mostly what I gained in knowledge from Dr. Jensen was the concept that disease begins in the bowel where years and years of accumulated toxins and putrefied, hardened waste matter prevent absorption of nutrients and leech poisons into the blood stream that are carried to all parts of the body seeking to do havoc where we are most susceptible. So not only is it important to detoxify the liver with a Coffee Enema - an integral part of what I teach - but so is a special cleansing program that literally “cleans house” and cleanses the colon, organ and gland systems - a means to detoxify the whole body."

Gerson Protocol: juices and storage recommendations

The Gerson cancer therapy is an integrated set of medical treatments which has cured many cases of advanced cancer. Essentially, Dr Gerson in the course of 30 years of clinical experimentation applied many various combinations of treatments on cancer patients, always retaining that which was successful and discarding that which was not. Thus, an integrated pattern of treatment which cured many cases of advanced cancer evolved.

Citrus Juice (Orange and Grapefruit)

Gerson felt that this was the least important juice and added it primarily for the convenience of the patient in that so many people are used to orange juice to start the day. Recent research indicates that there may be some undesirable aspects to orange juice, such as excess mucus formation when large quantities are consumed, although we have not experienced this with Gerson patients. Any patient experiencing adverse reactions or simply dislike for the orange juice may, unless otherwise indicated, replace it with apple juice or one of the other standard Gerson juices. Take no more than 1 citrus juice per day. The juice requires 3-4 oranges or 1-2 grapefruits. Use a reamer-type juicer, either manual or electric. Some models have aluminum screens or reservoirs for the juice. These should be avoided in favor of plastic or stainless steel.
We do not recommend the use of non-reamer type juicers into which a half orange or lemon is inserted whole. The citrus peels contain undesirable fatty and aromatic acids, as well as commonly being coated with beeswax or another protective sealant.

You can use any kind of orange or grapefruit, as long as it is organically grown. Oranges and grapefruit should be kept refrigerated. If you prefer juice to be closer to room temperature, remove three or four oranges from the refrigerator before going to bed. Back to top

Carrot/Apple Juice

This juice is one of the two "core" juices (excuse the pun!) used on the Gerson Therapy. It has a pleasant flavor, is easy on the digestive system, and is usually consumed in larger quantities than any other juice (five glasses per day in the normal regimen).

Exactly why Dr. Gerson chose this particular combination is not known. Research has revealed an apparently synergistic relationship between the carrots and apples that provides greater nutrient absorption when the apples and carrots are juiced together than when the juice of either is used alone. It is not known exactly what factors contribute to this. We do know that malic acid present in apples assists in absorption of beta-carotene in the carrots.

There are, of course, many other elements derived from the juices in addition to beta-carotene. This juice is high in calcium, provides protein trace minerals and numerous other minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals. This juice requires approximately 8-12 oz each of carrots and (preferably tart) apples such as Granny Smith, Macintosh, Ida Red, Pippin, and Gala.

The carrot/apple juice, like all of the other juices, should be consumed immediately after pressing, but may be kept for 2-3 hours in a glass lined thermos if the patient has returned to work or must go out of the house for any other reason. The preparation of juices in advance should be done only when there is no other alternative or, on consultation with an experienced Gerson physician. Back to top

Carrot Juice (Carrot/Apple is better)

Preparation and comments are the same as the carrot/apple except for exclusion of the apples. It will usually take 12 to 16 ounces of carrots to produce one 8 ounce glass of juice.

Green Leaf Juice

This is the other "core" juice of the Gerson protocol. The green leaf juice is extremely rich in iron and other minerals, and very high in chlorophyll. It is a substance similar to human hemoglobin, and is the richest source of oxidizing enzymes in the Gerson protocol. It is extremely live and active, often having a foam "head" at the top of the glass when fresh out of the press. This juice is a little more difficult to tolerate, and patients feeling nauseated will frequently have some difficulty drinking and keeping it down. However, it provides tremendous benefit to the patient, and it is often prescribed in higher quantity in anemic patients in order to raise hemoglobin levels. It also replaces some of the carrot/apple juices in diabetic, hypoglycemic and candida patients as it is lower in sugar.

The "recipe" for the green leaf juice is a bit more varied than the others. Of the following list, some items will be available, some may not be available in your area, and some are seasonal. Use whatever is available, but let your choices be dictated more by what is actually available than your like or dislike of a particular ingredient. It is noteworthy that the darker, stronger-flavored items such as chard and red cabbage are richer in chlorophyll and other nutrients than the lighter, less flavorful vegetables. Also, please do not use any greens or ingredients other than the ones listed. Do not substitute other items. Obtain as many of the following as possible. The suggested quantities assume about half of the listed items will be available at any given time. Adjust accordingly. Back to top

Escarole 1-2 leaves
Lettuce 3-4 leaves (use iceberg if no others are available)
Swiss (Green) Chard 1-3 leaves, depending on size
Red Chard same as above
Endive 1-2 leaves
Red Leaf Lettuce 3-4 leaves
Green Leaf Lettuce 3-4 leaves
Red Cabbage 2-3 leaves
Romaine 2-3 leaves
Beet Tops (young inner leaves) 2-3 leaves
Green Pepper 1/2 medium sized
Watercress 1-2 sprigs
One medium apple (see above for types of apples to use).

Greens should be washed, taking care to rinse off sand or soil that is often present at the base of the leaves. Shake of the water or put the greens in a salad spinner to remove excess moisture. Cut off the bottom portion of chard stems or any other fibrous leaves.

Using a two-step (grinder/press) juicer, grind and collect pulp in a bowl. When all produce has been ground, stir thoroughly, but not so much as to introduce unnecessary air into the pulp. Place a "microwave-safe," undyed, chemical free paper towel on top of the juice cloth, then put about a cup of pulp onto the towel and cloth. Fold tightly and press. If you're using an electric press, raise the juice part slowly to avoid having pulp squirt out of the cloth. Using multiple juicing cloths, you can prepare the second cloth while the first one is pressing.

Also, some people will fold over the squashed cloth/pulp package and press it again to get a little more ice out of the pulp. After pressing, the remaining pulp, coveniently packaged in the paper towel, can be discarded. The green juice is much more active than the carrot or carrot/apple juices and should be consumed immediately. Dr. Gerson did not recommend storage of the green juice for any length of time before consumption. Back to top

Storage of Juices

Preparing juices in advance is never a desirable choice, but may be necessary for patients who must work or who wish to get out of the house for several hours. In these cases, a glass-lined or stainless steel vacuum bottle (Thermos) may be used, but should be completely filled to avoid excess exposure of the juice to air. Another useful method is to fill an 8 oz "jelly"/Ball canning jar to the rim, slide the lid over the top and then screw the cap on tightly. This will prohibit air from getting in and oxidizing the juice. Maintain a chilled or refrigerated environment. Store only carrot/apple juice. Do not store the green juice. Back to top



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The Beautiful Truth
Raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year-old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of the farm animals. After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett's father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposed a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks in this documentary on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.




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Hi Frederick,

Good luck with your friend. Letting go of eating can be the most difficult thing for people but also the most beneficial. Also try to incorporate some of the other items or methods from the cancer protocols page as well if possible.

I have been trained in a new form of healing called shadow energetics. It is an improved version of Dr. Leonard Laskow's "Healing with love"  which has been known to make tumors just disappear.  It deals with resolving emotional issues and suppressed emotions and really gets to the root of the issue. Session can be performed over skype if you feel the person might be interested.


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Hey guys well in think that the Gerson Therapy snacks a variety of different conditions because it regenerates the body amazing ability to cure itself.Thanks!!