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Re: Stan's words about his 'Covalent linkup of unlike atoms'
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Covalent linkup of unlike atoms

Make a gas lattice... we now have a way using argon atoms with ions of nickle and cobalt; those ions will exhibit an electromagnetic field because their electrons spin in the same directions... argon is ideally used as it's a gas that is a lubricator, it does not like to transmit electrical energy and it also acts as an electromagnetic shunt... as a result we now expose the gas to an electromagnetic field and now you have electromagnetic alignments that extend beyond the nonmagnetic tube which transverses the coil to produce electrical energy... this gas, because of its interlocking between the covalent linkup, as well as its electromagnetic link up, gives us the ability now to move the straight magnetic flux lines in the closed-loop tubular pathway by which those magnetic links remain in tact and in the correct position...


N.B. We're now doing some unique things on osculating the magnetic fields in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of these generators...

EPG Photon Drive Gas Accelerator

Now we are confronted with accelerating the process to the star wars level... We are now injecting laser energy into the gas which in turn allows the electrons of the gas to move further away from its nucleus and therefore increase its spin... and under the electromagnetic theory of magnetism that whenever an electrical charged particle passes through an electrostatic field something's got to happen in the law of physics and what takes place is an increase in electromagnetic field... and therefore we are now moving the magnetic field close to the speed of light because the nonmagnetic tube is now being converted into a light guide and the laser energy is no longer being dissipated outside of the light guide; it's being reflected, much like that of fiber optics... if we want to compound the electromagnetic field we simply will hit the gas at a burst of 10 watts of laser energy and as the laser energy passes through the gas and goes back to the original point we now allow the laser to lase again and we are now superimposing more laser energy on the process so, as a result, we are now moving a greater intensity magnetic field and we go around and do the same thing again and in a very short period of time you are now moving an electromagnetic field of tremendous high intense energy...

...this technology allows us to amplify the electromagnetic field, at many magnitudes, without increasing mass so therefore gave us the ability to overcome the limits of the prior start of the art.

...the laser energy is absorbed by the nucleus causing the electrons to go to a higher energy state and when that occurs, as it migrates from the nucleus, the electron spin increases, and when it increases you are now increasing its electromagnetic fields.  

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It is always help ful to see thing as a reference in Black and white,

all reviewing I am sure.  Well done.



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(Repeated from another thread, but I think, needs to be on this one...)

Gas Matrix Components
- Argon (Lubricator, Non Electric, Non Magnetic)
- Cobalt Ions
- Nickel Ions
- Iron Ions

Cobalt Ions
Co^2+, Co^3+
Generate using HV to a pure Cobalt wire.

Nickel Ions
Ni^2+, Ni^3+
Generate using HV to a pure Nickel wire.

Iron Ions
Fe^2+, Fe^3+
Generate using HV to a pure Iron wire.

Generate Cobalt and Nickel Ions using HV within an Argon filled chamber or Iron.
- Pass Gas Mixture through VIC and expose to laser energy.
- This destabilizes the Atomic Structures of the main elements in the Gas. So that that we can extract some electrons from them.
- Use electron extraction circuit to remove weakened electrons. Now our atoms will be will to take on covalent bonds that they would normally never take on.
- Allow Unstable Gas to stabilize into the new Gas Matrix by making new covalent bonds.

Pump gases into EPG.
Test EPG for appropriate Magnetic Qualities of the Gas Lattice.
- Does pulsing it result in some energy output from the pickup coils?

What a brilliant man!



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Quote from Dogs on April 28th, 2012, 09:37 PM
Generate Cobalt and Nickel Ions using HV within an Argon filled chamber or Iron.
Thanks for the follow-up post... We think it should be:

...In a 'vacated' chamber...

Generate Cobalt and Nickel Ions using HV within a vacated chamber... i.e. in a vacuum so that there's no oxygen present...  

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