Stiffler's SEC Exciter Hardware


Stiffler's SEC Exciter Hardware
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In case anyone might be interested in building and testing some of these devices I'll post details of the builds that were available and also some of my own bench made boards. I also have copies of the original documentation and many of Stiffler's papers discussing some of the various avenues of energy research Stiffler followed.

Here I've photographed the top and bottom of my SEC-18e board (I have to dig my SEC-15x boards out of storage) Note: If I can upload pdf files or email them to you guys then I have that too. The SEC-18x documentation is pretty comprehensive and definitely shows close top and bottom photography and also component placement data along with working schematics and operational information.

Also photographed is a board that I made which allows me to run up to 5 transistors in parallel (which by the way is a very difficult thing to accomplish as the the transistors parameters must be perfectly matched) but it runs well. Doesn't necessarily need to be pretty to work.

There is also a document that speaks to the generation of HHO via an electrostatic electrolyser that some of you might be interested in. It is an avenue I definitely intend to investigate further. Especially since SEC electrolysis cells can be made to run in the milli-ampere range. I definitely need to set up test apparatus for measuring gas production.     





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Thank you it is exciting to see Sec Boards,  I hope we can generate a new generation of testers

please do post pdf and other boards it is exciting to see them

i found these pics