Hydrogen Safety and Bottle Handling Notes


Hydrogen Safety and Bottle Handling Notes
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Hydrogen Safety and Bottle Handling Notes

Starting this thread so we not  key things to consider

1 good ventilation
2 best if building has vet and air space between walls and roof to allow any loose gas out.
3 use  secure tank and mottle manifold out side building
4 use a h2 sniffer alarm
5 use a h2 leak detector
6 avoid bottle falling over
7 use witt or best flask arrestors and npt- f ( fine thead fittings
9  treat oxygen more dangerous than h2  as it is the static side of things  do not fill room with oxygen either
10 . Work in pairs have a safety check list daily
11 always use a filter before flash arrestor to stop any moisture or tanks  corrostion entering flash arestor.
12 use parker or swaglock double sleeve fittings check of leakage low   
12 check the pressure rating of all parts on your fuel line it varies with model numbers some maye be 1 to 2 bar whilst other 5  to 8 bar.  etc match correctly and all is well.
13 understand mixing gases is dangerous  not not mix lpg with hho, from different bottles etc static can cause ignition via  the o2
14 put the time in to study and get trained on safety it helps