recycling back emf


recycling back emf
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No real use for this now but might be in the future. Or some one else.

L1 is high side pulsed, magnetic field build up is transversed into dielectric field aga8m, as negative back emf.

C1 is charged up by the back emf. until it reaches more then V+ it will open up the diode to C2 and charge that up.

Then charged C2 voltage is reused again.

mosfet needs high side drive circuit that I have posted before (also on my YouTube channel "Master Ivo")

So if a DC offset isn't needed (alternative circuit of this) you can recharge the battery.

Due to resistance losses, energy will still be consumed but only very little.
it depends if the magnetic field of L1 is put to use, and will loose power there.

diodes need to be fast and stromg to handle the back emf like mur1660CT

mosfet needs to be able to handle voltage of back emf, like irfp460

caps depend on pulse frequency use film for best results

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