9xa BOM LIST and Pics


9xa BOM LIST and Pics
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Many Years Ago Long before we Reached 2020 there was a Man Called
Max Miller He Made these Boards and Shared them I put them here for your study

They can Control the Frequency , and the over layed gate
they can also be used to control the electron extraction during gate
they can run scr or better a solid state switch and or a h bridge

9xa BOM LIST and Pics

BOM 9xa list
Bill of Materials
1  x KBU808G bridged rectifier
1  x 3300 uf cap (Checking)
1  x 330uf cap  (Checking)
1  x LM 7805 C regulator
4  x 5k trimmer pots
2  x 5 position dip switches
1  x red led
1  x greed led
2  x H11D1 opto
2  x NE555 timers
1  x 103 cap (0.01uF)
11 x 104 Cap (0.1uF)
1  x 74LS04P inverter
8  x 74LS90P decade counter
4  x 220R ohm Resistors
2  x 1 k ohm Resistors
2  x 1 M Ohm Resisitors
2  x 100k pot
2  x 20 k Trim Pots
2  x 8 Pin IC Socket
2  x 6 Pin IC Socket
9  x 14 Pin IC Socket
1 x Heat Sink for LM 7805c

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