Analysis and Test Results of Cell Driver Circuit K4


Analysis and Test Results of Cell Driver Circuit K4
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I have completed my initial testing of bread board version of the Cell Driver Circuit K4.  The Analysis and Testing Results are attached.

As drawn with the component values listed the circuit does not work.  I had to make 2 changes. I an fairly confident that after making these 2 changes the circuit is functioning the way it is suppose to.

1) Changed the supply voltage for Q6 first 3906 in circuit from +12VDC to +5VDC as the voltage on base has a 5-volt limit. Circuit started to work after making that change.  NOTE: The Analog Voltage Generator K8 uses almost the same configuration and it use VDD +5VDC

2) Changed the 22K resister on output of Q6 to 1K.  Things initially appeared to work until I got to input to Q8 where I found there was not enough signal strength to make it function.  After doing the replacement everything else worked.

The Report has screen shots of just before and after each component in the circuit which is how I was able to identify the problems.  It also helped that I had already built and tested K8 is it has almost the same circuit in part of it so I knew what to expect.

There have been several questions posted about why resistors where chosen and why the 3906 and 2n2222 are even there.  I think I found answers to most of questions and have included that information in the report.

While I did not use the normal input (G)for the tests which comes from Phase Lock Circuit K21 (have not built that one yet)  I did use the output from the Variable Frequency Generator K2 that I built.  This signal should be fairly close to the normal signal and I tested circuit across multiple frequencies. I have attached a screen shot of output for 1Khz using a 10 ohm resistor as load, which is close to 10.5 resistance of the primary coil listed in the estate information sheet.  Screen shots of other frequencies underload are included in the report.

Still have 3 more circuits to build, I have a lot of support items but still need to order a few more things. 


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Nice work Earl


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Finished building the board and checked final out put to see if I built it correctly. The finished board appears to have less noise on the output. That is with a 10 ohm resistor as the load.