Time Space Antenna #2


Time Space Antenna #2
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Greetings and to you good day!

I would like to revisit the time space antenna. I posted about it about two years ago. Please, watch all three videos and contact me if you're interested in working together. I am willing to pay $$$ to get research done on this device I've built.

Details: The time space antenna is an unlimited energy device design given to humanity through Bashar (Who is Bashar?) channeled through Daryl Anka.

What I am seeking:

I am not an expert in electricity therefore I am seeking someone with a gift in electronics, electromagnetics, and circuitry to collaboratively perform research on this device.

I am willing to pay for the research to be done. I am not looking to profit from this device, but I am seeking to be among the first to hook it up and prove unlimited energy. I have built the device to working specs. I have not spoken with Bashar but I spoke with another who gave me a couple more need to know items about getting the device to work.

Thank you!

Anthony S

Bashar Explaining the Time Space Antenna

Bashar Speaking to a Researcher about the Time Space Antenna

Time Space Antenna Presentation with Device I created


Re: Time Space Antenna #2
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Looks very interesting given that the smallest available quantum, which everything is ultimately made out of, is spinning in such a space time antenna spiral manner, thus being able to more easily drag copper ions through the antenna, which can be put into good use in for example that which we call electric circuits.