Airing Tonight: Holey Water


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Matt I am doing it already I am here to share what I do that is not under nda

Matt Watts

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Dude!   You hold out you.

Cool stuff for big-time use, but let's try small for the garage builder.

NDA aay...?

Any possible way you can just build a part or two and not reference it back to the source?  Monkey see, monkey do kind of thing if you know what I mean.


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and if thats not your thing,  - here is TED , on 15 mins inside the clitoris ..

please ignore me, im drunk,

back tomorrow, with the hho cell ive been drilling all day.

Matt Watts

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Good lord...

Well, while you're tuned up, tell me why Insurgency Sandstorm CTE version works perfectly on my machine and the main release version doesn't--studders like crazy.  I need to kill some bots...

Gunther Rattay

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Quote from Matt Watts on March 22nd, 10:36 AM
If there's one thing you should know by now on this forum, it's:  You can't tell people stuff, you have to show them.  Take what you know and embed that knowledge in a real device people can see.
Yep, authentic first hand builder information counts - no story telling ...

Matt Watts

Airing Tonight: Holey Water (Part 2)
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Quote from Moray King

Because of the success of the first presentation, we have been invited back for another webcast about the energy and healing potential of water nanobubbles this Sunday night, March 31, 2019, 10 PM Mountain Daylight time, (9 PM Pacific time, midnight Eastern time).

Hope you can listen in!
I won't be able to hear this one I don't think, so if someone wants to take notes...


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hey guys,  i try not too appologize too much before i write a post. -  buuttt

*quick run !!!

and make sure you magnetize your Sydney water before drinking