man made global warming


man made global warming
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I dislike all "trains" people tell me to jump on and there seems to be no criticism on them at all.

Like 2 months ago I started looking into all popular claims about the man made global warming. When you really start to look at the evidence, I can't find any that will hold up or that is not a blatant lie.

Pollution is bad and us raping this planet must stop, but any proof that human made CO2 is the cause is missing.

This guy sums it up pretty well, if you got time to watch all 4 episodes. I do disagree with him that we should just keep driving SUVs, because CO2 does not cause problems.

PS. I know people get angry, when someone says something like this. I ask for your patience and have you looked for yourself, or do you just believe?

Matt Watts

Re: man made global warming
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Simple answer:

"It's the sun stupid."


Why else would the "climate" on other planets in the solar system mirror the climate here on Earth.

BTW, not poking you Belfior.  I'm poking anyone that isn't capable of using their own mind and doing that really strange, non-politically correct activity know as...

Wait for it...



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If "global warming" literature does not mention the sun as a contributing factor at least once, you have a lie right there.

Carbon is life.


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Well damn! This was very encouraging. I have been kicked out of forums for saying something like this in the "free speech" section.

I mean if water vapor and clouds are 75% of the greenhouse gases, CO2 20% and the rest 5% like methane, ozone. From the CO2 we make like 5-7% and I am supposed to believe that amount controls the weather? My opinion is that don't pollute, but also don't keep your farts in.

Watched some Al Gore videos where he points out that raising temp and raising CO2 "seems to raise at the same time" on the graph. Well yeah if you zoom far enough Finland and Panama are neighboring countries. CO2 lags like 200 years behind temperature on the graph...

All the energy comes from the Sun and we got ice ages every 100k years. Sounds cyclic to me. What is the planet "cycling" around then?

If this guy Doglas Voght is correct we might be in for a surprise around 2046 if the poles shift. I think I need to buy some land in Tibet. Does this mean I have to change to communism?

PS. no one of my friends is taking me seriously, so I think I will start to sell CO2 protection domes for plants in TV-Shop. If the plants die, I will blame the climate


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GW doesn't wash with me either. It's all about Tax and control.


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im also force too concede, it must be about mental sickness too, -

i have a bad sence of humor right,  - but evil nwo ppl do too, and just enjoy it in a different way.

il take the leaf mulch any day.


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Quote from OLHU on February 6th, 04:24 AM
GW doesn't wash with me either. It's all about Tax and control.
There is no doubt global warming exists. Climatge change has also existed for 4,5 billion years. Please do not put me in a "climate denier" box

But it will keep getting worse no matter what we do, because we cannot control the Sun. If you actually go and check sea level rise, temperature rise, CO2 rise and ice ages, you find out in 15 minutes, that is is a cyclic event. How the hell did it happen every 100k year in the last 800k years, if we did not have cars and factories then? According to history we were not here then.

Sun is going to micronova in 2046 and the carbon tax is just a way the make a quick buck

Matt Watts

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Occam's Razor can slice you in the butt.  It's not always as simple as it might seem.

There are things happening caused by man, not the friendly man, the man that wants to play god.  You have to decide for yourself whether it's real and if so, how bad is it.  Some say an extinction level event; they could be right.  Ask yourself this:  For what purpose, what goal?   Could it be THEY believe "competition is a sin" (David Rockefeller) and want the whole planet to themselves?  With a little digging it's not too difficult to figure out what a personality with a god complex wants.

THEY certainly want to control the weather and with all THEIR advanced technology, is it possible THEY have lost control?  Or could it be THEY know exactly what THEY are doing?


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We will never know what is really going on. They will tell us something and that then becomes history.

David said himself in his memoirs, that NWO was his thing and he is proud of it. I think we can be pretty sure, that every institution he helped to create is either helping or not hindering the NWO. The Pooty thing is that they created the UN (after the league of nations failed) and all the sub institutions. I am sure WWF and UNESCO do good work, but what is the meta game? The real agenda?

UNESCO's first general's paper was a dark read and now it is removed from the UNESCO web site, buuut has it. It is filled with eugenics and racial Poo. So you re telling me they are in Africa helping out?

WWF helps to facilitate these debt-for-nature swaps, where a 3rd world nation can trade their debt to a large chunk of land. Native people are then forced out by the country's own police and WWF lets some western company use the natural resources. So some black people lost nature resources and their homes? Sounds NWO and eugenics to me!