2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.


2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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Whats up Everybody!

Its that time again. Time for the 2018 PMBO!


Here are the Rules... and everything you need to know:

Start date                       ( now!!!)               Nov 6th.
Entry date  BEFORE  (new years eve)      Dec 31.  (12:00 midnight your local time)

Rules are simple:

2. Share your knowledge
3. Build something FUN and on your building experience level.
4. Make it move... Pulse... and anything interesting!
5. Make a 3 min (or less) video and post it on the Forums of your final entry video before Dec 31. ( midnight your local time)
Please post all FINAL entry videos here in this Linked thread here --->> ! Link to thred

To add to the fun, Brad AKA TinMan has added a challenge to us! the drinking bird, in a closed box! see the video here:

so for added fun, add the drinking bird to your build off!

But Russ! what about prizes? (update there are now PRIZES!!!!
Thanks to https://www.ohmcoin.org/ and https://scitechsyndicate.com/ for sponsoring this years PMBO prizes!

1st place = $100 in Bitcoin and 3016 Ohmcoin(edited)
2nd Place = $50 in store credit on www.scitechsyndicate.com
3rd place = $30 in Bitcoin

This year is completely about having fun, sharing the knowledge, and helping each other! Although as normal, I will feature some of the top picks on my YouTube channel. some fun, crazy or just plain straight forward builds! even some failures! because we cant fail if we dont try, and the story is way more fun than the final product most of the Time...

I will post updated videos on my main YouTube channel. so be sure to subscribe for all the updates!

Ok, The clock is ticking!  Now GO HAVE SOME FUN!

"Everyone is winner if they enter" ~PP

The 2018 PMBO build off is STARTED!


my intro if you want to use it here: DOWNLOAD IT HERE


~Russ Gries

If you need help accessing the forums : RWGPMBO@gmail.com


Re: 2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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Here's my entry video.
A harmonic resonance device that uses piezoelectric ceramic elements to both drive the vibration and harness any excess energy produced.



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Ohhh I might have to get back in the game.  My 3D printers are in storage though.  It might have to be some old school scrap yard conglomeration.
Maybe a new Rodin-ish coil variation that has a strange construction method.  Probably of a less efficient, more power, end of the spectrum.  If it don't fall apart, I'll send it to Russ to hook to his cap bank. Lol

Matt Watts

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That's the spirit Nate.  Melted parts, smoke and pieces bouncing off of car doors is all good.   :-D


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FUN that's what were having!

making progress, hope you all are too!

looking good guys.

Glad to see you back Nate!
Glad to see you too Russ!

I will GLADLY blow it up! in fact... i think that should be a goal!!! LETS DO IT!



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Everything is on boxes and I don't have the resources I once did, but I am down for a play...who else is? #PMBO2018



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Thanks m3sca1, appreciate the enthusiasm :thumbsup:
Hope it spreads :-D


jeremy gwilt


jeremy gwilt


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Looking good everyone! my progress is SLOW but hey... such is life!

one day at a time!

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Your final entry video must be posted in the proper thread or It will not be part of the contest!

Please post final entry videos here in this linked thread below:


Thank you!


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Hello everyone,
Thanks for the motivation Russ!  It's been over 2 years since I've posted anything publicly on youtube... the 2016 pmbo.  I've had this idea since then.  Here's a peek at this years entry.


This is a solar or externally powered pulse motor.  It can be run with either the fidget spinner or the acrylic as the rotor.  The spinner is powered by  solar panels when it is the rotor.  The acrylic rotor must be supplied by another source (battery, p.s., solar etc.) since the spinner will be the base and consequently the solar panels will be facing down.  The spinner came with 3 leds that flash patterns.  They will serve as the feet of the acrylic piece.  Disco time.  It will be clearer next video.  Promise. ;)

Parts and supplies:
fidget spinner rotor
3 coils (solar dancer)
modified dadhav circuit
acrylic base
3 neo magnets
nylon bolt, washers and nut
2 transistors mpsa18, 2n3906
500k variable resistor
300k fixed resistor
100uf cap (solar dancer)
6 solar panels (solar dancer)
headers/connectors + jumper
crazy glue
electrical tape

jeremy gwilt

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ive had my first project spring an oil leak and my second fall through so im cobbling a few things together to make something spin. just for fun, a little self-torture via 24 strand secondary. (yes russ, i know you are doing 200....that insane!) some crazy stuff happened during this build so far.
Re: 2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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'trigger' and 'run' coils, showing off their nice shape. this was the only coil i had that displayed a proper clean sine wave on this magnet wheel. all others were full of 'W's and 'M's

Matt Watts

Re: 2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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Quote from jeremy gwilt on December 27th, 2018, 02:12 PM
... all others were full of 'W's and 'M's

Watts wrong with that?   hehehe

jeremy gwilt

Re: 2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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@matt, its calling to youuuuuuu!
blue trace is pretty much every other coil shape and size.


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Re: 2018 PMBO Intro Videos & Rules.
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Please post final videos here:

This thred has been locked so the videos get tothe right place!