Stan Meyer multipool


Stan Meyer multipool
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Meyer's VIC-Transformer is only a High voltage, unipolar pulses
"source"!!! The two Resonant inductors placed on VIC core (C1 and C2) is not "AMP INHIBITOR CIRCUIT"!!! Adjusting C2 number of turns (Negative inductor), only "tune" VIC`s output DC Offset. VIC-Transformer is a Voltage source! Between VIC and WFC must be  placed Bifilar inductor, like this:

My Circuit diagram:

Value tables:

Full Meyer`s video:

My ferrite rod (9 pieces "RRH-175-107-285", with "Ferrite antenna" rod inside):

Other ferrite rod Websites:

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Re: Stan Meyer multipool
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After a long break I'm into it again.
I can't contact Petlov so I will post here.
Voltages in the VIC Circuit calculated in attachment. Calculation as I learned from electrotechnical engineer school.
Hope this helps.