Isolated gate driver


Isolated gate driver
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What isolated gate driver would be recommended for switching transistors?
I'm looking into putting together a 3-phase VFD using isolated gate drivers for both the high and low side transistors and I'm not interested in using bootstrap circuits for the high side drivers, so what options am I left with in that case?

Matt Watts


Re: Isolated gate driver
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Thanks Matt, I'll check it out :thumbsup:

And yes, DC2DC converters would be the preferred way to avoid using bootstraps.

I was thinking about using miniature transformers powered by a simple square wave generator and then rectify the secondary to get juice enough to fire either MOSFET's or IGBT's as they don't take much gate current to turn on anyway.

I would have thought that there's gate drivers out there which takes power directly from the DC link bus in VFD's to power (isolated) transistor driver circuits, but apparently there's no such thing, not from what I can see anyway.

Ah well.