Filament extruder and after....


Filament extruder and after....
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My extruder is  a mix of lyman and filastruder and i started to do the winder in the spirit of the filawinder, but the part served engine to guide the filament is complex to encode for me, so i would like to make your guiding system connected to the coil .Is it possible to have the STL files of this part, the guide, the part connected to the reel and the code that allows you to manage all this? if yes it's great, because I have been working for a long month for a very big project for a 1st year student, in September I will be in 2nd year and I could present my complete project the extruder, the automatic winder and the measure but apart because I have not managed to integrate it into the complete system. Sorry for my English mistakes.
Alex from France (extreme  South)