A request for an experiment.


A request for an experiment.
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I ask anyone who has all the equipment to do this experiment well to perform the following experiment.

Place a small cylinder or ring rare earth magnet in a high speed rotating device such as a 35,000 rpm dremel tool so that the magnet rotates axially. Position the vortex flux tube created by the rotation on a radioactive source and see if the rate of decay changes. A motor will do if no high speed rotational tool is at hand.

If it does change, see what affect that changing the speed of rotation has on the radioactive source's decay rate.

A cylinder or ring rare earth magnet will produce a magnetic axial vortex. So first visualize that vortex using smoke in calm air of micro water bubbles in water.

Do not rotate the magnet counter to that natural vortex motion. Expose the magnetic pole when mounting the magnet in the tool or motor so that the tools rotation will increase that vortex rotational speed when rotation is applied. Expose the magnetic pole on the tool that will drive a left handed rotation of the magnetic flux tube.

The purpose of the experiment is to verify that a rotating chiral magnetic flux tube will affect the weak force.

You might apply this vortex tube to the radiation coming from a radioactive calibration source if you have such a source.