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I have met people that think the same way as the lady depicted in this cartoon:


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They may be non-player characters in a virtual reality simulation a.k.a. "The Matrix."


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You know the really crazy thing? There were four police officers at that school... and they were ordered to stand down unless they had a specific piece of equipment. They didn't have this piece of equipment, so they stood around while kids were being murdered.

What was that piece of equipment, you ask?

Was it guns? No, they had plenty of those.

Was it bulletproof vests? No, all the cops had those on at the time.

Was it body armor? No.

It was body cameras.

That POS chief told his men to stand down unless they had body cameras, leaving people to die because he wanted to cover his backside with video evidence of his officer's actions.

The chief cared more about protecting his career than protecting the lives of those kids.

Remember, folks... when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. And even then, they might just decide not to do anything to save you.

Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. The only thing that can save people from a bad guy with a gun... is a good guy with a gun. And lately, the police are not the good guys.

Two SWAT officers entered the school... they were ordered to stand down, but they said "Screw that" and went in, in an attempt at stopping the slaughter. They have been written up for creating an "officer safety situation".

Something stinks to high heaven in Broward County, Florida (by the way... did you know that's the region that Debbie What'sHerName Schultz represents? You'll remember her rigging the democrat primaries so Hitlery beat Sanders, and working with CNN to get the questions prior to the debate, etc.).

Officers know from the moment they're recruited that they're expected to put their lives on the line to protect the rest of society... if they (or their supervisors) are not willing to do that, why do we need them? We've got guns ourselves... we don't need the cops showing up to watch innocents being slaughtered while doing nothing.

What's next? Every Broward County police car outfitted with popcorn and soda machines, so they can at least sit back and enjoy the show while doing nothing?

And how is Sheriff Scott Israel still employed? He should have been at least placed on leave the day after.

Matt Watts

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Or...    Home school your kids, provided you can get all the freaking paperwork to prove to the state you're a competent educator.

Regardless, someone is going to get what they want and here's what they want:

And BTW, the gun manufacturers are making a killing on sales.


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Those know-nothing morons just exempted the very weapon all the libtards are screaming about!
Quote from https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr5087/BILLS-115hr5087ih.pdf
A semiautomatic rifle that has a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, except for an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.
Bahahaa! So the AR-15 will be exempt... that's classic.

President Bill Clinton holds an AR-15 rifle during a White House ceremony in 1994.

It's essentially a .22 rifle... I was using those when I was 8 years old.

"Duuurrrrh! It looks like a scary weapon! We should ban it!" Bunch of over-domesticated city-sheeple, too scared of their own shadows to face life, so they ban everything, and explode into murderous rampages when things don't go their way.

"But... but Nikolas Cruz had swastika-emblazoned clips for his AR-15!" Yeah, you mean the National Socialist German Worker's Party? Do libtards not realize that in Germany at the time, there were two brands of socialism being proffered? National socialism and globalist socialism... during the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler had his Globalist Socialism opponent (Gregor Strasser, further to the left than Hitler, but they were both left-wing socialists) killed.

And liberals have a big problem describing the difference between modern US liberalism and socialism... because they're just different shades of the same color. They claim that socialism wants to abolish personal property rights, whereas liberalism doesn't... remember Bernie Sanders calling for nationalization of the banks? Remember Maxine Waters calling for nationalization of the oil companies? Remember Hillary Clinton being unable to describe to Chris Matthews the difference between socialism and modern US liberalism? Remember Obama saying we needed to "redistribute the wealth" (by taking it from those who'd earned it, and giving it to those who hadn't)? Remember how universities attempted to corral students into lockstep groupthink, to the point that students who questioned liberal dogma were attacked and the attackers suffered no consequences (I can't think of any more fundamental property right than the right to think your own thoughts, can you)? Remember the liberal courts being allowed to dictate which customers businesses must serve, no matter how morally repugnant to the owners of that business the task was (who owns that business... the liberal judges, or the owners of the business)? Remember Obama's AFFH HUD scheme, which would force people to sell their homes to low-income or minorities (under the threat of Federal litigation) if the 'racial mix' of the neighborhood wasn't up to government snuff (even if someone else offered a higher price)? Remember that modern US liberalism derives its tenets from Herbert Croly's book which stated that liberals couldn't guarantee equality (in this context meaning equal outcomes for everyone) as long as personal property rights remained intact (it's why modern liberalism deviated from classical liberalism... LBJ quoted Croly in announcing the Great Society welfare debacle)? Remember the liberals attacking our 2nd amendment right to keep guns as private property and therefore protect ourselves from a bunch of liberals who would take away our rights? Oh... that's happening now.

Cruz was one of their own by his deeds. A snowflake who couldn't handle reality, so he took it out on society... same as BLM is doing, same as the Antifa fascists are doing, same as every single responsibility-evading libtard does.

They probably don't realize the AR-15 started out as a consumer sport hunting rifle, but its performance was so great that the military had them built for themselves, too... so it's not a "military style weapon", it's a consumer weapon the military uses with minimal modifications (none of which affect the underlying function).

Liberalism is, after all, a documented mental illness. :D

They can't fathom why people need weapons for the time their government goes rogue, turns on them and tries to kill them... I mean, how often has that happened in the past 100 years? Never, right? <scoff>

I mean, those 124 million people weren't killed by their socialistic totalitarian governments! They... ummm, they all walked out into traffic and got run over! Yeah, yeah that's the ticket!

The libtards also can't see that it's their own liberal politicians who are the socialistic totalitarians who will eventually end up doing something like that... egged on by the very libtards trying to do away with the 2nd amendment.

There's a term for that... "useful idiots". They should look that up.


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lol call me a libitard or w/e idc, the only reason we think people should be aloud to have guns is because we still think if we have guns we can protect ourselves from the government if we have to. That's the entire logic that went behind the right to bear arms... now the excuse is hunting, the majority of us don't have to hunt for our food right now.

So why do we need guns still again? Why do civilians need guns? Like, if our government and military goes nuts your telling me were going to fight them off with a silly militia using store bought rifles when they have sooooooooo much stuff that will annihilate any threat on the planet.

The only remaining argument is for self protection from other civilians, but if guns were illegal to own that argument becomes null except for illegal arms purchases which are always going to happen no matter what. I'm willing to bet you can run some statistical research that in the situation and odds of being in a fire fight with another civilian that your chances of not being harmed in that situation would still go down if weapons were illegal to own. Taking into account the average skill level of civilian weapon owners who carry for protection run against past data of such situations and their outcomes. I'm willing to bet money that not being able to purchase a gun would cut down the mortality rate in such a statistical study simply because the odds of ever finding yourself in such a situation would go down.

The truth is banning civilian gun sales will curve the situation and it is the only viable action that can be taken to curve gun violence in anyway.

Discussing the matter any further is pointless unless your worried about getting shot by someone who illegally obtained a weapon.

That's the only remaining reason to why they shouldn't be banned... but I still think an in depth statistical study would prove banning weapons would be the lesser of the two evils.


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Back during the Cold War, Russia was checkmated into only a cold war because their politicians realized that if they invaded the US, there were so many armed people that they'd get chewed to bits. Never underestimate a couple hundred million people defending their way of life against an aggressor. No army can stand against that, no matter how well armed they are... it's a war of attrition, and there's more of us than there are of them.

On top of that, I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "A well armed society is a polite society". It's true. Criminals tend to avoid areas where they know homeowners are armed.

You'll note that all (save one) of the mass shootings have occurred in so called "gun free zones". And liberals want to expand the "gun free zone" to include the entire US? How delusional is that? "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."... meaning that mass shooting would increase under the liberal's plans.

What's next? Hmmm? 'Free speech zones' so libtards don't have to hear the cold hard truth?

Oh... you've already tried that... not realizing that the entire US is a 'free speech zone'.

And in relation to your "gun violence" fake-meme... gun violence is down nearly 50% in the past quarter century. Even your own left-leaning news publications admit that. Since 2013, there's been a slight uptick from the all-time low, which the liberals are screaming bloody murder about... because their socialist agenda compels them to try to destroy society. Defenseless people are more easily dictated to.

I see corollaries to the Anthropogenic CO2 Global Warming scam... the earth is at nearly the coldest it's been in the past 9300 years, and CO2 is very nearly at the lowest it's ever been in the past 10 million years (so low that we're close to the point where plants cannot efficiently pull CO2 out of the atmosphere to grow).. yet the tiny  .013% increase (from 0.028% to 0.041% total CO2 concentration) in atmospheric CO2 content since 1950 (only 3% of which is anthropogenic in origin (so only 0.00039% CO2 atmospheric concentration with an anthropogenic origin since 1950), per the EPA) has the libtards screaming about deindustrialization and depopulation... because their socialist agenda compels them to try to destroy society... and destroying industry and reducing population is part and parcel of that... starving people are more easily dictated to.

Reality sometimes isn't pretty, the truth sometimes hurts. Deal with it.


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You assume that I actually seek out news publications of any kind on political problems.

I take in the news that makes it to me honestly because its always so damn depressing and its so hard to get unbiased information anyway.
My take on gun violence was uneducated on the topic, to me however logic would indicate that if the weapon didn't exist then the threat wouldn't be there but I guess I'm wrong honestly I don't care though this argument happens all the time and almost nothing ever changes on the subject.

Its always fear that leads to these situations, fear of not being in control and fear of being weak to our enemies.

But whatever, that's enough politics for me, I rarely have a political conversation especially online because everyone who thinks they fully understand the political climate of a subject (and usually they don't) always talks down to everyone opposing their ideas usually as if they know whats right for an entire country... its insane especially since we live in a democracy and because its always two extremes fighting over one another when the reality is its always about power and money for the people in charge and nothing else.

Simply put, were Pawns in a game of Chess we never get to see.

Honestly I thought this site was about finding ways to change reality so thanks for the snarky reply cycle. If it makes you feel better about the situation then by all means.

I'm going to go back to dealing with reality now... :-/


Matt Watts

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Truthfully, I'd give up firearms for one of these:

Could come in handy; especially if it recharges itself.  :-)


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Quote from Matt Watts on March 3rd, 2018, 10:04 PM
Truthfully, I'd give up firearms for one of these:

Could come in handy; especially if it recharges itself.  :-)
Haha yeah... although I'm not sure if such things would make the situation worse or solve some problems...

Matt Watts

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Quote from Apoc4lypse on March 4th, 2018, 06:51 AM
Haha yeah... although I'm not sure if such things would make the situation worse or solve some problems...
It would help me solve some of my problems.   :-)


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I would agree and logically the gun was invented to kill things...period. It's not a fork and it's not a tool it is a weapon used to kill things and anyone who claims otherwise obviously doesn't understand the terminology. I own guns from when I used to hunt and guide however I understand guns are a throwback from the dark ages and based upon the same kind of mentality.

I also find the political arguments absurd because it is not a political problem it is a psychological problem based upon a primitive fear of the unknown. There is no getting around the fact that while science and technology may have evolved the mentality of many people on this planet has not. They still live in fear, they still fear and resist change and they still feel compelled to hoard material things or wealth out of fear they may not have enough. The fact remains that people who feel compelled to carry a weapon are neither strong nor brave but afraid and obviously living in fear of something. I choose not to live in fear.

I like to think of it this way...300 years in the future when we are a technologically advanced society knowing abundance, mobility and are all interconnected socially do you see people owning guns?. Well no that is completely absurd because a truly civilized and advanced society has no need for guns... it is laughable. We will have no more need for guns than we do for the horse and carriage or to hunt and gather berries in the forest.

War and weapons are not civilized, they are not a sign of intelligence not bravery nor compassion because they represent a failure to solve our differences like civilized beings. There should be no need to debate the fact they are a barbaric means of force for uncivilized people because more often than not innocent people are killed. Why not just wear animal skins and carry a club?.


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^ This.


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You fail to realize that humanity hasn't changed one bit from those "dark ages"... there are still those who would enslave people for their own gain. Socialism in its various forms is still being pushed, often via incrementalization (as that's generally the only way the socialists can get it fully implemented... little bit by little bit).

Venezuela used to be the richest country in South America... after socialism did its damage, people are starving.

North Korea with its rampant starvation and human rights abuses starkly contrasts with the wealth of South Korea.

Cuba, which liberals like to portray as a quaint throwback to a simpler time with old-style automobiles and rustic ambiance, is in fact a poor country which cannot advance due to Communism holding it back. It used to be a relatively wealthy nation with a large upper-middle class, then Communism was implemented and the economic disaster began, with all the ills it brings. Castro initially won the hearts of the people by claiming he'd clean up the corruption and democratize the nation... he did the exact opposite, because socialists must lie to attain and retain power.

Socialism (and its 'kissing cousins' Marxism, Communism, Liberalism) is predicated upon exploiting a resource overabundance (which is why wealthy countries typically fall into socialism after a time due to being undermined by socialist incrementalism)... but it takes away the incentivization of capital improvement by taking from those who produce and giving to the socialists to redistribute to the unproductive.

With the incentive to produce reduced or removed, capital creation is reduced or removed, and that resource overabundance collapses. Once that happens, socialism et. al. almost always falls back on exploiting the one resource which is always in abundance... the people.

If you think "Oh, that can't happen here." you're wrong. It already is. Or have you forgotten that we had a Democratic Socialist (by Sanders' own admission. That used to be known as a Communist until they 'rebranded'.) openly running for president?

Would you like examples of the devastation socialism wreaks? Because I've got a lot of them. From Norway to Denmark to Finland to Sweden to South Africa to Cuba to North Korea to Venezuela to China to Russia... everywhere socialism is tried it fails, usually people die, and eventually capitalist reforms are implemented. Even the UN has been pushing a socialist agenda... or did you forget NATO chief Javier Solana (a socialist), describing the UN Agenda 2030 as the next “Great Leap Forward”... the old campaign slogan of the Chinese Communist party? Agenda 2030 states that all people have "equal right" to economic resources... meaning wealth redistribution on a global scale... and the inevitable economic collapse that would bring about as incentive to produce is removed. If Agenda 2030 is implemented, Atlas will shrug, in a big way. And as is typical for socialism et. al., they'll force production at the barrel of a gun... I guarantee it. That's why we need our guns... because governments go bad... because there are still bad people out there, and gullible fools who will follow them down the primrose path into economic devastation.

I can give examples of countries on the other side, as well... Switzerland being a prime example of the wealth, freedom, health and excellent educational systems that capitalism creates.

It's not about war, it's about a propensity of some people to subjugate the will of the people for their own ends... and if you don't think that goes on, you haven't been paying attention.

It's not about cowardice or being afraid... it's about looking back at history and realizing that what's happened in the past is still happening, and will eventually happen here.

It's about being prepared for that eventuality.

And should you think a government powerful enough to give you everything is a good idea... remember that a government that powerful is also able to take everything away from you, including your life. Remember, you're beholden to them, they own you, without them, you'd starve... so they decide upon how your life unfolds and when it ends. You'll march in lockstep to your leader's will or you'll have the government teat pulled from your mouth... and if you've made an especially egregious faux pas against your rulers, you'll end up in a mass grave. That happens even today. And that's what you apparently want for your life, too.

I prefer freedom.

Matt Watts

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Keep in mind there are two faces to greed:
  • One face, the commonly known one, is that greed exists to ensure a person has everything they ever wanted.
  • The other face, hardly known at all, is that greed wants to ensure no one else has anything.  Its desire is to create as much disparity between two points of comparison as possible.

See, this later viewpoint is what is so dangerous, because even in a world of abundance, this form of greed would consider everyone an enemy and attempt to eliminate it.  As David Rockefeller was quoted, "Competition is a sin."  His form of greed was purely to distance himself from everyone else.  That isn't going to work in any kind of normal society.  That only works when you have nothing but a few royalty and the rest are peasants.

The point in all this discussion is for all of us to see what the true motivations are and the way we get suckered into believing something that is telling us one thing but doing quite the opposite.  We must properly identify who our enemy is and if possible, use their own power and control against them.  And also, if I say something that rings true and then I get whacked, the idea isn't lost, you can run with it and tell others.  We each have a part to play in this performance of life.


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It's not about cowardice or being afraid... it's about looking back at history and realizing that what's happened in the past is still happening, and will eventually happen here.
It's not happening everywhere and the "quality of life rankings" indicate Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are quite happy while the U.S. not so much at #17. I suppose it may be the fact that gun related deaths and violence in the U.S. are second only to Iraq which we know is a war torn third world country. Or maybe the fact that the U.S. has the highest rate of imprisonment and the largest prison population on the planet almost larger than Communist China and Russia combined. It would seem to me the U.S. is very afraid of something otherwise they wouldn't be building walls, instituting draconian protectionist policy, building a massive military state and killing and imprisoning people at such an exceptional rate. As Matt said, "The point in all this discussion is for all of us to see what the true motivations are and the way we get suckered into believing something that is telling us one thing but doing quite the opposite."

The actual facts would seem to tell a very different story than yours.

Personally I think we are at our best when we think the best of ourselves and others and at our worst when we presume the worst. I think you can do better... were all rooting for you little buddy!.


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I don't know where you're getting your "lies, damned lies and statistics", but you're (either deliberately or unintentionally) misinterpreting them.

"the U.S. has the 31st highest rate in the world"

"as figures from the Crime Prevention Research Center show, 'there were 55 percent more casualties per capita from mass public shootings in [the European Union] than U.S. from 2009-15.'”

I know you libtards are scared of guns... you should be scared of psychos with guns, but for some reason you want to mollycoddle the psychos (and encourage them to further their psychosis) and take away the guns from law-abiding citizens... that's insane, on many levels.

Perhaps if you thought better of yourself and others, you'd have done that hard research to dispel your libtard lockstep groupthink programming... I think you can do better... we're all rooting for you, little buddy. :D
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As for your prison crack... the for-profit 'prison industrial complex' was started by... a Democrat. 1996, Bill "Stuff A Cigar Up 'Er!" Clinton.

You'll note the disparity in the racial component of the prison population. Progressives haven't changed one bit... they've just gotten better at hiding their racism, xenophobia, misogyny, classism and hatred of humanity behind well-intentioned-sounding verbiage.

But then, that's no change from the historic behavior of the Democrats. Perhaps we're distrustful of them because they have repeatedly demonstrated that they're untrustworthy. Perhaps that's why we want to keep our guns, eh?

1828: Democrat party founded by slave owners to expand slavery northward. It has worked from inception to thwart advances in civil liberties put forth by the Republican party and its predecessors.

Oct 27, 1838: After evicting Mormons (who dominated the economy and opposed slavery) from Jackson County, MO, Democrat Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs issues "Extermination Order" in attempt to exterminate Mormons in Missouri. "The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State."

1850: Democrat California Governor Peter Hardeman Burnett, declaring that warfare would not cease with Native Americans "until the Indian race becomes extinct", pushes through state legislation to begin paying bounties on Californian Indians, culminating in 120,000 dead by 1873.

May 30, 1854: Democrat President Franklin Pierce signs Democrat's Kansas-Nebraska Act, expanding slavery into US territories.

Jul 06, 1854: First state Republican Party officially organized in Jackson, MI to oppose Democrat pro-slavery policies.

Feb 22, 1856: First national Republican Party meeting in Pittsburgh, PA to coordinate opposition to Democrat pro-slavery policies.

May 22, 1856: For denouncing Democrat pro-slavery policy, Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) is beaten nearly to death on floor of Senate by U.S. Rep. Preston Brooks (D-SC), takes three years to recover.

Mar 06, 1857: Republican Supreme Court Justice John McLean issues strenuous dissent from decision by 7 Democrats in infamous Dred Scott case that blacks had no rights.

Jun 26, 1857: Former Congressman Abraham Lincoln, now a private citizen, agrees with Republican position that slavery is "cruelly wrong", while Democrats "cultivate and excite hatred" for blacks.

Oct 13, 1858: During Lincoln-Douglas debates, U.S. Senator Stephen Douglas (D-IL) states: "I do not regard the Negro as my equal, and positively deny that he is my brother, or any kin to me whatever"; Douglas became Democrat Party's 1860 presidential nominee.

1861: California was found to have spent $1.5 million on 24 separate Indian ethnic cleansing campaigns between 1850 and 1861 (under 4 Democrat and one American Party governors), wiping out entire tribes. The US Congress reimbursed California all but $200,000 of that. The killings would continue unabated until 1873, when they began dwindling off simply because approximately 80% of Californian Indians were dead, and the rest were in hiding in the wilds. In total, approximately 120,000 were slaughtered.

Apr 16, 1862: Conservative president Lincoln signs bill abolishing slavery in District of Columbia; in Congress, 99% of Republicans vote yes, 83% of Democrats vote no.

Jul 17, 1862: Over unanimous Democrat opposition, Republican Congress passes Confiscation Act stating that slaves of the Confederacy "shall be forever free".

Jan 01, 1863: The Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect, implementing the Republican Confiscation Act, confiscating any property used to support Confederate independence effort and continuance of slavery, to intense Democrat opposition.

Feb 09, 1864: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton deliver over 100,000 signatures to US Senate supporting the Republican plan for constitutional amendment to ban slavery. They receive death threats from Democrats.

Jun 15, 1864: Republican Congress votes for equal pay to black troops serving in US Army, despite intense Democrat opposition.

Jun 28, 1864: Republican majority Congress repeals Fugitive Slave Act, to unanimous Democrat opposition.

Jan 31, 1865: 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. House with 100% Republican support, 77% Democrat opposition.

Apr 08, 1865: 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. Senate with 100% Republican support, 63% Democrat opposition.

Nov 22, 1865: Republicans denounce Democrat legislature of Mississippi for enacting "black codes", which institutionalized racial discrimination.

Dec 24, 1865: The Democrat party starts the KKK, commemorated by a plaque in Pulaski, listing the six founders, commemorates "Ku Klux Klan organized in this, the law office of Judge Thomas M. Jones."

Feb 05, 1866: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson, to implement "40 acres and a mule" relief by distributing land to former slaves.

Apr 09, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Johnson's veto; Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on African-Americans, becomes law.

May 10, 1866: U.S. House passes Republicans' 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the laws to all citizens; 100% of Democrats vote no.

Jun 08, 1866: U.S. Senate passes Republicans' 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the law to all citizens; 94% of Republicans vote yes and 100% of Democrats vote no.

Jul 16, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson's veto of Freedman's Bureau Act, which protected former slaves from "black codes" denying their rights.

Jul 30, 1866: Democrat-controlled City Of New Orleans orders police to storm racially-integrated Republican meeting, killing 40 and injuring more than 150.

Jan 08, 1867: Republicans override Democrat President Andrew Johnson's veto of law granting voting rights to African-Americans in D.C.

Apr 1867: The Democrat party formally reorganizes the KKK as their para-military terroristic wing to violently oppose the civil rights advancements being put forth by the Republicans. The Pulaski Den called a reorganizational meeting in Room 10 of the Maxwell House in Nashville, General George Gordon composed the Prescript or pamphlet of rules. This meeting was also a public nomination meeting for Democrat candidates for the fall election. The Democrat party formally adopts the slogan "The Party Of White Supremacy", which they would keep for the next 110 years.

Jul 19, 1867: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson's veto of legislation protecting black voting rights.

Mar 30, 1868: Republicans begin impeachment trial of Democrat President Andrew Johnson, who declared: "This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government of white men".

Jul 09, 1868: 14th Amendment passes and recognizes newly freed slaves as US citizens, to 94% Republican support, 100% Democrat opposition.

Sep 03, 1868: 25 black Georgia legislators, all Republicans, expelled by Democrats; later reinstated by Republican Congress.

Sep 12, 1868: Civil rights activist Tunis Campbell and all other African-Americans in Georgia Senate, every one a Republican, expelled by Democrat majority; later reinstated by Republican Congress.

Sep 28, 1868: A mob of Democrats massacre nearly 300 black Republicans in Opelousas, LA.

Oct 07, 1868: Republicans denounce Democrat Party's national campaign theme: "This is a white man's country: Let white men rule".

Oct 22, 1868: While campaigning for re-election, Republican U.S. Rep. James Hinds (R-AR) is assassinated by Democrat terrorists who organized as the Ku Klux Klan.

Dec 10, 1869: Republican Gov. John Campbell of Wyoming Territory signs first-in-nation law granting women right to vote and to hold public office.

Feb 03, 1870: After passing House with 98% Republican support and 97% Democrat opposition, Republicans' 15th Amendment is ratified, granting vote to all Americans regardless of race.

Feb 23, 1870: The nation's first black Republican Senator, Hiram Rhodes Revels, elected. The first black Democrat senator would not be elected until 1993, 123 years later.

May 31, 1870: President U.S. Grant signs Republicans' Enforcement Act, providing stiff penalties for depriving any American's civil rights.

Jun 22, 1870: Republican Congress creates U.S. Department of Justice, to safeguard the civil rights of African-Americans against Democrats in the South.

Sep 06, 1870: Women vote in Wyoming, in first election after women's suffrage signed into law by Republican Gov. John Campbell.

Dec 12, 1870: Republican Joseph Hayne Rainey elected nation's first black Congressman. A black Democrat congressman would not be elected until 1935, 65 years later.

Feb 28, 1871: Republican Congress passes Enforcement Act providing federal protection for African-American voters.

Apr 20, 1871: Republican Congress enacts the Ku Klux Klan Act, outlawing Democrat Party-affiliated terrorist groups which oppressed African-Americans.

Oct 10, 1871: Following warnings by Philadelphia Democrats against black voting, African-American Republican civil rights activist Octavius Catto murdered by Democrat Party operative; his military funeral was attended by thousands.

Oct 18, 1871: After violence against Republicans in South Carolina, President Ulysses Grant deploys U.S. troops to combat Democrat terrorists who formed the Ku Klux Klan.

Nov 18, 1872: Susan B. Anthony arrested for voting, after boasting to Elizabeth Cady Stanton that she voted for "the Republican ticket, straight".

You get that, libtards? Susan B. Anthony voted Republican. LOL

Jan 17, 1874: Armed Democrats seize Texas state government, ending Republican efforts to racially integrate government.

Sep 14, 1874: Democrat white supremacists seize Louisiana statehouse in attempt to overthrow racially-integrated administration of Republican Governor William Kellogg; 27 killed.

Mar 01, 1875: Civil Rights Act of 1875, guaranteeing access to public accommodations without regard to race, signed by Republican President U.S. Grant; passed with 92% Republican support against 100% Democrat opposition.

Jan 10, 1878: U.S. Senator Aaron Sargent (R-CA) introduces Susan B. Anthony amendment for women's suffrage; Democrat-controlled Senate defeated it 4 times before election of Republican House and Senate guaranteed its approval in 1919. Republicans foil Democrat efforts to "keep women in the kitchen, where they belong".

Feb 08, 1894: Democrat Congress and Democrat President Grover Cleveland join to repeal Republicans' Enforcement Act, which had enabled African-Americans to vote.

Jan 15, 1901: Republican Booker T. Washington protests Alabama Democrat party's refusal to permit voting by African-Americans.

May 29, 1902: Virginia Democrats implement new state constitution, condemned by Republicans as illegal, reducing African-American voter registration by 86%.

March 09, 1907: Progressive RINO Governor Frank Hanley signs first forced-sterilization bill in Indiana, ruled unconstitutional in 1921 and reinstated with court appeal process in 1927. ~2500 people in Indiana were forcibly sterilized while the bill was in effect. Hanley would become the Progressive Party's presidential candidate in 1916. By 1931, 30 states had compulsory sterilization laws, all eventually ruled unconstitutional.

Feb 12, 1909: On 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, African-American Republicans and women's suffragists Ida Wells and Mary Terrell co-found the NAACP.

1914: Democrat president Woodrow Wilson segregates federal government and US military, reversing 50 years of previous integration.

Jul 04, 1914: "These deaths are a display of courage, determination, conviction, a spirit of defiance." -- Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder, defending domestic terrorists who'd built a bomb which prematurely exploded on Lexington Avenue in New York, killing four of the domestic terrorists. The terrorists met and conspired at the Ferrer Center, where Sanger lectured.

August 1914: After publishing "Defence of Assassination" in her newsletter 'The Woman Rebel', Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, is indicted for inciting murder and assassination. She fled the country to England.

1915: Racist democrat president Woodrow Wilson showcases the first movie ever shown in the White House - Birth Of A Nation - the Ku Klux Klan movie (based upon Wilson's book), sparking a revival of the KKK.

Oct 16, 1916: First "birth control" clinic, precursor of abortion clinics known as American Birth Control League (later changed to Planned Parenthood after ABCL's ties to Nazi Germany were made public), opened by Margaret Sanger in Brownsville, NY. The clinic closed a month later after Sanger was imprisoned for 30 days for maintaining a public nuisance.

Feb 1919: "Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods." -- Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder, 'Birth Control and Racial Betterment'

May 21, 1919: Republican House passes constitutional amendment granting women the vote with 85% of Republicans in favor, but only 54% of Democrats; in Senate, 80% of Republicans would vote yes, but almost half of Democrats no.

1920: "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." -- Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Woman And The New Race, Ch. 6

Aug 18, 1920: Republican-authored 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, becomes part of Constitution; 26 of the 36 states to ratify had Republican-controlled legislatures.

1921: Margaret Sanger founds American Birth Control League. It would later change its name to Planned Parenthood after it was discovered that Sanger's organization conspired with German Nazis to implement eugenics against German Jews.

1922: "Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." -- Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Women, Morality and Birth Control, New York Publishing Co, Page 12

Jan 26, 1922: House passes bill authored by U.S. Rep. Leonidas Dyer (R-MO) making lynching a federal crime; Senate Democrats filibuster it. 103 Democrats of the 199 House members vote against it.

Jun 02, 1924: Republican President Calvin Coolidge signs bill passed by Republican Congress granting U.S. citizenship to all Native Americans.

Oct 03, 1924: Republicans denounce three-time Democrat presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan for defending the Ku Klux Klan at 1924 Democrat National Convention. The Democrat party invited the KKK to the convention, turning the Democrat National Convention into the largest KKK rally in history, known as "The Klanbake Convention".

May 1926: Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, lectures at a KKK rally in Silver Lake, NJ, afterward receiving dozens of invitations to give lectures at other KKK rallies. She wrote about it later in her autobiography.

1927: It was found that the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) caused rampant organized crime, leading the progressive (Bull Moose Party supporting) Anti-Saloon League to pressure the government into poisoning the alcohol and opposed labeling the alcohol as tainted, killing more than 50,000 people from 1920-1927. Many more were blinded or paralyzed. Progressives (lead by ASL head Wayne B. Wheeler) labeled the deaths as "suicide".

Aug 29, 1927: Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger organizes World Population Conference in Salle Centrale, Geneva, inviting Clarence Cook Little (founding member of the American Eugenics Society and board member of Sanger's American Birth Control League (later renamed to Planned Parenthood), Edward Murray East (Malthusian eugenicist author of Heredity and Human Affairs), Henry Pratt Fairchild (president of American Eugenics Society), and Raymond Pearl (an anti-semitic racist classist population control advocate).

Jun 12, 1929: First Lady Lou Hoover invites wife of U.S. Rep. Oscar De Priest (R-IL), an African-American, to tea at the White House, sparking protests by Democrats across the country.

Apr 1933: Ernst Rudin writes an article titled 'Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need' for Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's Birth Control Review newsletter. Rudin was Hitler's Director of Genetic Sterilization and founder of the Nazi Society For Racial Hygiene.

Aug 17, 1937: Republicans organize opposition to former Ku Klux Klansman and Democrat U.S. Senator Hugo Black, appointed to U.S. Supreme Court by FDR; his Klan background was hidden until after confirmation.

{NOTE: Hugo Black penned the legal validation of Roosevelt's Executive Order of internment of over 120,000 Japanese Americans during WWII... yet another instance of Democrat's xenophobia and racism.}

Aug 21, 1937: "Fascism? The right thing for Germany. Hitler will emerge from the hatred currently surrounding him in a few years as one of the most important personalities that ever lived." -- John F. Kennedy, writing in his diary while touring Nazi Germany as a college student. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Ambassador to the UK, also supported the Nazis, to the detriment of the UK.

Mar 03, 1938: "There are 1,700 special courts and 27 higher courts in Germany to review the cases certified for sterilization there. The rights of the individual could be equally well safeguarded here, but in no case should the rights of society, of which he or she is a member, be disregarded. But let us think straight and think fast, for the years are rolling by while we drift without a real or practical program for race conservation." -- Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood founder) defends Nazi eugenics, 'Human Conservation And Birth Control'

Dec 19, 1939: "We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to their more rebellious members." -- Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to Dr. Clarence Gamble (American Eugenics Research Association president), discussing "The Negro Project". Gamble wanted to get around this problem by making blacks think they were running the project.

Jun 24, 1940: Republican Party platform calls for integration of armed forces; for the balance of his presidency, FDR refuses to order it.

Aug 08, 1945: Republicans condemn Democrat Harry Truman's surprise use of the atomic bomb in Japan. The criticism goes on for years, especially after it was learned that the Japanese were ready to surrender after the first atomic bomb had dropped, but Truman's racist hatred of the Japanese and his desire to intimidate the Russians by letting them know that the US had more than one atomic weapon led him to annihilate an additional 80,000 innocent people. It begins two days after the Hiroshima bombing, when former Republican President Herbert Hoover writes to a friend that "The use of the atomic bomb, with its indiscriminate killing of women and children, revolts my soul.".

Jul 11, 1952: Republican Party platform condemns "duplicity and insincerity" of Democrats in racial matters.

Sep 30, 1953: Earl Warren, California's three-term Republican Governor and 1948 Republican vice presidential nominee, nominated to be Chief Justice; wrote landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

Dec 08, 1953: Eisenhower administration Asst. Attorney General Lee Rankin argues for plaintiffs in Brown v. Board of Education.

May 17, 1954: Chief Justice Earl Warren wins unanimous Supreme Court support for school desegregation in Brown v. Board of Education.

Nov 25, 1955: Eisenhower bans interstate bus racial segregation.

Mar 12, 1956: 97 Democrats in Congress condemn Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision, pledge to continue racial segregation.

Jun 05, 1956: Republican federal judge Frank Johnson rules in favor of Rosa Parks, striking down "blacks in the back of the bus" law.

Oct 19, 1956: On campaign trail, Republican Vice President Richard Nixon vows: "American boys and girls shall sit, side by side, at any school - public or private - with no regard paid to the color of their skin. Segregation, discrimination, and prejudice have no place in America.".

Nov 06, 1956: Civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy vote for Republican Dwight Eisenhower for President.

You get that, libtards? MLK voted Republican. LOL

Sep 09, 1957: Republican President Eisenhower signs 1957 Civil Rights Act to 92% Republican support. Democrats filibuster the bill.

Sep 24, 1957: Democrats such as Senators John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson criticize Republican President Dwight Eisenhower for deploying 82nd Airborne Division to Little Rock, AR to force Democrat Governor Orval Faubus to integrate public schools.

Jun 23, 1958: President Dwight Eisenhower meets MLK and other African-American leaders to discuss plans to advance civil rights.

Feb 04, 1959: President Eisenhower informs Republicans of plan to introduce 1960 Civil Rights Act, despite staunch Democrat opposition.

May 06, 1960: Eisenhower signs 1960 Civil Rights Act to 93% Republican support, overcoming 125-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats.

Jul 27, 1960: At Republican National Convention, Vice President and presidential nominee Richard Nixon insists on strong civil rights plank in platform.

May 02, 1963: Republicans condemn Democrat sheriff of Birmingham, AL arresting over 2,000 black children marching for their civil rights.

Jun 01, 1963: Democrat Governor George Wallace defies court order from Republican judge Frank Johnson to integrate University of Alabama.

Sep 29, 1963: Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) defies court order from Republican judge Frank Johnson to integrate Tuskegee High School.

Jun 09, 1964: Republicans condemn 14-hour filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act by U.S. Senator and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd (D-WV), who served in the US Senate until his death in 2010.

Jun 10, 1964: Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) criticizes Democrat filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act, calls on Democrats to stop opposing racial equality. The 1964 CRA was introduced and approved by a majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were proud segregationists - amongst them Al Gore Sr. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson, after failing to get the bill killed, relied on Illinois Republican Senator Everett Dirksen to get the Act passed, as means of passing the "blame" for the bill to Republicans.

Mar 07, 1965: Police under the command of Democrat Governor George Wallace attack blacks protesting for their voting rights in Selma, AL.

Aug 04, 1965: Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) overcomes Democrat attempts to block 1965 Voting Rights Act; 94% of Senate Republicans vote for landmark civil right legislation.

Aug 06, 1965: VRA of 1965, abolishing literacy tests and other means devised by Democrats to prevent blacks from voting, signed into law; higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats vote in favor.

Apr 04, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr. fatally shot in a conspiracy hatched by the Democrat party. Democrat James Earl Ray was the locator, Democrat Loyd Jowers was the money man, and Democrat police Lt. Earl Clark was the trigger man. A jury finds the Democrat party complicit in the conspiracy in 1998 King v. Jowers.

Feb 19, 1976: President Gerald Ford formally rescinds Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt's notorious Executive Order authorizing internment of over 120,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII.

Jun 25, 1976: Missouri Republican governor Kit Bond formally apologizes for unconstitutional Oct 27, 1838 order of extermination of Mormons by Democrat governor Lilburn Boggs.

Apr 1977: Democrats finally grudgingly vote to do away with official motto: "The Party Of White Supremacy", used since 1867.

Sep 15, 1981: President Ronald Reagan establishes the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to increase African-American participation in federal education programs.

Jun 29, 1982: President Ronald Reagan signs 25-year extension of Republican 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Aug 10, 1988: Republican President Reagan signs Civil Liberties Act, compensating Japanese-Americans for deprivation of civil rights and property during WW II internment ordered by Democrat president FDR.

Nov 21, 1991: President George H. W. Bush signs Civil Rights Act of 1991 to strengthen federal civil rights legislation.

Jan 03, 1993: 123 years after the first black Republican senator is elected, Carol Moseley Braun, the nation's first black Democrat senator, is elected.

Aug 20, 1996: Bill authored by U.S. Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) to prohibit racial discrimination in adoptions, part of Republicans' Contract With America, becomes law.

Jan 03, 2005: The nation's second black Democrat senator, Barack Hussein Obama, is elected.

Sep 12, 2011: The black community filed a class-action lawsuit against the Democrat party in US District Court in Seattle (Case # C11-1503), citing the collective work of over 350 legal scholars and including Congressional records, case law, research from the nation's top history professors, racist statements from Democrat elected officials and individual testimonies of people who had to endure the racism of the Democrat party... to address the more than 150 years of slavery, terrorizing of minorities and denial of civil rights, covering the years 1792 to 2011. They were just looking for an apology. But the Democrats have a problem... they're racists. Racists in denial. Democrats refused to issue an apology.

Mar 14, 2016: The KKK Grand Dragon Will Quigg endorses Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, stating "the KKK has always been a Democrat organization", and contributing $20,000 to her campaign. Hillary Clinton never disavowed this endorsement.

Jul 25, 2016: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin was found to have close ties to Al Qaeda funder Abdullah Omar Naseef. He funded her family's journal 'The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs', which opposes women's rights. Naseef was secretary-general of the Muslim World League for 10 years, worked at the same university as Huma's father, and helped to launch the journal. Naseef authorized funding for the Rabita Trust, which developed ties with Al Qaeda. Huma's mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the Muslim Brotherhood's female division, and is active in the Hamas IICDR and IICWC, which has been formally designated as a terrorist organization. The charter for IICWC was written by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a promoter of jihadist terror and Muslim Brotherhood's chief sharia jurist. The Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist organization in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Russia, Egypt and in the US (by a vote of 17-10).

Sep 03, 2016: The Communist Party USA chair John Bachtell endorses Democrat Hillary Clinton for president. Hillary never disavowed this endorsement.

Nov 08, 2016: After the surprise defeat of corrupt Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democrats protest democracy, call for the electoral college to be abolished, call for the assassination of the president-elect, and start destructive paid protests, causing loss of life and widespread property damage. Evidence of Democrat vote rigging, pay-for-play, child exploitation, campaign contribution illegalities and more are found in a laptop belonging to Clinton's aide Huma Abedin, in a directory titled "Life Insurance" and a subdirectory titled "Italy Child Sex 2008". The Democrats tried and failed to cover up the corruption.

Nov 16, 2016: The suspicious death of a staff member of the Human Trafficking Center investigating Clinton ties to child abduction in Haiti. The Clintons had rigged Haiti's election (installing a former carnival singer as Haiti's president) and had political allies in Haiti, so they were beyond reach despite the evidence. Silsby went to jail and was defended in court by convicted child kidnapper Jorge Puello Torres, receiving a light sentence of time served (for abducting 33 children) due to Clinton intervention. Emails between the Clintons and Silsby show them discussing the price of transporting the abducted children, none of whom were orphans. In addition, the Clintons are now tied to slavery in the Morne Bossa mine (run by Hillary's brother) and the Caracol Industrial Complex (built on land stolen from peasant farmers, built in an area unaffected by the 2010 earthquake, using funds that were supposed to go to helping Haitians after the earthquake... to employ people at slave wages for Target, The GAP and Walmart, who all have contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation, 94% of said contributions disappearing straight into the Clinton's pockets).

Jan 14, 2017: In papers filed with the NY Department of Labor, it was discovered that the Clintons are shutting down the Clinton Global Initiative... oddly at the same time that Finnish evidence surfaced implicating the Clintons in a massive child abduction ring which shipped child sex workers into the US on E2 visas as "hospitality workers".

Jan 16, 2017: A democrat domestic terrorism plot to disrupt the inauguration, hatched at Comet Ping Pong in DC, is discovered. One of the conspirators works at John Podesta's 'Center For American "Progress"'. Another is a pro-pederasty activist. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHZSfhd1X_8>

I bet you never saw any of those recent events in your left-leaning main-stream media, huh.

Perhaps you weren't aware that the first attempt at 'gun control' was instituted in the 'Black Codes' from 1861-1865... now given the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and hatred-filled history of the Democrat party (extending up to even today in their votes for welfare scheme they call 'The Farm' (because calling it 'The Plantation' would be too obvious))... do you still think 'gun control' is a good idea?


Re: Logic
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CycleI'm not even sure where to begin. First goats and soda/Jack news are not credible news sources on any planet and if you had bothered to check the data sources for the articles you would have found they are as bogus as the fake news sources. Here is a hint...the jack news article uses crimeresearch.org as a *giggle* source and the Crime Prevention Research Center is a nonprofit founded in 2013 by John Lott, author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime.”... really?. All the supposed sources are completely biased, have a vested interest and seem to have fabricated their own data from vaporware. It is fake news in my opinion and you should fact check more often.
I know you libtards are scared of guns... you should be scared of psychos with guns, but for some reason you want to mollycoddle the psychos (and encourage them to further their psychosis) and take away the guns from law-abiding citizens... that's insane, on many levels.
No cycle, I have always been a conservative and I own guns as I mentioned before in another post. As well there is no need for name calling or belittling to make your point because it is immature. You may want to re-read the forum rules in this respect.

I should also add I enjoyed most of your technical posts so I find it hard to understand this misleading and hate filled rhetoric your posting. You do understand people with a different perspective or belief are people like us don't you... so why all the hatred?.


Re: Logic
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Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
I'm not even sure where to begin. First goats and soda/Jack news are not credible news sources on any planet and if you had bothered to check the data sources for the articles you would have found they are as bogus as the fake news sources.
Awww, the data abrades your fragile world view, so rather than address the data, you attack the messenger. No one saw that coming! That's right out of the libtard rulebook. :P

And the NPR reference? That's a left-leaning website... you are bound by your line-toeing libtard lockstep groupthink programming to believe everything they print! Oh, the cognitive dissonance you must be suffering from right about now! :D

The Crime Prevention Research Center was founded by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., an economist and a world recognized expert on guns and crime. Lott has held research or teaching positions at various academic institutions including the University of Chicago, Yale University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and Rice University, and was the chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission during 1988-1989.

Yeah, he's not qualified at all. :rofl:

Maybe you didn't know that they used state police data to compile that report. Whoopsie... now your face is all red. Did you think they just pulled the numbers out of their arses? :lol:

Here's something to embarrass yourself with even more, using that same state police data:
"54% of US counties in 2014 had zero murders, 2% of counties have 51% of the murders"

So you want to take away 100% of guns to "solve" a problem (in libtard speak, that means make it even worse, so you can get more funding to "solve" the problem even more) that can be cut down by 51% by dealing with the problem in just 2% of the geographical area of the country... that's not deluded. Not at all.


Whoopsie... Finland has a higher per-capita gun mass homicide rate than the US?! Norway has a higher per-capita gun mass homicide rate than the US?! Switzerland has a higher per-capita gun mass homicide rate than the US?!

Now let's look at school homicides by any method:

Wow, look at all those school killings in China... that's horrific. They used knives. I guess if you take away one weapon from the crazies, they find another... so I expect you'll also be banning knives, vehicles, etc.?

Since 1927, the US has had a grand total of 46 school mass killings, killing a grand total of 300 people, an average of 3.296 per year. Minus the 11 people not killed by guns leaves 289 killed by guns, for an average of 3.175 per year.

Since 1998, 1,564 people have died in school transportation-related crashes - an average of 142 fatalities per year, per the NHTSA. That's nearly 45 times more deaths per year by school buses than by guns.

I think you should focus on the more pressing problem and ban school buses. Don't you care about the children? Remember, guns don't kill people, school buses and people kill people. :rofl:
Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
Here is a hint...the jack news article uses crimeresearch.org as a *giggle* source and the Crime Prevention Research Center is a nonprofit founded in 2013 by John Lott, author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime.”... really?. All the supposed sources are completely biased, have a vested interest and seem to have fabricated their own data from vaporware. It is fake news in my opinion and you should fact check more often.
"That guy doesn't agree with my libtard lockstep groupthink programming, so he's got to be wrong!" :P

Did you know the libtards are claiming 18 school shootings so far this year... including an accidental discharge that harmed no one (by a police officer teaching kids about safety)... or the guy who committed suicide in an empty parking lot of a school that had been closed for 7 months... or the school patrol officer who accidentally discharged his gun, not hurting anyone... or thugs firing at others long after the school day is out and everyone's gone home... or the college students not even meeting on school property, one of whom accidentally fired a real weapon instead of a training weapon, harming no one... the list goes on and on... the more shootings the greater the hysteria, right? So why not fudge the numbers, right? No one will find out.

The CPRC used state police data to compile the report, as is plainly stated in the report... not that I expected you to actually read it. You must find it impossible to challenge your libtard lockstep groupthink programming. :D
Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
No cycle, I have always been a conservative
Your own words say differently... if you agree with the tenets of liberalism, you're a liberal. If you agree that guns should be abolished, you're on their side and on the side of totalitarianism and tyranny, not on the side of freedom.
Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
and I own guns as I mentioned before in another post.
You mean your contradictory statement that gun owners are afraid, but you are a gun owner and you refuse to live in fear? Do try to at least be consistent, won't you?
Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
As well there is no need for name calling or belittling to make your point because it is immature. You may want to re-read the forum rules in this respect.
"Whaaa! He's bludgeoning my delicate feelings with reality!"
Grow up and debate like an adult, not some safe-space inhabiting snowflake.

I note you haven't even bothered to address the more than 150 years of Democrats giving everyone very good reasons to own guns... no response?
Quote from onepower on March 5th, 2018, 08:13 AM
I should also add I enjoyed most of your technical posts so I find it hard to understand this misleading and hate filled rhetoric your posting. You do understand people with a different perspective or belief are people like us don't you... so why all the hatred?.
"Hate filled"

The truth to liberals is "hate filled". LOL

Remember this?


You claim to be a conservative, but you've been libtardized.

"The nation’s overall murder rate in 2016 was 5.3 per 100,000 people, 48 percent below its peak in 1980. In 2016, 73 percent of murders were committed with a firearm, or 3.869 per 100,000 people."

Is that a "credible news source"? Looks like it's fixing itself... give it another 38 years or so, and the trend suggests there'll be nearly no gun-related murders, right? And all without sacrificing our constitutional rights and defenselessly exposing ourselves to any loony with an army and an agenda (be they foreign or domestic in origin), or any crazy with a gun.



Re: Logic
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I'm simply pointing out what I think we already know. We cannot have people with a clear conflict of interest and predetermined bias gathering and interpreting data as they see fit or the data will be biased. This is the foundation of science and it relates directly to credibility.
Your own words say differently... if you agree with the tenets of liberalism, you're a liberal. If you agree that guns should be abolished, you're on their side and on the side of totalitarianism and tyranny, not on the side of freedom.
First I didn't say I agree with liberalism I said I am and have always been a Conservative. Second I never said that I agree guns should ever be abolished I said that in the future I see no need for them. We will hopefully evolve and create new technology so that guns will become obsolete. You do think we will evolve don't you or no?.
You mean your contradictory statement that gun owners are afraid, but you are a gun owner and you refuse to live in fear? Do try to at least be consistent, won't you?
Yes most guns owners buy guns because they are afraid however I should have mentioned that hunters may be an exception. I am a conservative and I do own guns for a very good reason. Last month a weasel came into my yard on the farm and was trying to kill all my cats. A weasel is one of the few animals which kills for sport not unlike some people which makes it a vicious animal in my opinion. So I cornered the weasel and when it came running at me I smoked it with my 12 ga semi-auto Ithica shotgun. It's not the Pooty blued model it's a work of art with gold engraving of pheasants on the side and it's perfectly weighted for skeet. I also have a .270 Winchester with a 4-16 x 50 scope because I routinely have coyotes circling my yard every day. I do not kill for sport because it's stupid and when I see a coyote out in the field I generally drop a round within a few feet of them just to let them know I care, lol. I guess you could say I own guns because I am also afraid... that coyotes will kill all my cats and my dogs.

However the notion that I would ever shoot let alone even consider pointing any gun at another person is completely absurd in my opinion. What I find offensive is how people seem to go into attack mode like rabid dogs at the very mention of gun control then start calling people names. The fact remains that as a gun owner I understand the dangers and believe many people are not responsible enough to handle a gun. Who in there right mind thinks an 18 year old should be carrying around a loaded .357 mag?, that's irresponsible in my opinion.

I also find the notion that you or anyone else is somehow going to protect your country with a rifle or hand gun absurd. They will most likely use tanks, jets and attack helicopters in which case you may as well just throw rocks at them for all it's worth. Do you think your going to shoot down an ICBM with your rifle?, do you know what the odds are of hitting any moving person or vehicle 1000 yards out is... zero. Guns are already obsolete in modern warfare when a single drone with thermal optics can not only see you inside a building but demolish the building with a single round. Hell you won't even see it coming let alone get a chance to fire a single round.

I'm just saying I own guns and I know guns which is why many of the arguments I hear seem so absurd. Now have you noticed what I did?... I made an argument to justify my opinion like a grown up without all the name calling and I suggest you try to do the same.
Re: Logic
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"Whaaa! He's bludgeoning my delicate feelings with reality!"
Grow up and debate like an adult, not some safe-space inhabiting snowflake.
I note you haven't even bothered to address the more than 150 years of Democrats giving everyone very good reasons to own guns... no response?
"Hate filled"
The truth to liberals is "hate filled". LOL
I'm not even sure how to respond to that cycle?, however I will ask ... how do you expect others to think we here can have an intelligent conversation about free energy and other topics when you talk like that?. Personally I find it strange that one would think there must be a certain decorum regarding facts when talking about FE and then the moment it is about another topic such as guns we see... this.

Too each his own I guess however as a professional person who generally likes to debate subjects outside the context of feelings, safe spaces or snowflakes and tries to look at only the facts I find your behavior here a little bizarre. To be honest I cannot say I am really for or against guns and I don't find them all that important or fascinating one way or another. They seem to bring out the worst in people on many levels in my opinion so I will not comment on them anymore which will most likely please many people here.

Good day


Re: Logic
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Quote from onepower on March 6th, 2018, 08:28 AM
I'm simpl<SNIP>
You're simply urging people to give up a constitutional right for a few deaths per year, on average. An average that has been declining for 38 years.

Let me ask you something... would you agree to give up the privilege of driving to save 289 lives? No one in the entire US can have the privilege to drive, to save 289 lives.

How about 3000? 30,000? How about 37,461... the number of people killed in automotive crashes per year?

No? No, of course not. If you'd agree to that, you'd have already stopped driving, riding in cabs, etc.

So you won't even give up a privilege that's killing 129 times more people every year than all the people ever killed in school shootings, yet you expect everyone to give up a constitutional right that's served the country well for 227 years, has saved us from at least one invasion by a foreign armed force (by Russia's own admission) and saves:

- 7,850 lives per year (per the National Crime Victimization Survey);
- 229,220 lives per year (per the Cook and Ludwig study)
- 329,700 to 392,500 lives per year (per the Kleck and Gertz study)...
(assuming, as the studies above show, that 15.7% of people involved in Defensive Gun Use believe that use saved at least one life)

So what kind of propaganda koolaid have you drunk that leads you to such a deluded conclusion, hmmm?

Now you've got a chance to go off on a tangent about automated vehicles... I can tell you that they are dangerous on several levels... they can't handle emergency situations such as loss of traction, they're easily hacked, they require high contrast in order to "see" objects, and all a gang of thugs has to do to stop the vehicle and rob the occupants is to simply stand in front of it... it'll stop because computers are too stupid to recognize danger and take evasive action. In fact, with their newest feature, Tesla's vehicles simply follow the vehicle in front of it when it can't find any lane markings. And when that vehicle skids off the road, so will the Tesla. A well-trained human will always outperform an automated vehicle in those situations, and it is those situations which are the most crucial. By automating vehicles, all we're doing is making the human drivers even less well-trained, even less able to handle emergency situations. I guarantee an automated vehicle will fail in a snow-whitened environment during a snowstorm when it goes into a skid on black ice. A well-trained driver can handle it easily.

As for your "WHHHAAA! He's still bludgeoning my fragile feelings with reality!" whinge, I don't abide irrationality at all. Stop being irrational, and you'll get better treatment.

Grow up, wake up, stop drinking the libtard koolaid. Humanity hasn't changed one bit, nor will it. It's a libtard belief that if they can just "change human nature" then their socialist 'utopia' can be achieved... which is why socialism fails every time it's tried. It's human nature... it won't change. Deal with it.

"Burn her!"

Sound familiar? That is human nature... always has been, always will be. And those are the very people who say they want to "change human nature" in order to bring about their socialist 'utopia'. Ironic, no?

Here's some common sense for you:


Matt Watts

Re: Logic
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Quote from Cycle on March 6th, 2018, 04:13 PM
Humanity hasn't changed one bit, nor will it.
Then we're screwed Cycle.  It's just a matter of time before humans destroy themselves again--an endless "cycle".

But I digress...


Because "deserves got nothing to do with it."  --  William Munny