Getting a Grip on the World

Matt Watts

Getting a Grip on the World
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Saw the below clip and yeah, I'm concerned.  The world is looking a little like Armageddon.

Choose which side of the fence you plan to be on and take the risks required of you.

It's going to be a rough ride.



Re: Getting a Grip on the World
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Man has abandoned natural law and replaced it with a self-glorifying unsustainable train wreck so yes we all knew it was going to collapse under its own weight. I see it as a natural occurrence not unlike the Mayans, Egyptians and the Roman Empire and this is nothing new in our history. Actions which are unsustainable cannot last...its that simple.

We have created an unsustainable system based on unhindered growth and consumption on a planet with finite space and resources... What did you think was going to happen?  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

All the "Trumpers" seem to think they can do anything without consequences... Apparently they all flunked science class.

Matt Watts


Re: Getting a Grip on the World
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Our humanity is set to be challenged from now on, into the future times, with coming to meet in ourselves and in our individual karma the Monsters of the American Psyche. If the Heartland is to survive Ahriman’s crushing consolidations and advanced genetic, psychic and pharmaceutical modifications that will be imposed as humanity, all humanity are herded toward “The Singularity”, of the merging of our psychic and social melding of technology with our Astral, and Etheric and even the corruption of our ‘I’, the Heartland must find the courage to gain insight into the wisdom and vision of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.
These Monsters of the American Psyche that we can identify clearly, erupt from the unrecognized shadow and black hole in the central core of the human ‘I’. The human being, as an immortal participant in the unfolding of Divine Evolution, as a member of THE TENTH HIERARCHY, one level below the Angel Kingdom, we are required to monitor, contain and confront our shadows.

As Rod Serling, Rudolf Steiner,  Novalis, Goethe, St. John and Nietzsche demanded, we are destined to encounter and study everything that lies at the pit of humanities fears, to the height of humanities wisdom. This is indeed the region of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL that must be explored and encountered NOW. The Consciousness Soul is our overall lesson plan, that meets every human being over the face of the Earth who are incarnated now under the vast zodiacal time frame of THE FISHES.
T.S. Eliot, Mark Twain and Harry Truman, all out of Missouri, set the stage for the Asuric, Ahrimanic and Sorathian Monsters of the American Psyche to rise up out of the depths of our Consciousness Soul and confront us all with their unrecognized horror. It only becomes the science of literature and part of the science of humanity when we become conscious of the shadows in the depths of our Consciousness Soul.

In times long past they used to speak of the horror vacui — fear of the void. They meant something quite objective. They meant that space itself always wants to be filled with something. An empty space cannot really be created; Nature has a kind of horror of the void. This belief in the horror vacui first had to disappear from humanity; it had to be possible to create a space in which the air is rarefied, — a space approximately empty. Only then could one proceed with the practical construction of steam-engines. The air had to be eliminated from certain spaces.
Oxygen is magnetic?!


Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on the structure of atom
The UVS atomic model with a nested dual-core electron shell. Electrons are spawned at Lagrangian points... "Unisonal evolution mechanism" that elaborates on a TORUS-shaped hypersphere of 137-sphere formed in the macrocosm are resonated in the microcosms.


Cymatics is the visualization of sound and vibration in matter, something that has been found in the art and design of cultures from around the world for centuries.
Below are cymatics images of human vowel sounds, stained glass windows, DNA molecules, the vector equilibrium of a tetrahedral array, vortex based mathematics, the vector equilibrium and Torus and galactic toroidial structure...

Meru Foundation Research:
The 3,10 Torus Knot, Adam Kadmon, and the Tree of Life

Topology of a Twisted Torus - Numberphile

You're still attempting to look at the system from the vantage point of only the coil... it's the interaction of the coil and the permanent magnet, which I've already discussed in a prior post.

The extra energy is pulled from the quantum vacuum because you're stealing momentum from the orbiting electrons in the permanent magnet. They have nowhere else to get the energy to return to their normal orbital radius, since the energy being transferred to the coil is being taken away and put into a cap. The coil is merely the means of transferring the energy from the orbiting electrons to macroscopic rotation of the permanent magnet itself.

1) Steal orbital momentum from the permanent magnet's electrons via the coil
2) Convert electron orbital momentum to electrical energy
3) Store electrical energy in a cap
4) Magnet extracts energy from quantum vacuum to regain normal electron orbital radius
5) Pulse the cap voltage back through the coil
6) Push on the permanent magnet to sustain its rate of rotation

Newman thought the extra energy was coming from the conversion of matter in the coil into energy... it's not. It's coming from the orbiting electrons in the permanent magnet regaining their normal orbital radius by extracting energy from the quantum vacuum (the quantum vacuum being what sustains electrons in their orbits in the first place, as Boyer and NASA demonstrate in the peer-reviewed studies previously posted).

So he was almost correct in stating that more copper means more power output... had he dug into quantum mechanics a bit, he'd have realized that more copper implies a greater magnetic interaction between the coil and the permanent magnet (ie: lowering the permanent magnet's electron orbital radius more), and a larger machine implies a larger permanent magnet, thus more orbiting electrons extracting more energy from the quantum vacuum after they've had their orbital momentum stolen by the coil.

The arc discharge is a non-issue, a dead end. It does nothing to contribute to the power output of the machine, and in fact represents an energy loss. The machine should run better without it. I believe in later iterations of his motor, Newman took steps to minimize the arcing.
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