Plasma Spectroscopy information


Plasma Spectroscopy information
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 Just start a thread about this very interesting subject:

 I was in slight error they use particles of whatever they are trying to id...
Re: Plasma Spectroscopy information
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 I will post more links to plasma technology..
 Since they use a gas you can pack a lot of Plasma between the actual atoms in the gas. This would be like making multiple layered capacitor.. Charge the cap up and let it discharge.

 Now I know what you are thinking but try to see it this way:

 Take the electron and lets just call it plasma. A volume of plasma around a real structure of an atom. The double layers that form around the atom are the "Electron" shells. These are actually fields of plasma, whatever plasma is. I'm thinking you can directly call the electron plasma. just insert it any time you are gonna say electron. Also remember plasma always is around matter. Well around and in between all matter. In my mind i see it like a liquid crystal. Very voltage sensitive or piezoelectric.