COP >30 Drake Landing

jeremy gwilt

COP >30 Drake Landing
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Re: COP >30 Drake Landing
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allow me to elaborate some of the finer points of this project:

-an existing community of 52 full size homes in alberta, canada, built to a high R2000 standard.
-90% heated by the sun in early years, now 10 years old and 100% solar heated homes. in canada.
-let me repeat, no wood stove, no natural gas, no electric baseboards. 100% solar heated homes. in canada.
-space heating is canadas #1 use of residential energy.....or used to be.
-all pumps (for glycol) are powered by photo-voltaic cells. for every 1 kwh of energy taken in by the panels, it produces an equivalent of 30 kwh of heat....thus giving the entire system a COP rating of over 30.
-it works. now. right now....has been for 10 years.

what else do you need to hear?

i have been working on a small scale version of the system for the last 2 years and am fully willing to answer any questions regarding successes, failures, and suggestions for future projects. its viability is NOT in question.....its just a matter of time before it is accepted into main stream thinking. i think 10 years is enough time, no?

cheers all


Re: COP >30 Drake Landing
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Cheers Jeremy!

That's very exciting. i feel small towns like this will start to pop up and the world will start to be a better place.

Thank you for posting this!!!!

gives me hope the world will open there eyes... and see whats right in front of them!