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A small 1.2 amp hour 12 volt battery is powering a single coil at a certain system  frequency.  That coil now is directly powering the 16 inch diameter magnet studded motor  wheel to turn. It can turn either direction by using one finger to start.      While all the above is happening 5 seven watt 120 volt AC bulbs are lit up by the setups 10 volts DC measured at the base of each socket !!!!!!!! That's 35 watts. This goes on for  24 hours. Even if the motor wheel stops!!  After starting the wheel starts spinning so fast it is a blur to watch.  Has tremendous torque. Please  ask as many questions as you want on this page not on other forums.  I will try to answer all. I forgot to mention that this setup will operate off a tiny 23A battery also.  No bulbs lit however. This extra ultra efficient setup is for sale so make an offer and be sure to bring your own test equipment if you decide to buy.  Hookup to a 100 watt solar panel and it will run till a part fails.