Extracting energy from ammonia...


Extracting energy from ammonia...
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Note the similarity to what Haisch and Moddel did with a Casimir cavity and a noble gas...


One can use a voltage gradient to separate the two states of ammonia (N-Up, N-Down), pump the N-Up into a resonant cavity, then feed that resonant cavity with 23.87 GHz to force the N-Up ammonia molecules to relax to their ground state, giving off microwave photons in the process. The energy given off is in resonance with the 23.87 GHz pump.

Since ammonia will naturally be a mixture of N-Up and N-Down, given time, the 'relaxed' ammonia when released from the resonant cavity will regain the normal proportion of N-Up and N-Down due to random thermal fluctuations forcing some of the ammonia molecules back into an N-Up state. Rinse and repeat.

This is the basis for a MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation).

Could this have been what Stan Meyer was doing with his "magnetic gas", using the microwaves to dissociate water?


Re: Extracting energy from ammonia...
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I seem to remember that the exhaust of his buggy was reported as foul smelling, ammonia. Would he only exhaust it after an extraction cycle? Is there enough to be extracted? From what I understood before, the water (or it's components) from the fuel tank was somehow made to react with intake air, the nitrogen finding it's way to the NH3 ammonia exhaust fumes. If there is some serious energy left in the form of ammonia obtained this way, one can expect Stan to have extracted it.
Stan's work is very compelling, way above my comprehension. I hope someone figures it out, or takes a part of the work and gets it to stand by itself.