Floating axle Bedini-Mendocino-Newman-Tesla Generator...thing


Floating axle Bedini-Mendocino-Newman-Tesla Generator...thing
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Hi all,

First beginner post here.

As I mentioned on my introductory post, I am a complete beginner so please bare with me.

I have been watching many experiments posted on youtube and hope I have been able to do some filtering but I have in my mind a contraption that could possibly use a whole bunch of ideas.

I'll be soon getting a little 3d printer to start my build but would really like some feedback into what is probably a crackpot idea.

So here goes.

My first design (or at least what I would like to build towards) is as follows:

A simple Bedini SSG, with one stator and the usual rotating motor but with a twist.
I'd like to build it to begin with like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5DGiRizdJQ

However, I'd like to take it a step further by reducing friction on the end plate by using a spring polymagnet on both ends of the axle. Also, instead of having just the two base magnets to support the axle, I'm thinking of printing a support to have 6 in a circle around the magnet on the axle so it cant jump horizontally or vertically.

I would then like to develop it further (presuming I can get it to work to start with) by incorporating it into a Newman motor (still getting my head around how it works).

Additionally, I want the wheel to do some work. As such I am thinking also incorporating a little Wimshurst generator into/onto it.

Now as I understand it from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExOOsy8-sl0 you can then create a DC current from the electrostatic field between the spark gap by collecting it with a tesla coil.

What if the base of the tesla coil were a bifilar pancake coil?

Presumably, this charge could then be fed back into the run battery/cap.

I know I am talking in very broad strokes, but I'll draw up a little diagram at some point and post it to help illustrate.

Am I completely out of my mind or can this work?

In addition, I have considered that instead of using the magnets in the way depicted in the Mendocino setup in the video above, I could instead mount two sets of magnets in a circle with the N/S poles facing inwards a distance apart from the magnet on the shaft to keep it levitated. I am then hoping that a by product of this could have its spinning magnetic vortex? field propel the wheel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-MSiQTXIG0

Perhaps my imagination is just running away with me...


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Welcome to the forum :)
Looking forward to see where this goes :thumbsup:


Re: Floating axle Bedini-Mendocino-Newman-Tesla Generator...thing
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I just like the initial idea of having a floating wheel :) How hard can it be :shocked:
Re: Floating axle Bedini-Mendocino-Newman-Tesla Generator...thing
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Gonna use this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjmJX4thhGA&t=82s instead of the one mentioned above (Ring magnets).

Ahhh they are called magnetic bearings... of course they are :P

(For my own notes: Look up Halbach Array)