What is GALT, John?


What is GALT, John?
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Hello, I know nuclear energy probably isn't the most popular topic on this site, but  I just wanted to know whether anyone else heard about GALT (Geothermal Atmospheric Liquefied Thorium) reactors?

These are supposedly much safer than conventional Uranium/Plutonium reactors, but have been aggressively suppressed by the Cartel.
Here is a link to a pdf put together by Karen Hudes, of the World Bank: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter7.1.16.1.pdf
It speaks of GALT in glowing terms (no pun intended) but I am skeptical that any nuclear technology is really the solution to mankind's energy problems.
Another interesting aside is the way the acronym 'GALT' seems to have been conflated in literature with several fictional characters named "Galt", especially Ayn Rand's "John Galt" in "Atlas Shrugged" (which I definitely haven't read, nor intend to). This John Galt also happened to create an energy source which will save the world.  I think it was a deliberate attempt by Rand to create confusion in order to throw investigators off of the scent of the real (Thorium) energy technology.

Any other thoughts or insights on this?


Matt Watts

Re: What is GALT, John?
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Quote from captainradon on August 15th, 2017, 05:09 AM
but I am skeptical that any nuclear technology is really the solution to mankind's energy problems.

Any other thoughts or insights on this?
I suspect splitting of the atom will eventually lead to the end of all life on earth as we know it.  It was a really bad idea from its conception and the genie is now out of the bottle with no way to return it.  Except one:

Complete and utter destruction forcing a reset here on planet earth.

If you look carefully at some of the surface photos of Mars, it's pretty apparent how that civilization ended--BOOOM!!!

No, I think there are much easier and safer methods, but our leaders keep them under lock-n-key to protect themselves from us.


Re: What is GALT, John?
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Yes; it's sad but true. 
The cleanup of the Fukushima disaster (which apparently was deliberately caused, by Israeli agents who wanted to get back at Japan for enriching Uranium for Iran; the Tsunami was artificial, too, by a carefully placed nuclear device on the continental shelf); this cleanup will probably swallow up a good amount of the Global Debt Facility's resources, unless we can find some really clever way to deactivate radioactive nuclei.