bifilar side by side coil, as tesla turbine


bifilar side by side coil, as tesla turbine
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a bifilar coil at resonance can store energy.
the resonant sine can also be seen outside the coil when metal objects are probed.

So i wonder is there a ether flow around the resonant bifilar coil?

In the tesla turbine patent:

several parallel plates with holes in the center are used. so could this translate to an ether turbine?

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Re: bifilar side by side coil, as tesla turbine
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as I already had 3 of these bifilar coils stacked, I measured them.

each had .46mH inductance

but when parallel stacked connected, the inductance was .35mH

I expected the inductance to be a lot lower. how does inductance normally behave with parallel coils?

the resonant frequency was lower, around 900khz, while the separate coils resonate around 1200khz

i used the back emf off the ferrite rod stepuup transformer, again no magnetic field at resonance.

I tuned in the resonant frequency from high to low. this time with added parallel capacitance of 10nF.

the sinewave was not a perfect sine. a bit pointy on the minimum.

the resonance jumped when i was close the the frequency.

maybe this is due to the slight differences between the coils.