Looking to buy a 3d printer


Looking to buy a 3d printer
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Hey I figured I'd just put up a topic here asking for ideas on a good beginner 3d printer that's less than $500.

I'm looking for something that's not too difficult to use and has little assembly and can print at least 5 cubic inches.

More specifically I want to print plastic mechanical parts so I need something that can print stuff that has some kind of integrity. I'd probably print some artistic stuff too. Any help would be appreciated

...I've been thinking about getting this.


Russ just unboxed one in his live stream it seemed simple enough to get working but I'm just not quite sure yet.


Re: Looking to buy a 3d printer
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I have a Monoprice Maker select Or Wanhao. Its a private labeled popular printer. So much so, My wife found mine brand new at Goodwill.


Here is a decent Geetech

 It has to be sturdy, the faster you print the more the machine will jerk around.

I print a lot of stuff and I print it fast with a 1.2mm nozzle most of the time with only one major modification. I put a E3d Volcano hot end, minus their poorly engineered cooling block on my stock extruder and cooling block.

 I coat my own nozzles also and I only print ABS. I generally make prototypes and test them so they have to be strong. Like 3mm thick walls.
For prototypes that are strong and won't break, your going to want at least a .8mm  or a 1.0mm nozzle. I then will print a model, sand it, prime it, paint it, then make a silicone mold and cast it.

 I usually use the 1.2mm nozzle with a .2 layer thickness and 3 walls (3.6mm) and 30% infill. You will be forever printing with a .6 nozzle.  The difference between a .6 and a 1.2 is half the time, and less if you can get the 1.2mm to print fast.

Make sure it has a hot plate and use a PEI sheet. There are a lot of secrets that are not on the internet that took me a long time to figure out.


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Well, I've been looking at the Monoprice Maker, I see mostly good reviews on it but a few bad here and there saying it stops working and even once case where some of the electrical fried on it and they have bad customer support...

Have you had any problems with it?


Re: Looking to buy a 3d printer
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i have been quite pleased with this one:


use this link to buy. helps me out :)

Small & Portable
User Friendly
Auto bed leveling
SD card Printing
SD card has EVERYTHING you to get this up and going ( Including firmware ( but its pre-installed))
all rail slides seem to have good tolerance & are build well.
makes Great Prints! (only tested PLA)

No Heat Bed ( could upgrade if you know what your doing)
build volume is 150x150x150 ( but the entire printer is quite small so that's OK still a good volume)
kinda noisy. But expected.
need power switch. ( can add your own)

also you can add a heated bed, everything is there on the main controller. then just update the firmware...

i think this would handle ABS just find with a heated bed.

i have heard that the Monoprice is so so. but i have never use one so i cant say...