Feedback & Corrections: "Understanding How Stan Meyers Fuel Cell Works"


Feedback & Corrections: "Understanding How Stan Meyers Fuel Cell Works"
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Hi from down under. This is my first post, but I have been following off and on for 2-3 years, trying to get up to speed with all of you.  Some of it is definitely over my head.
Since November, I have been compiling notes on what Ronnie has given us and now posted (the main points) with some other bits I have put together.
Please view what I have posted and give me feedback where I need correction or to add.
I am soon to start winding my Bobbins to Stan's design for a 10 cell unit.
Regards to all.


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Split this post from the topic. This would be better in its own thread.


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Hi Olhu, thx for sharing your notes! I've looked into them and below some questions/remarks.

The water RE (78.54) is measured for your cell specifically?
In the VIC 2:1 ratio doc, you go from "Voltage Drops Un-Balanced" to X .5 by dividing by 2. Why is this?
Also, in the drawing you made in the .xls the secondary coil is missing. This is probably intended, but I don't understand why..
In the .pdf, you state in the section "time constants on the primary side of Stan's Vic" that
Therefore .00485s = 63.2% of the rise in current and is the first time constant.
It takes 5 time constants to get to a full 1 amp in the coil
Could you elaborate on this a bit? I don't quite get this tbh.
I like the thoroughness of the "29 gauge wire VIC calc" doc! I haven't checked all the formulas for errors in detail, but on first glance it looks good and very in dept. I noticed you have 2 feedback calculations? Why is this?

I'm about at the same stage as you when it comes to building one of these setups. So it could be quite interesting to help eachother out. In the .xls you give the measurements of your bobbin (17,145x9,144x33,3248 in mm).
What design of bobbin are you using? Is it the seperate 'round' bobbin design or one like the original VIC? (see attachments) If you could post some details about your design (perhaps 3D printable, if available ofc), that would be a great help!
Also, what core (dimensions & type) will you be using?

The only other thing I could think off, is maybe some more comments here and there, but overall it looks quite ok to me. :) Great job!

Good luck on winding your cores!

Kind regards,

fyi: attached images taken from, credits go to: irondmax and timeshell. For illustrative purpose only.