Molecular Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water


Molecular Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water
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There is considerable scientific evidence that molecular hydrogen has many health benefits. Check out this interview with Tyler LeBaron (Founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation):

Someday, you will be able to walk into any store that sells kitchen appliances and buy a molecular hydrogen infuser for your drinking water. Until that day comes, we will just have to build them ourselves.


Received an email from the manufacturer of a $19,000 commercial 50 lpm HHO Water bubbling system for drinking shown on YouTube. It doesn't  bode well for my wanting to build an HHO infusion drinking water machine

"We are no longer building small personal use HHO generators. The cost was excessive to keep medical quality and still get an affordable device. However, for industrial use it is affordable, since production is quite good for a water modifier."

I'm going to start with a simpler method than using HHO; probably using magnesium, and will followup on the Diet page of my PieEconomics blog.


Re: Molecular Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water
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Hi, Pie,

If you look into Delvis11 youtube channel, he has several videos about this subject, as well as sells the machines.   By watching the relevant videos, I think it will answer most of your questions.

I am not affiliated with him, but am impressed with his work.