Free energy in exchange for world peace

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You know that the observer  influences the experiment ...
To stress it some more ... the experiment only comes into existence because an observer is there ...
That means that mind/consiciousness builds up matter and the experiment by focussing on it.

Of course it´s interesting how mind can do that - influence subspace energy to create matter on demand and maybe Keshe is on something by his plasma concept ...

Question for me is if Keshe is the person who has really made it run yet or if he wants to build up a mind potential from his followers that makes it run in the future ...

however what he gets from that story is money, attention and followers taking him as a guru.

I don´t like that kind of energy vampirism ...


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Quote from Matt Watts on August 18th, 2016, 11:26 PM
What I'm suggesting by the above example is that objects of matter are moving, but in a frame of reference we cannot see or measure.
What if it's the other way around?
What if space/time/gravity/magnetism/what have you/ continously "moves" in some frame of reference which we can't see or even begin to fathom the basic fundamentals of.

This so brings me back to the wonderful story about Flatland by Carl Sagan, where the apple came around and "did the seemingly impossible", that is to say impossible for the Flatlander, obvious to the apple.

Ho hum.

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this is all getting quite existential and about time for me to chip my 2 cents in.
i think the creativity of the human mind is much more complex than any fundamental universal powers.
just sayin   :)


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the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say:

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Quote from Matt Watts on August 18th, 2016, 11:13 PM
Lets look at the units of acceleration, meters per second squared.  Seconds, a unit of time, but in WHAT DIMENSION?  X?  Y? Z?  XY?  XZ?  YZ?  Or how about all of them XYZ?

Let that sit a minute.  Try and determine a configuration where acceleration remains constant even though there is zero displacement in meters.  That is zero divided by some value  <> 0.  Go ahead, use all three dimensions of time.  Show me how a stationary object exerts a force. If you can do this without bringing in Keshe's plasma physics, I'm all ears.
the sQuar

Power <> Energy

Resistance <> Mass

I Current ahrimanic light <> C speed of light

The final scene of my first Mystery Play can show you what it means to lack consciousness in certain things.

Read this final scene once more, and you will see that it is a different matter whether I lull myself in unconsciousness over a fact, or whether I grasp it consciously. Ahriman and Lucifer have the greatest power over us if we do not know anything about them, so that they can handle us, without our being aware of it. This is expressed in the final scene of my Mystery Play. The ahrimanic electricity can therefore overwhelm civilized man only so long as he blandly and unconsciously electrifies the atoms and thinks that this is quite harmless. But in so doing, he does not realize that he is imagining Nature as a complex of little demons of Evil.

When even the light is conceived of electrically, as has been done in a recent modern theory, then the qualities of Evil are attributed to the divinity of Good. It is really terrifying to see to what a great extent the modern contemplation of Nature has unawares become a “demonology,” a worship of demons! We should realize this, for the essential thing is CONSCIOUSNESS: we live in the age of the consciousness-soul.

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