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well... that's interesting for sure.

quite encouraging too, seems legit at a glance. not sure how but its doing something...

any talk else where on this motor generator Matt?

i find it interesting that the magnets and coils are all inline...  most are staggered so the one can feed the next ECT.
it also seems like there is a lot of other stuff hey are working on,

see this too?

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the description of that first video:

"Published on Apr 8, 2016

skype: infinity.sav
We are a team of young and ambitious engineers who work in the field of conservation of energy and the creation of new and promising alternative energy sources.
The team has a long history of work, we have developed and implemented into production more than 10 devices.

We are looking for business collaboration partners and investors who are willing to invest money in the development of new devices, or to buy back the finished projects.
Our company is located in Seoul, SK

All rights reserved.
Full or partial copying of materials of permitted only with the obligatory indication of the author and direct hyperlinks on original video (not redirect or closed from indexing by search engines)

Magnet Motor Free Energy 2015. The technology described Free energy device a hypothetical perpetual motion device that creates energy, thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics or a device which collects energy at zero cost. Power from Magnet Motor , Power from Aerials, Gravity Power, Antigravity Power,Water power, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy"

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look like that link is broke:

it might have been copped, the way UY works all the links break's unless you have the full link ... ~Russ

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I'm not sure what to think Russ.   There was a bit of talk at OU that some sort of hidden pancake coil was underneath.

I sent an email to them and recieved no reply.  So obviously they aren't real serious.

Just hard to say.  If the device is real, the only way I can see that it works is very precise timing from the micro-controller that is separating the motoring power from the generating power.


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yeah, its sure interesting. but then again so is most all the research we do :)

keep us posted if you hear any news! it is interesting.



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I think the acrilic magnet motor might be the predecessor of the device in the first post. However it's interesting that it seems there's no control electronic attached to it. In this video he also moves it from the table, it doesn't seem to slow down.

We can read useful comments under a video where he answers questions (if they're true of course):
- Are all the coils wound the same?
- Yes, all same.
- How did u avoid the back EMF? Looks like u have two windings on each coil.
- Yes, the coils bipolar
- So the bipolar is wound to cancel the field, I'm assuming?
- Bipolar coil is correctly connected not cancel the field. A transfer energy to the relay. Depending on the rotation of the magnetic rotor with a particular magnetization.
I think he meant bifilar by bipolar, but I don't quite understand the last one (google translate?), what was the "relay" originally. So it seems the coils (which might be wound bifilar) are just connected to each other in specific order.

Found this in the topic. It's a different setup with active electronics, but it might make us clear the principles:
As stator and rotor come into alignment, the field spread over the stator windings is at its greatest extent, hence the current induction is at its strongest, exactly at the 'in register,' position, when it is most needed, which is also where we close the timing circuit enabling current to flow. Therefore at the 'stuck,' point where the stator core and magnet are effectively temporarily as one, you will get a large current induced, that acts to offset the field the magnet has been inducing in the stator core, which is the basis for the mutual attraction of the rotor to the core. We are therefore left with a most fascinating electromagnetic paradox, whereby the magnet is fighting for control of the stator core simultaneously from two directions. It is both trying to extend its flux field into the stator core to create an attraction effect, but it is also trying using current induced, to make the stator core repel itself. Both actions on their own are fully predicted and explained by existing electromagnetic law, some of it 170 years old, yet what no-one in the mainstream has ever investigated, is what might happen when you perform both actions near simultaneously. The answer seems fairly simple to me. Space time is, in a manner, short circuited. The magnet has gained kinetic energy in being attracted to the stator core, yet when it arrives at the stator core and should get 'stuck,' its own field energy causes partial demagnetization (repulsion with delivered pulse) from the said stator core via the windings. It is therefore forced to keep a  % of the kinetic energy it gained in being initially attracted to the stator core, in an apparent violation of the laws of conversation of energy.
Quote from here:

This generator also seems to have a similar arrangement what the guy did:

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Good info Codwell.  Sure like to see someone build such a gizmo and enter it in the PMBO.  A true self-runner is sure to win.  :)
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Here's another demo of this device I hadn't seen before, or don't remember seeing before.

Quite a few witnesses there.  They obviously saw something.  Question is:

Is it real?   Will it last?   Or is it a hoax?

Hard to say unless you know a few things the average cat dose not.