Roma Grits Device

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Roma Grits Device
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Stumbled on this one:

Sorry, not OpenSource (yet).  He wants 2500 euros for the schematic.

Looks like it could be real and URFA has had some progress in replicating it.

URFA also has a larger scale version (no video yet) that is nearing unity operation.

What is interesting is the separate step-down air-core transformer that appears to be combining voltage and current in-phase, producing usable output power.

I'll be winding some long Tesla secondary coils (on my new machine) and doing some testing with this contraption.  Doesn't seem to be too complicated.

Lot of talk at about this device being fake, a scam, you know the drill.  Maybe, maybe not.  Time will tell.  In the video above, Roma clearly is using the black stocking cap to hide something; most feel this is just a simple Brovin Kacher circuit.  Others think Roma is using Photoshop to digitally hide the wires that are actually powering the device.  I went through 16000 frames of video and cannot see any obvious anomalies.  Like most things, there is probably a trick to be discovered; hopefully one of us will find it, good or bad.
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Got my coil wound and started playing around.

Have a look.


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i cant load this? anyone else? ~Russ