CR-39 Alpha Particles Track Detector Research


CR-39 Alpha Particles Track Detector Research
« on March 23rd, 2016, 02:36 PM »
hey guys, so i have been doing a lot of research. one thing is that i want to use CR-39 to detect Tracks from alpha particles.

its Quite simple and with some trial and error i was able to get Clear results and some good data from my testing, i will be publishing a video on this in more detail but for now here is the results:

the failed results:

the good results:

anyone can do this its Cheep and simple Nuclear decay detector. AKA radiation decimator



Matt Watts



Re: CR-39 Alpha Particles Track Detector Research
« Reply #4, on April 5th, 2016, 05:16 PM »
Clearly, you are on the right track, and are bound to see something pop up with your experiments.  I know if we all work together we can combine our energy and observations, and bring the world a better cleaner solution. 

In regards to your horizontal track observed,  I do not know how much of an effect static electricity discharges would create, as I am not a particle physicist.  But the thought occurred to me that with your blue gloves, static might build up and arc across to a lower potential.  Sort of similar to what happens when scotch tape is peeled giving off x-rays.  see:google - scotch tape x-rays

On another note, the recently posted video about nano-cavities covered with a thin film for nickle e-cat and other LENR devices, that 1000X the power of the input, reminded me of Grebbinikov and his cavities structure effect causing anti-gravity by the physical star shaped 3-d structure. 

Anyway, really deep penetrating stuff there.
Keep going, Ken
Re: CR-39 Alpha Particles Track Detector Research
« Reply #5, on April 7th, 2016, 06:30 AM »
So after thinking about it for a while, and looking at the still pic of your video, I can see a faint track parallel to the large horizontal track about a 1/4 frame up and to the right.   Since they appear to be parallel and not diverging, I would then suppose that they are scratch marks or manufacturer blemishes.  At any rate, they are rather rare and non repeating, that they don't show up in any of the other slides, so I would disregard them as spurious.
Re: CR-39 Alpha Particles Track Detector Research
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After looking at some of the Russian LENR experiment tracks shown on Axil's thread, The twin tracks shown, as well as the entangled tracks seem to be somewhat similar to your track observation.  So, now I might have to revise my above thought and say that perhaps your example is evidence of "strange radiation".