Complete Voltage Intensifier Circuit


Complete Voltage Intensifier Circuit
« on December 29th, 2011, 08:07 AM »
Hello colleagues, my name is Milan I am from Europe-Serbia. I produce HHO gas. At first I was working on Dry Cell, but in the last few months I’m trying to replicate the work of Stanley Mayer.
Everyone that works on this project needs INESIFER VOLTAGE CARD and l Vic coil. Tony Woodside somehow have found Stanley Mayer scheme for voltage inesifer card, and now he sales it very expensive, somewhere around  300$. look at the vic.doc for pictures.
I suggest that everyone shares a little money and buy that plate. After that it will be good to take a pictures with a digital camera from the both sides and set to You Tube.
Stanley Mayer was killed because of his invention and none of us has right to be rich on his inventions.
If you already know something about Stanley Mayer work, you should keep it for yourself or share with everyone like Russ Gries, dude thank you so much for everything ...