Oh "Nuts!" --- Magnetic Lock! ------ ? Russ Gries ?


Oh "Nuts!" --- Magnetic Lock! ------ ? Russ Gries ?
« on September 19th, 2015, 02:15 AM »
Hey! Russ it's Nikola! ;) From your Video 89 Sept 22, 2014 ........ Oh "Nuts!"  --- Magnetic Lock!

I think how it works is it builds up a temporary Magnetic Molecule Charge Bond on the corners of the nuts until something
greater in forces the bond to spilt apart, as watching you use the Gauss Meter to measure the magnetic forces on the nuts
showing how the magnetic force is greater on the ends of the nuts & on the mini magnet, I wonder if one could do the same
on round nuts? or wide spacers? or even what does it look like on magnet film, & I fig it's the same Theory as the U-Bolt Magnetic Lock, Russ :) ?

Later Man! :D